Pearly rubbed manicure

manicure with pearl rub

Manicure with the use of pearl rubbing is an unconditional trend of the last year, but in this it does not lose its relevance. Its main advantage is that it is simple and elegant, and therefore suitable for any image. Rubbing is suitable for working with all types of coatings: ordinary varnish, gel varnish, acrylic, gel. Mother of pearl looks expensive and stylish, and make such a manicure is not difficult for the master.

Instructions for creating a manicure with a pearl rub

How to apply a pearl rub on the gel polish? In fact - nothing complicated! It is enough to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Nails should be prepared for a new coating by removing the old varnish, or polishing the nail plate.
  2. First, a manicure is no different from the usual: giving the nails the desired shape, you should apply a base coat.
  3. Then the nails are painted with gel polish in two layers, each layer is dried.
  4. After you need to use the top (always without a sticky layer) and dry it again under the lamp, but not until the end - the nail should remain a little sticky.
  5. Pearl pigment is applied with an applicator or fingers - as comfortable as possible. It is rubbed easily and without bald spots. The movements of the master must be confident, but at the same time soft and neat. The master when working with powder is better to use latex gloves.
  6. Then it will be convenient to polish the layer with the clean side of the applicator to make the nail plate smooth.
  7. Excess dust can be brushed with a soft brush.
  8. After applying, you need to fix it with a top coat and dry it again. For better fixing, you should not be limited to one layer of top-coated: with two manicure will be sealed more reliably. Some masters prefer to use a base layer and a top layer at the end.
  9. The remains of the pigment are cleaned with a lint-free napkin.
  10. To avoid problems with the removal of pigment from the skin around the nail and cuticle, it is useful to treat your fingers with a special compound that prevents the powder from sticking.
  11. It is better to remove the powder from the butt and sides of the nail - for this you should use the buff.
  12. The last step: moisturize the skin around the nails with an oil or nourishing cream.

Thus, a manicure using a pearl rub, differs from a regular manicure with gel polish only at the final stage.

What nail design to choose

What begins the transformation of marigolds in pearl stones? First you need to choose the color of lacquer, which will be applied pigment.

  • Best of all pearl pigment looks on the nude coating - so the nail becomes as close as possible to pearls.

nude coating
shades of pink

  • On a white surface pearl overflow looks gentle and at the same time found.

on a white surface

  • But even on black or any color varnish rubbing looks interesting and unusual.

rub on a dark gel polish

Thus, there is an easy way to diversify a manicure with a pearl rub - just use different colors of lacquer as a basis. We can assume that the pigment expands the color palette of varnishes in half. Inspired by the photo where this material is used, you can easily choose the shades you like for your manicure.

Then you should choose how to decorate pearly marigold, if necessary. Pigment goes well with any designs. This will help make the manicure even more unusual. And even a classic jacket with a pearly rubbing looks different already: much more elegant and interesting. This is a new look at the classics.

service jacket

In general, the design of nails with pearl rubbing is possible to use almost any.

Nail shape

Pearl manicure is suitable for any length of the nail plate: it looks equally good on short and long nails.

square and almond shaped nails

On short nails:

  • It is better to rub in the polish of the same color, or choose several shades that look harmoniously together.
  • An unobtrusive design will look good on one or several fingers.
  • You should not overdo it with rhinestones: on short nails a large number of shiny looks inappropriate.

design on short nails

On long nails:

  • Bright colors of lacquer will do - the pigment is able to beat them.
  • It is possible to use a large number of rhinestones: they can completely cover one nail of the hand.
  • It will look good patterned paintings, abstract drawings and floral motifs.

on long nails

The cost of pearl rubbing

In online stores you can order a pearl at a very attractive price - starting from 100 rubles. Shops for real mainly sell this pigment for 180-200 rubles for a jar weighing 1 gram.

Despite such a small weight, the material is very economical consumption, a small jar lasts a very long time. This is another advantage of this tool. Well, professional shops ask for their pigment for a pearl design with an average of 650 rubles.

Thus, everyone can afford such a tool, the price for it is more than democratic.

The advantages of rubbing

Manicurist will not be difficult to master the skill "rubbing in" pigment. By the way, in addition to the above, there are a huge variety of them: mirror, prism, unicorn, chameleon, May beetle. The principle of applying these pigments alone, but different designs will make a huge set.

bright shades

Of the benefits:

  • simple application technique;
  • fast application;
  • the ability to create smooth transitions;
  • coating resistance;
  • interesting result;
  • huge scope for creativity.

Pearl rubbing is a budget way to diversify a manicure: the cost of this tool is small. In addition, it is very easy to apply. Due to the fact that such a pigment fits all shades, you can experiment with it endlessly. The pigment is easy to use, but the effect is really amazing.

Video instruction: nail design with pearl wiping

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