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Well-groomed handles and beautiful marigolds are the hallmark of every modern woman. It does not matter, short nails or long, original, designer manicure can add elegance and charm to your look. Only in the dizzying rhythm of life, not every lady can set aside two hours to visit the nail salon for a professional manicure. And this service is not cheap and not everyone can afford it. There is a way out; you can make an original and simple polka dot manicure yourself.

To draw polka dots on the nails is quite accessible to every woman; for this, it is not necessary to have outstanding artistic talents. And such a manicure looks amazing, simple in design, does not take much time and is suitable for both business style and romantic.

delicate design

The fashion for peas came to us from France. It was in Paris in the middle of the twentieth century that fashionable dresses and women's suits were made from material into a circle. Such clothes became very popular, as they created the impression of femininity and gave the image lightness and elegance. Then they began to transfer multicolored peas from clothes to nails. Moreover, the design of polka dot nails has not lost popularity to this day.

As for nails, there are many options for pea design. You can simply decorate and revive the monotonous nail covering with original dots, and you can make a real extravaganza of multicolored circles. Dotted nails are an opportunity to show imagination and emphasize a unique style.

black and white design

Do pea manicure

In order to perform a polka dot manicure itself by all the rules, special manicure devices are needed. For applying points, you will need a dots-thin brush, with which it is easy to apply points on the base coat. The size of the resulting circle depends on the size of the dots. If you make such a nail design for the first time, you can do with improvised means: a toothpick or a ballpoint pen stem. In order to make polka dots on the nails you will need: a dots, two or more colored lacquers, a nail polish fixer, a transparent base.

mint nail art

  1. Immediately you need to make a classic trim or European manicure, since even the most interesting design will lose its appeal on unkempt nails. To do this, carefully cut off the nails, giving them the correct shape and the same length. Next, get rid of the regrown cuticle and lubricate it with oil to soften and slow growth. When the marigold acquired a neat look, you can begin to perform a manicure in speck. This will not be a hassle if you follow the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Drawing on the nail plate transparent framework under the varnish. This is necessary in order to protect your nails from the adverse effects of acetone or other not very useful components of colored varnishes.
  3. Covering nails with a basic base color. If the selected varnish is not too intense color, apply a second layer, after the first is completely dry.
  4. Design nail polka dots. You must take a varnish of a different color and drop it on a piece of parchment or foil. Carefully dip in a drop of dots and apply peas on nails.
  5. When the peas on the nails are completely dry it is necessary to apply a transparent fixative on the nail plate to prevent chipping and premature deterioration of the lacquer coating.

Variants of Pea Nail Design

Undoubtedly, polka dot nails attract everyone's attention and interest. The design of polka dot nails can be easily done by hand using a simple scheme without an artistic education, but it looks elegant and catchy. This is a classic version of a manicure under a dress in polka dots does not lose its relevance, because retro fashion is eternal. Fashion designers and professional manicurists offer many ideas for such a design.

bright design

  • You can experiment with a variety of colors and use three or more varnishes to paint peas.
  • There is an option when polka dots are applied only on one nail, and you can cover each nail with different circles and points.
  • When spotted manicure is planned for a strict office style, you need to choose classic colors. In addition, you can not cover the entire plate with polka dots, but place dotted non-contrast accents. The perfect combination of colors to create a full-fledged business image is the composition of white and beige, light pink and white, sometimes contrasting black and white.
  • To create a romantic image fit the brightest and most unusual shades of lacquers. Experiment, unleash creativity, the only limitation is your imagination.
  • Manicure with circles can be complemented with rhinestones, sparkles, various patterns and drawings.

green design

As you have seen, it is not difficult to perform a step-by-step polka-dot manicure at home. Having shown your imagination, you can create a unique image every day.

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