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nail art Negative space

Manicure Negative space is one of the most fashionable trends of the season 2016-2017. The beauty of women's pens is largely determined by the state of the young lady's nails. It is better when their care and design is made by professionals, but in the furious rhythm of modern life every woman needs to be able to independently care for her hands, spending a minimum of time on procedures. Manicure negative space is perfect for giving the nails a well-groomed appearance and saving time spent on painting.

beautiful drawing

Naked manicure: the principle of creation

The fashion on the nail art Negative space came to us from overseas. Title translation is a negative space. Distinctive features of fashion coverage:

  • Plate marigold varnished not completely, but partially.
  • Any selected pattern: flowers, hearts, diamonds, stripes are covered with a layer of clear varnish.
  • Transparent segments of the marigold, you can decorate at will, depending on the situation.
  • The pattern segment can be painted over with a color coating, and the rest of the nail bed can be left unpainted.
  • The main principle is the dissonance between the colored and colorless part of the marigold. It should be clearly visible and clearly separated.
  • The surface of the plate should be smooth and well polished. Only in this case, the nails Negative space will look great.

trendy nail art

Remember that this kind of nail design in a classic design is perfect for every day. For a festive event, you should choose a bright shade of varnish or brilliant decor.

Ways to create fashionable nail art

To create a manicure with negative space at home, you can use three methods:


  • Use adhesive tape. The ideal way to create a geometric pattern: rhombuses, squares, stripes. Apply a clear lacquer to the nail plate and let it dry. Cut out the necessary figures from adhesive tape or adhesive tape and glue them on the nails. After that, cover the entire plate with a color coating of your choice. Even the use of two colors is allowed (put them on opposite sides of the figure). Wait until the coating dries, then carefully remove the tape. Secure the result with a colorless fixer.

adhesive tape method

  • Acetone brush. Quite a simple way, if the drawing is not complicated, and you have the initial skills of working with a brush. Paint the nail color lacquer, and then erase the desired areas with a brush, dipped in acetone. It is important to make accurate movements so that the lines are clear and not blurred. When you achieve the desired result, cover all the fixer.

wiping with acetone

  • Drawing Cover the entire plate with clear varnish. With a brush, paint the figures or lines on the surface. Do not try to immediately draw complex pictures. Start with the elementary: triangles, stripes, squares. If you decide to leave the figure itself colorless, mark its outlines with a brush, and paint the rest of the space with a color coating.


Begin to experiment with simple, but with practice the pattern can become more and more intricate.

Options for creating a naked manicure

For lovers to play with color and texture, we offer win-win nail art options in the style of negative space.

  • Classic graphics. Black and white gamma remains in vogue in the new 2017. Classic colors can be combined in any form. By choosing these shades, you will be ready both for a business meeting and for friendly gatherings. A stylish combination of colors to decorate your hands.


  • The contour is black. This nail art is created on the basis of contrast. Calm colors are combined with bright. The emphasis in the form of a black contour gives the segments of the nail expressiveness. The black outline design is more suitable for young ladies, allowing you to express yourself without falling out of the trend.

black outline

  • Soft pastel. Gentle pastel shades on the nails will be a special honor in the winter. You can choose from such shades as: light peach, mint, pistachio, azure and so on. With this color scheme, you can create a calm but trendy nail design perfectly suited for a business lady.


  • Romantic gothic. For lovers to draw hearts on nails. To make your favorite heart not look sweet or vanilla, combine the transparent segments of hearts on a black gamut of varnish. Looks like this combination is fresh and unfazed.


  • Transparent stripes. The perfect solution if time is running out. Decorate any color design with a pair of three small thin strips. As a result, it would seem that the usual design will sparkle with new colors.


  • Blue ocean. With the help of blue metallic lacquer, you can create brand new nails negative space. All you need is scotch, scissors and metallic blue. Shades of blue can be used any. From the azure sky to rich dark blue.


  • Golden crescent. Neil art is suitable for a romantic dinner or any other evening event. With an acetone brush, remove the extra shiny coating, leaving only small crescents on either side.


  • Elegant french This is a well-known color eyeliner, separating the free tip and plate in French manicure.

service jacket

Technique perform a bare manicure with stripes

We offer you the Negative space manicure application technique:


  1. Apply a transparent base coat to the surface of the nail plate. Give it a good dry. If you hurry, then spoil the coating with a layer of glue.
  2. Take adhesive strips for nail design. If there are no special strips, you can use regular tape strips of the desired size. The latter option is sometimes even more convenient, because the purchased stripes are very thin, and if you do not have enough experience, it is easy to overstep their border.
  3. Glue the strips to the surface of the nail, properly securing them along the edges. You can even walk along the fold line with an orange stick so that later the lacquer will not flow under them.
  4. Color each of the separated segments with any colors, leaving one of them transparent. Shades can be either radically opposed or from the same color palette. Especially carefully it is necessary to paint the nail in the area of ​​the cuticle.
  5. Choose coatings that are bright and neatly lay down when applied in a single layer. If you paint the two layers, then later when tearing off the stripes, there may be a jagged edge due to the variability of the varnish.
  6. While the coating is not dry, tear off the glued strips, grabbing them over the edge.
  7. If desired, you can decorate the contour between the segments of glitter or shiny varnish. At the end, apply a fixative.


Trendy manicure Negative space is ready. With it you can safely go to any event.

Manicure negative space with a transparent heart

Trendy version of nail art for ladies of any age, suitable for nails of different lengths. You will need:

  • color coating;
  • colorless base
  • cotton swab,
  • bouillons (3d pebbles for nail design);
  • nail polish remover,
  • transparent fastening top,
  • adhesive tapes for design.

with heart

Scheme of execution of nail design:

  1. The first thing you need to bring the nails in order. To do this, move the cuticle with a stick and remove its excess. Using scissors and a nail file, give all the nails the same length and shape. After that, apply a lacquer base on them and let it dry.
  2. After that, cover the plates with lacquer of your favorite color in several layers. You can choose a particular tone and all the accessories to match him.
  3. We turn to the main issue - draw a heart on the nail. If it is more correct, then the heart will need to be removed with a nail polish remover and cotton swab from an already painted nail. Do not worry if at first the edges are fuzzy. Gradually align the halves of the heart, giving the pattern the perfect shape.
  4. After the neat heart is ready, apply the last layer of the fixative.
  5. Attach the bouillons along the contour of the pattern (if you are not sure about the reliability of gluing to varnish, use glue). For convenience, you can pick up decorative stones with orange sticks.
  6. On the remaining fingers for a complete nail art, take a decorative adhesive tape. Transfer it to your finger along or across the plate. The layout of the stripes is arbitrary. A fixing top should also be applied over the completed design.

gentle nail art

Negative space nails will make their owner the subject of admiration from the opposite sex. Neat and well-groomed marigolds, partly baring their space, look very attractive. The technique of applying a fashionable coating is simple. Take advantage of it under the power of each woman, regardless of her age, status and financial situation.

Video: manicure Negative space with rhinestones

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