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reverse french

Anti french, french opposite or reverse french is a relatively new type of manicure, which has gained immense popularity in recent seasons. Sometimes you can find another name - lunar anti-coat, which reflects the essence of this nail design. Everyone knows that in classic French manicure two colors are used, one stands out a small upper part of the nail - the free edge, the rest is covered with almost the rest of the nail bed. Reverse french is a reverse phenomenon - it is not the upper part of the marigold that stands out, but the lower one, moreover, in the classic french, delicate, natural colors are used, the anti-french manicure is most often "being built" on juicy, bright color shades.

Many who have seen such a manicure wondered: how to make anti-french, and even to myself? The answer to this question is not so difficult. For those who really decided on a similar experiment, there are many photos, video instructions, which explain in stages, every action.

interesting nail design

Is it possible to make antifreech at home?

Due to the increasing popularity of anti-French nail art, it is not always possible to quickly sign up for a procedure to a professional, because Many believe that making such an interesting design on the nails, and even independently is not an easy thing, so they prefer to entrust their nails to the masters. But in fact, everything is much easier, if you have patience, necessary materials, detailed instructions and inspiration, a good result is guaranteed.

What happens antifrench

Anti-coat manicure is of two types: classic and multi-layered. Before you decide to make yourself an anti-french nails, decide which type suits you best, because application techniques are different and should not be mixed.

  • The classic anti-coat is a single-layer or double-layer varnish coating technique. As a result, you have on your nails is either completely unpainted hole, or painted with one layer.
  • Multi-layer anti-coat differs in that several layers are applied to the nail at once, but each time the coverage area changes, this results in one color at the base of the nail and another in the center of the nail plate.

variations of the reverse french

Do yourself antifreech

To make antifreech nails at home, you need detailed instructions that will describe each action step by step. Here she is:

Instruction number 1 - classic reverse french

This method of applying lacquer in the manicure technique anti-coat is the most simple and suitable for those who are just beginning to master this type of neil design.

  1. Remove old nail polish from nails, degrease the surface, remove dirt.
  2. At the base of the marigold, at the cuticle gently glue the strip-sticker.
  3. For the rest of the plate, apply the varnish that you prefer.
  4. After the first varnish has completely dried, remove the sticker strip from the base.
  5. Cover the entire nail with protective enamel.

In this case, you got a reverse french with an open smile line.

french on the contrary with an empty smile line

Instruction No. 2 - multi-layer reverse French manicure

This option is more difficult to reverse french, but if you do everything neatly and correctly, the result will be excellent.

  1. Clean marigolds and degrease their surface.
  2. Apply the first coat of varnish on the entire plate.
  3. Stick on the base of the nail sticker strip.
  4. The rest of the nail varnish different colors.
  5. We are waiting for complete drying and gently remove the sticker strip.

3 manicure options

Instruction No. 3 - anti-coat without a sticker strip

This technique is suitable for those who have already “filled his hand” and can do without special sticker-strips.

  1. As in the first two versions, you must first completely clean the marigold from dirt and grease.
  2. Then apply varnish on the entire surface of the nail.
  3. Wait until the first layer is completely dry and choose a different color lacquer to highlight the center of the nail.
  4. Dip the brush in a new lacquer, wait for the excess amount of lacquer to drain. When one drop is left on the tip of the brush, you need to carefully put the brush to the middle of the nail, about 1-2 millimeters above the base, and, using the inseparable brush from the surface, stretch the drop to the tip with a brush.
  5. If you do not really understand how to do this, then watch the video tutorial, which shows each stage.

bright nail art

Instruction No. 4 - reverse french with foil

black metal nail art

This lunar anti-coat is performed not only with varnish, but also with special foil.

  1. Clean the marigold surface from dirt.
  2. Cover the nail with a basic protective agent.
  3. Apply special glue to the base plate.
  4. Stick gold or silver foil on this glue.
  5. Wait for drying and a sharp movement at the edge of the nail to tear off the foil. You will have a foil stamped on this spot and you will get a golden or silver nail.
  6. Cover the nail varnish of a different color, retreating by 3-4 millimeters from the cuticle, creating a smile line at the cuticle.
  7. Wait for drying.

golden nail art

In all cases, the final stage of the reverse french coat should be to cover the nails with a protective layer of varnish so that the manicure lasts for a week. If you want to keep this design even longer, it is better to do a reverse french gel polish, but for this you will need other basic tools and additional equipment.

Video: The scheme of creating a French manicure on the contrary

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