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As you know, the handles that a man wants to kiss should be well-groomed and beautiful. However, along with good skin and elegant fingers should be paid attention to manicure, because it will give your hands even more charm. If you are tired of an ordinary manicure, and you are eager to try something more creative - welcome! We will tell you how to make an original manicure at home.

Original manicure - where to apply?

pigs on a gray background

Originality is not at all something that can be combined only with unusual outfits. Even the usual office manicure can be original. The main thing is to choose the right shades, making it with taste and according to your outfit.

What can be used?

If you have conceived to do an original manicure at home, then you will undoubtedly need a “working inventory”.

You may need:

  • A pen.
  • Toothpick.
  • Shiny rhinestones.
  • Figures made of polymer clay.
  • Stickers and other decorations.

However, armed with only one pen and a sufficient amount of lacquers, you can create a stunningly beautiful and original manicure with your own hands.

design with bows

Ideas for original nail design

Ideas for nail design set - they can borrow or come up with yourself. One of the most favorite among women options for decorating nails is a French original manicure with additional accessories and patterns, a matte, newspaper manicure. Manicure with a sponge is also very popular.

"Newspaper" manicure - instruction

To create this newspaper nail art you will need 10 pieces of a newspaper with text that is not much larger than your nail (the text in a foreign language looks very original on your nails), alcohol (you can use nail polish remover), colorless varnish.

original newspaper manicure

  1. Nail cover colorless varnish.
  2. Then put a little alcohol on the paper and sharply attach to the nail, which has not dried varnish. Try not to move the paper to make the text clear.
  3. After waiting a couple of minutes, carefully remove the newspaper from the nail. If a piece of paper remains on the nail, it's okay - cover the dried nail design with another layer of colorless varnish.

"Sponge" manicure step by step

Original manicure for short nails. A manicure made with the help of a usual makeup sponge is not only creative, but also tender - a soft color transition creates a stunning effect. To create such a nail art you will need, in addition to a sponge, several colors of lacquer (close or completely opposite in tone), a container with water, and a base transparent varnish.

original manicure with a sponge

  1. The first thing we do is tidy up the nails and apply a base coat of lacquer, and then one of the two selected (preferably light) shades.
  2. Now you need to dip the sponge in a container with water and slightly squeeze out so that it is wet, but it does not drip water from it.
  3. Now apply several colors of lacquer on the sponge, light - at the top, darker - at the bottom. It should be applied as quickly as possible and in large enough quantities, as the sponge will absorb a certain amount of varnish. You can also drop the varnish on the surface, mix the border between the two colors with a toothpick and apply to the sponge.
  4. Now evenly distribute the two colors on the nail. Then cover the nails with another layer of clear varnish.

"Drop" technique - detailed scheme

You can not consider the original ideas of manicure, not remembering the drip technique. This technique is one of the easiest to perform. All you need is a few colors of lacquer (ideally black and pink, but you can choose other contrasting shades) and a pen (you can take a toothpick).

design with droplets

  1. Properly preparing the nail plate and nakrasiv nails pink lacquer, wait until it dries completely.
  2. Then put a little varnish on some surface (take a cardboard or a regular piece of notebook). Armed with a pen, dip it into the resulting puddle of lacquer and gently, point, apply to the nail. The pattern of dots can be any - geometric shapes, flowers - in general, it all depends on your imagination. The most original look smooth geometric shapes.
  3. Make a beauty fix transparent coating.

Fashion trends 2014-2015

What colors are popular in autumn 2014-winter 2015?

  • This season, as usual, green is popular, especially in combination with deep yellow. For example, along with lilac or yellow tones, you can paint your nails with a green tint, highlighting the ring finger with yellow.

blue sparkles

  • No less popular are the saturated red color and red-violet. This is a classic that is always relevant and always in fashion.
  • Blue and cobalt colors are an unbeatable choice for those who love to be bright. Blue is great for almost any color of clothing, so feel free to choose a coating of a similar tone.

nude design

  • Nude manicure is another fashion trend of this season. Almost imperceptible manicure will make your hands elegant and delicate, will give them some kind of touchingness. In addition, nude manicure is also suitable for any clothing.

I want to believe that this article has helped you to make not only the original, but also a fashionable manicure.

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