Rainbow manicure

colored marigolds
Under the conditions of a gray city life, you often want something bright and positive. Unfortunately, saturated colors in outfits can often be out of place or too flashy. In make-up, funny colors are also not always adequate to the situation. A great way to please yourself and fill your life with color can be a rainbow manicure. If he is an extra piece and does not have to like the authorities, you can decorate under the rainbow marigolds on the legs.

So, how to make a rainbow manicure? In order to realize the idea with your own hands at home, first of all, you need to prepare the necessary tools and cosmetics. It should be noted that there are several varieties of rainbow manicure; in some, a gradient is used, in others, multi-colored stripes are drawn. This article will describe a rainbow manicure using a sponge, as well as a cheerful jacket.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a rainbow design

Rainbow Nail Art Tools

varnishes of different shades

  • white matte nail polish or transparent base;
  • multicolored glossy varnishes - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. You can use gel polishes;
  • colorless varnish with shimmering particles (optional);
  • sponge or sponge;
  • cotton swabs or discs and nail polish remover.

Rainbow Nail Art Varnish - Instruction

how nail art is created

  1. Apply a base coat of white lacquer on all nail plates and let it dry. Rainbow manicure gel varnish is applied to a transparent base.
  2. Cut the sponge or sponge into several pieces, each of which will slightly exceed the size of the nail bed.
  3. Apply on the sponge or sponge varnish. Each piece should have only two colors, for example, red and orange, orange and yellow, and so on. In order for a rainbow manicure to be characterized by a smooth ombra, in each next pair with the first color you need to use the last of the previous pair. Rainbow manicure can be performed with more than two colors on one sponge. The limiting factor in this case is only the imagination of the performer. Using the above scheme as a basis, you can create countless different combinations.
  4. Remove excess paint from the sponge by blotting it with a cloth or paper. Apply a multi-colored coating on a white base.
  5. To nail the rainbow was perfect, remove excess varnish from the skin around the nails, using a special liquid and cotton swabs or discs.
  6. If desired, coat the dried gradient with a protective layer of glitter varnish.

colored glitter coating
Gel polish manicure can also be applied in a different way - each color is applied with a sponge in a separate layer, the next color is used when the previous one is already dry. This allows you to make a rainbow manicure gel with a more complex ombre.

Rainbow jacket

Another interesting way to decorate everyday life is a rainbow jacket on the nails. According to its technology, it does not differ from the traditional French manicure, but it may take a little more time and effort to implement the idea.

bright french


  • colorless varnish;
  • red, green, yellow, blue, orange, blue and purple varnishes;
  • needles or toothpicks.



  1. Make your nail beautiful shape using a nail file.
  2. Cover the plate with clear lacquer and wait until it dries.
  3. The greatest complexity of the rainbow jacket consists in applying colored stripes. Work should be done carefully and slowly. Rainbow manicure is applied with thin lines along the tip of the nail with the help of toothpicks. A separate tool is used for each color. Each new strip is applied after drying the previous one.

Video: creating a rainbow manicure

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