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Pipe manicure loved by many ladies and not without reason, because well-groomed hands and nails - an important component of the image of a successful woman. There are new fashion trends, women are constantly looking for something new and unusual. Nails pipe at one time became an interesting solution and for clarity, the photo shows an example of this form of nails.

The relevance of the shape of the nail pipe

pipe nail art

Building a pipe is a current choice from a variety of options. Although the natural appearance of marigold is popular now, gel or acrylic buildup does not lose ground. Eccentric, but elegant, such a manicure would be appropriate to look at the office with strict clothes, and in the restaurant with evening dress.

What does “pipe” mean? Pipe is an English word that translates into Russian as "pipe". Marigolds resemble the tube in the section, if you look at them from the side of the free edge. The shape of the nail pipe is a fusion of two classic - square and almond-shaped.

Advantages and disadvantages of manicure pipe

shape nail pipe

Fingernails fell in love with many women for their undeniable merits.

  • The shape of the pipe is very practical and convenient in everyday life, of course, if you are not a housewife and do not care for small children.
  • Thanks to the C-shaped bend and the presence of stiffeners, the nails become durable and do not break.
  • The extension of the pipe is suitable for any marigold, will give them an elegant and sophisticated look, and fingers with such a manicure will visually lengthen.
  • Manicure looks great and with an average length of the nail plate.

The disadvantages include:

  • The complexity of the correction, because it is difficult to maintain the perfect configuration of the nail arch.
  • The damage that artificial materials cause to the nails, although with the modern level of the nail industry, it is reduced to a minimum.

Nail pipe at home

395-nails pipe-technology self

Features performance build pipe

A manicure pipe is performed with all the standard rules and conditions for modeling an artificial nail plate. However, pipe has some special features:

  • The nail arch should have a bend of 50% of the circumference, and this is the appearance of the tube.
  • Tips for building are not used.
  • The sides of the marigold should be clearly parallel to each other.
  • The angle between the file and the side edges when creating the shape of the edge should be about 45 degrees.

The rest of the accrued nails are made like other types of extensions.

Step-by-step technique for creating pipe extensions

Independently at home, building up is difficult enough. To do this, you need special materials, tools and equipment. Nevertheless, you can make such a manicure yourself, having experience and skill, without haste. Here is a brief instruction that displays step-by-step form creation.

step-by-step pipe extension scheme

  1. The natural nail plate is carefully prepared - disinfected, filed, degreased, and the cuticle and burrs are removed.
  2. Set the bottom form-stencil, fixed on the finger.
  3. The base coat is applied - gel or acrylic.
  4. Then the modeling of the nail plate from gel or acrylic begins, with the help of a brush the shape is “carefully sculpted”.
  5. After each step, the nail is gradually dried in the UV lamp, if it is a gel extension (2 minutes for complete solidification and 30 seconds for easy hardening with the possibility of shape correction).
  6. In the process of polymerization, the material, while it is still quite plastic, is shaped into the desired shape of the pipe by clamping it with forceps from the sides.
  7. Next, the side edges are sawn, the shape of the free edge is brought to perfection, the entire surface of the nail is polished.
  8. Then - applying a base coat and creating a design.

Design suitable for the shape of the nail pipe

Nail design pipe can be anything.

classic white french

  • Looks great classic white jacket and color variations of it.
  • You can create a "crystal" or "American" jacket, such types of nail art will favorably emphasize the elegant shape of the nails.
  • Extensive nails pipe - a great place for painting, whether it is Chinese painting, Gzhel, or ultra-modern abstract pattern. In the photo you can see the design options.

abstract nail design

The nail form of the pipe pleases the eye with the perfection of geometric shapes and lines, looks great and decorates any pens. It is ideal for ladies who want to keep up with the times, while appreciating convenience and comfort.

Video: Step-by-step nail extension of the Pipe with the help of gel

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