Popular technologies of painting nails with acrylic paints

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Painting nails with acrylic paints is becoming increasingly popular in the professional environment, because it provides ample opportunities for creative realization. Nail design, made using this technology, allows you to create real masterpieces. In addition, drawing acrylic makes the design of the nail plate is truly unique. Any wishing young lady will be able to paint original patterns with acrylic, regardless of skill level and artistic abilities. However, to perform complex techniques and highly artistic drawings will require experience.

The tricks of professional acrylic manicure

beautiful variations of nail design

With time and practice comes an understanding of which brands of paints are best used for painting and which brushes are better to apply small patterns, and which ones are large. For example, a real master understands why it is with acrylic, and not with another kind of paint that you need to paint.

  1. The material under consideration has a number of advantages over other paints, since acrylic of different colors mixes perfectly with each other and makes it possible to obtain various shades. Acrylic is diluted with water and therefore allows you to create beautiful drawings on the nails in watercolor technique. When used in a concentrated form, you can create a nail design that simulates oil and pastous painting techniques.
  2. Professionals also know that in order to make drawings on the nails with acrylic paints, it is better not to mix materials from different manufacturers and use the product of one proven company.
  3. Drawings on nails with acrylic paints, as a rule, are applied with brushes with synthetic hair, specially designed for painting with acrylics.
  4. Another secret that allows you to make beautiful drawings on your nails at home most successfully is to think over the idea and design of a mural in advance and draw a sketch. Drawings on nails with acrylic paints are applied step by step - in layers, and between the procedures it is necessary to pause for the acrylic to dry.
  5. Another feature of painting at home is that you need to paint on a support - otherwise the paint may leak. To make drawings on the nails of the house itself will need a certain skill.

The most popular techniques of drawing acrylic on nails

Watercolor sketch

Acrylic paint diluted with water is used for this technique, which can help you create the effect of a good semitone, or complement the picture with a background. For execution, you can choose a drawing with any plot, the main thing is to understand the principle of work in the technique in question. Watercolor - paint, which is applied in translucent layers. As a rule, this technique does not use bright and pure colors and preference is given to complex shades and pastel colors. Does not involve watercolor technique and clear lines, so for the implementation it is better to choose floral motifs and other drawings that do not need detailing.

acrylic technology

Pasty technique

Pasting technology, derived from the Italian "pastoso"is pasty. Paint for drawing is not diluted, and put with a dense layer. When drying, this layer becomes something like gouache. Paint does not crack and does not lose color. With this method, landscape scenes, drawings with characters and other pictures with clear contours can be applied to the nails. Pasting technique involves the use of concentrated paints of bright colors.

flowers on black background

Manicure for oil painting

This option involves applying paint in thick layers, which allows you to give the manicure texture and some bulge. For both oil and pasty techniques, you can purchase special acrylic paints with a volumetric effect. In some cases, they are called 3-D acrylic.

3 d effect on nails


This technology is used mainly in salons, because it is quite complicated and involves the mixing of acrylic paint with special gels for manicure. When mixing paint and gel with color, big changes occur, it becomes a bit white. Drying up, the paint begins to darken, so when applying a picture of such paint, you can not calculate with the saturation of color and spoil the whole design.

blue drawing

Glazing technique

Drawing on nails with acrylic paints with a glaze technique is used to create a background, a shadow or a basis for the future of nail design. The paint is applied in a very thin and transparent layer, similar to a web. Each new layer begins to draw only when the previous one dries. The master working in the technique of glazing should have a good imagination, since the effect of the design will be visible only after the work is finished and the paint is completely dry.

nail glaze

Examples of plots for complex acrylic manicure

Due to the large number of nuances that should be taken into account in the processionization process, it is recommended to begin mastering the technology with the most elementary designs, in which various dashes, dots, circles, asterisks and other simple figures are used as patterns.

After successfully completing the fact-finding stage, you can try to make drawings on the nails with acrylic paints with complex effects. It is important to understand that the drawings on the nails at home - a procedure that requires a lot of time. Before you start painting, you will need to make a traditional manicure for yourself with the application of the usual colored varnish. This stage will create a base for drawing.

Next will be considered the drawings of the professional level of execution that can be done independently at home. It may not be possible to draw the selected design the first time, but if you have the knack, the whole will definitely work out.

interesting and complex drawings

Variants of nail design using acrylic drawings

Mesh on the tip of the nail

mesh on the tip of the nail

French manicure in color is used as a basic manicure. The most successful variant of the combination of varnishes is a transparent or natural shade base and a bright tip. For example, it can be painted in scarlet, green, blue, purple and so on. For the lacquer, which is used for applying on the tip of the nail, select the paint in a contrasting color. Then drawing on nails with acrylic paints is applied with a very thin brush. Diagonal lines are drawn along the colored lacquer, first with a slope in one direction, then in the other. The distances between the lines are best kept the same. As a result, on the tip of the nail should get a grid pattern.


This option is good because it allows you to put a picture on short nails, however, it will look excellent on long ones. To create a manicure with a sprig, as a rule, they use a base of pastel or soft shades and a contrasting bright paint, which will be painted.

Japanese sakura sprout

  • On a made-up basis, first of all, it is necessary to draw two curved branches, arranging them so that one rushes upwards, and the second one is flatter.
  • After the branches have dried, they should draw leaves, leaving empty space along their center.
  • Then these cores need to be painted over with acrylic of the same color as the branches, but of a lighter shade.
  • On top of the finished manicure to improve the resistance is better to cover a transparent fixing varnish.

Flower bouquet

This option can be called quite complicated, but still quite doable at home. For the execution of ideas you need to stock up at least six jars of nail polish - light and dark shades of pink, green, light green, pearl white and transparent. Floral drawings on the nails paints, like any acrylic design, applied to the base coat. In the considered variant, it is represented by a pearl varnish.

flowers on black background

  • On the main layer, first of all, paint a dark pink color using the thinnest brush. Flowers consisting of four or more petals are painted in such a way that they arc between them.
  • After the deep pink layer dries out, the composition is supplemented with dark green leaves.
  • The third layer is performed with light pink paint, filling it with the middle parts of the petals. Similarly apply lettuce paint on the leaves and twigs. The use of several shades of one paint allows you to make beautiful drawings on the nails with giving them volume.

As in the previous version of the manicure, after completing the work on the pattern, it is recommended to cover the nail plate with a fixing transparent varnish.

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