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Every year the life of women is simplified, the newest cosmetics are created for personal care. One has only to remember how our grandmothers put on makeup and made hairstyles, and immediately there comes the realization of the strongest breakthrough made by the fashion industry. No exception and manicure service. Nowadays, it is possible to correct any defect, including the imperfect nail plate. Despite the fact that artificial nails lose their leading position this season, biolac for nails continues to be popular, winning recognition of women every day.

Advantages of biolak

Biolak, compared with conventional nail polish has a lot of advantages:

  • Due to its composition, it ideally lays down on the nail plate, while the usual coating may be smeared or “grab” unevenly.
  • Biolak for nails does not require long-term drying. Surely, all women are familiar with the feeling that when they have covered their nails with color, they have to sit, not moving, waiting for it to dry.
  • It is quite durable and keeps on fingers for a month, unlike the usual varnish, which begins to peel off and peel off after a few days.

small color palette

  • The various colors are quite bright and saturated, which does not require an additional layer when applied.
  • Biolac does not require additional protective coating. After drying, its surface is smooth, durable and shiny.
  • It is quite simple to remove. All that is needed is a special liquid that dissolves the bio-coating.
  • The lack of odor and a negative effect on the natural nail plate - a definite plus of this nail cosmetics.
  • It is possible to apply such types of coating both on acrylic and gel nails, and on a natural plate.
  • The principle of applying biolak is quite simple. Even girls who do not have experience in manicure can easily get a beautiful even manicure at home.

Self coating scheme

nail plate treatment

  1. Treat the cuticle by making a dry manicure.
  2. Sand the surface of the natural nail with a soft nail file for a more durable color grip.
  3. Shake off the formed dust and treat the nail with alcohol-containing solution.
  4. Apply Bonder – Gel as a base. The layer should be very thin, and the nail get a matte tone.
  5. Apply colored biolac in the same way you used to apply a conventional classic coating.
  6. Each finger after application is placed in the UV lamp for drying. Drying time is no more than half a minute.
  7. If you want, apply a final layer of gel and dry the nails in the lamp.
  8. After drying, treat the nails with a napkin, removing the sticky layer from them. Step by step following the instructions, you will receive a smooth beautiful manicure that will last you a long time.

applying cosmetics on the nail plate

Now biolak for nails is quite common. If in the first time after the appearance it was used exclusively in salons, now every woman of the fair sex can buy it. The price of biolak is in a rather wide range and starts from 100 rubles. The cost depends on the manufacturer, color varnish and bubble volume. We also sell ready-made manicure kits, which include color coating, foundation and finish.

Nowadays there are many brands of biolak, allowing self-coating.

  • Shellac from CND. It creates a fairly durable coating, but is poorly removed by ordinary liquid. Requires a special solution for removal, which can adversely affect natural nails.
  • In’Garden So naturally. Gives the opportunity to use the coating with the foundation of other brands. Contains natural ingredients that positively affect the structure of nails.


  • Color Couture by Entity One. The ergonomic brush allows you to apply this coating in a more even layer. If there is an unevenness in the nails, this biolac easily hides it.

Color Couture by Entity One

  • Jessica Geleration. It is easily removed from the nails, but, in the opinion of the girls who used this coating, it stays relatively short and cracks.

Undoubtedly, all girls strive to look attractive, and each loves to create beauty with their own hands. Instructions for applying biolak is simple and clear, but it is necessary to perform it in stages so as not to miss the important points.

Video: rules for using biolak for nails in manicure

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