Pearl manicure

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Pearl manicure can be a decoration for the hands of any girl who cares about her attractiveness and tidiness. Pearls have long been considered a precious stone and are widely used in jewelry. His aesthetic characteristics made him popular and in demand. Pearl color is the color of elegance and sophistication.

Universal pearl manicure for every day

If you need to make a manicure that will be in harmony with many outfits of your wardrobe and would be appropriate in different places of your stay, you need a pearlescent manicure. Pearlescent shade can not be described in words. It can not be compared with any local color. His perception depends on the lighting, on objects nearby. By this he is universal. It fits almost all the colors of your wardrobe and can add zest to your look. And with an abundance of luxury in clothes and accessories, it will become a harmonious element of the image.

bottle with dye composition

If you have to change several options of clothes in one day, having made a pearly nail design, you can not worry about the combination of the shade of your marigold and costume.

Pearl Features

Delicate shade and luxurious modulations give the manicure, made in pearl color, elegance, glamor and accuracy. This nail art is suitable for all occasions. This "precious" color allows you to get a stunning result when used in nail design. Pearl color looks gorgeous and at the same time original. This is a shade of pristine and beauty of all natural and natural. Pearl color will appeal to all fans of natural beauty. Pearl color can have both warm and cold shades.

Pearl nail art at home

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Give your hands the opportunity to look spectacular. To do this, you need pearl nail polish, free time and a little imagination. You can make beautiful pearl nail art yourself at home. Pearly nail polish is able to beautifully beat any shape of the nail bed. Apply such a coating is necessary in stages, the instruction is not required, just do not hurry and allow the varnish to dry. Only then apply the next layer. At the end of this nail design, you can add a few divorces with another varnish or stick a couple of rhinestones on the ring finger.

If you want to put a complex pattern on your fingernails yourself, it’s better if you have a pattern or a stencil, then the pattern or pattern will come out perfect. Without a stencil, it is especially difficult to make a drawing on one’s own hand. Therefore, if you do not have such a skill, it is better to simply apply pearly nail lacquer neatly and clearly onto the entire nail plate.

luxury golden patterns

Beautiful French manicure will look beautiful on nails, emphasizing the smile line of the nail. This design is also easy to make yourself. It is only necessary to have a white nail polish for the tip of the nail and, for example, a pink pearly lacquer to cover the nail on the top. This nail art looks decent and unbanal.

Pearl 3D manicure

This type of manicure, unfortunately, can not be done at home with your own hands. It can only be performed by an experienced master with special tools and coatings. It is performed step by step.

staining of nails

  1. First, a standard manicure procedure is performed.
  2. Then the extension of the artificial nail is made using gels.
  3. The pearl shade of lacquer is applied to the tip of the marigold with a brush or a dot.
  4. Then the master draws the lines with black acrylic paint. The master covers some areas of the nail with a different shade of lacquer, which differs by several tones. It can be for example pink pearl varnish.
  5. The coating is completed by applying glitter and a layer of gel.

Such a three-dimensional pearl nail decoration looks expensive and unusual.

Video: pearl manicure with New Year's design

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