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bright pink nail art

At the height of summer, neon nails are more appropriate than ever. Lucky neon shades appeared in the 90s, but today they are again extremely relevant. Every fashionista should try on juicy, daring shades, and so that you don't get bored of neon manicure, we have selected 3 bright ideas with acid lacquers for you.

Fashionable neon manicure

If you want to perform a manicure with neon lacquers your wardrobe does not have to be as bright. The nails of neon colors will be in harmony with the clothes of pure colors: white, beige, blue. Harmoniously manicure in neon shades looks with dresses of muted pastel colors: watercolor blue, pale lilac, pale yellow.

yellow monochrome manicure

Ideas in which neon nail polish can take part. Here are some of them:

  • Skitles manicure. Such a manicure with neon varnishes is especially popular with adolescents. To make it, you need to take 2 or more shades of coatings and alternating them, cover them with marigolds. Most successfully such a manicure will look on short natural nails.
  • Lunar french To perform "anti-french" It is necessary to paint over the strip not at the tip of the nail, but along the line of the cuticle. You can perform the same poisonous design on all 10 fingers or selectively, and simply cover the rest with an adjacent touch.
  • Gradient. With the help of bright coatings can make a spectacular gradient design. To do this, you need 2 or more acid shades and sponge.
  • Geometry in drawings. Simple patterns are very relevant today. You can cover all the marigolds with a single neon shade, and then draw even stripes on them in another contrasting or similar color. To make a neat striped manicure, you can use a special tape.
  • Neon glitters. Take a closer look at bright glitter tops. Putting them on a substrate of varnish of soft pastel color, they will make your pens irresistible.

nail art with glitter top

If you are looking for ideas that professionals in the beauty salon will help you to realize, pay attention to the neon E MI manicure. It is made with special gel paints, which, thanks to their special consistency, do not spread and allow you to create incredible patterns. For non-professionals and home use, these paints are not very suitable, as they dry in a UV lamp, but in the salon you can offer a beautiful design with hints of lime or yellow neon.

We perform manicure in neon colors

Before proceeding to step by step instructions, it is worth noting some features of creating nail art with bright coatings:

  • Manicure in neon shades will look brighter if you apply neon nail polish on top of a white coating.
  • If you use a basic base, pay your attention to the white matte base. It is applied immediately to a clean nail and as a result you will have one layer. "pirogue" less.
  • If you apply neon varnish only on a transparent base, you will get a less saturated color, but this can result in a watercolor effect.
  • When applying neon coatings in several layers, let the previous one dry thoroughly. Otherwise, the coating may bubble, burst, and fall in divorce.

varnish on the base and without it

And now let's look at 3 step-by-step instructions that can make your pens this summer the object of attention.

Nail design "Acid Spray"

To embody the following idea of ​​nail art, you will need white lacquer, topcoat, 3-4 shades of neon lacquer, adhesive tape and straws for a cocktail. Step-by-step scheme for creating your own design looks like this:

  1. Cover the marigolds with a colorless base.
  2. Apply white lacquer, repeat if necessary.
  3. When the coating is completely dry, wrap your fingers with tape to prevent splashing on the skin.
  4. If you have a liquid tape for a manicure, you can use it.
  5. Take a straw and dip it in a bright varnish.
  6. Then blow into the tube, pointing its end on the nail, - colored splashes will appear on it.
  7. Repeat the same step, dipping a straw into the next juicy shade.
  8. When the spray is dry, remove the tape and remove the error from the skin using nail polish remover, and if you used liquid tape, remove it by prying with a wooden stick.
  9. We cover the nails with a finishing top and neon manicure is ready!

nail art acid spray

If desired, the background color can be changed to whatever you like, but on white such splashes look brighter.

Nail art neon stained glass

For your pens to decorate an imitation of stained glass, you will need: several coatings of poisonous colors, white lacquer, base and finish, tape for design with a sticky layer, tweezers, scissors. Step-by-step instructions will help you repeat this idea yourself:

  1. Cover the nails with a base.
  2. Paint them with white lacquer and let it dry completely.
  3. We glue the tape so as to make an oblique grid: 2 pieces of tape obliquely in one direction and 1 tape - across them.
  4. The sections of the nail formed between the ribbons are filled with different tones of the coatings so that the colors of the neighboring zones do not repeat.
  5. When the varnish is dry, remove the tape with tweezers, pulling the tip.
  6. If the lacquer gets on the skin, remove "bloopers" a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover or use a corrector.
  7. The final step is the finishing layer.

stained nail art

In the photo, all the nails have the same pattern, but if you want, you can place the tape in a chaotic order, making segments of different sizes and shapes. Such nails of neon colors will be an excellent complement to the summer look of stylish and energetic girls.

Design "Juicy Neon Watermelon"

For many, summer is associated not only with bright flowers, but also with fruits and berries, for example, with watermelons. Why not combine these two associations in one nail design? We suggest you to realize the following idea, which will require a minimum of materials: base, finish, acid green and pink shade of coating, black lacquer, dots or toothpick. A step-by-step scheme will help you to execute this idea on your own pens:

  1. Cover the plate base.
  2. Paint the entire surface of the nails with green varnish.
  3. Give it a good dry.
  4. Departing from above and on the sides of about 1-2 mm apply pink color, leaving the nail hole and edges green.
  5. We take the black color and dots and put dots, imitating the bones of watermelon.
  6. When the drawing is dry, cover the result with a finish layer.

watermelon nail art

Such simple neil design lessons can be repeated by every girl. Do you like poisonous colors in manicure? Share your opinion in the comments below the article.

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