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edge-shaped marigolds

Now this innovation in the world of nail art is considered "modern classics". Age nails appeared thanks to a Slavic girl from Dnepropetrovsk. The manicurist, who showed the world the wedge-shaped shape of the marigold, created an exclusive design by building an associative chain that is associated with such a form. Thus, the name “edge” —face, blade, blade — appeared. This design is great for those fashionistas who are not afraid of innovations and experiments.

Manicure is not quite standard, with all its original form, every detail has been carefully thought out and developed. At first glance, the age nail shape is uncomfortable, but in fact it is extremely durable. In order to get such a form, ready-made molds of tips and also paper blanks-templates are used (as this at times facilitates the work of the master). At home, the last option is quite problematic.

service jacket on extended nails

Pattern Creation Technique

To create your own Edge nails, you will need a paper template, which has already been cut in a diamond shape, so that the element that will later lie on the edge of your fingernail will make up a slightly elevated angle with it. It will serve as a stiffener for the plate. Next comes the preparation of the marigold - filing its longitudinal side faces, which gives the marigold a finished design. Nail nails, namely, their design requires a high concentration of attention.

ready-made edge molds with design

Creating an edge manicure at home

How is the age nail form created step by step? In the process of forming nails, like a thin blade of a sword, you should use the standard methods of modeling gel:

  1. preparation of natural marigold, that is, the implementation of hygienic manicure;
  2. putting on the nails, gently squeezing it in the middle;
  3. making transparent acrylic substrate;
  4. lengthening with the help of powder-camouflage of the marigold bed;
  5. putting acrylics on a suitable free edge color;
  6. overlap with transparent acrylic form;
  7. removing the molds from the plate marigold;
  8. shaping the plate;
  9. sanding the resulting manicure;
  10. if you wish, you can make a drawing yourself;
  11. Covering the nail with a finishing gel and applying oil to the cuticles.

Only one nail was made, now, using the same instructions, it is necessary to make nine more and beautiful fashion nails are ready.

wedge-shaped marigolds

Get the perfect design nails of the age can only be subject to the gradual observance of each proportion and taking into account the geometric features of the form. The modeling scheme is different from the standard nail.

  • The gel must be distributed to the edges of the template from the center of the nail plate. The result will be a clear kink, which ensures maximum strength of the nails.
  • When doing nail age, try to follow the general rule, which is relevant for modeling gel of any shape. The template should be installed along the contour of your native smile, tightly combining with the edges. Thus, the risk of occurrence is excluded. Competent installation provides the clearest side lines "razors". At the end of the main work can be filed in the desired thickness and shape.

Nail design age

color nail design

Ready-aged nails can be decorated in any way your heart desires, create a decor that best matches the style and mood of its owner. Thanks to the original edge, an interesting light refraction is observed, creating a stunning effect. In the network you can find many photos with unique design and style.

  • To decorate the "sword-shaped" manicure, contrast patterns with neat modeling look good. Such a decor plate shape will make even more attractive, emphasizing the subtle evening look of each girl.
  • Business women are used to decorating age nails with strong lines or geometric shapes. The shades are warm, not very bright.
  • For everyday wearing manicure age can be painted with lacquer of acceptable color using glitter on the nail plates.

interesting variations of edge design

Manicure Age is at the same time a complex and simple version of manicure, allowing each woman of fashion to find her own individual image, the best that can only fit into her unique style.

Video: Creating an age of nails with a white jacket

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