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Manicure with foil is an absolute guarantee that you will be the queen of the ball. It looks so impressive and expensive that many do not even realize that such a beautiful nail design can be created with your own hands and at home. So, we will try to reveal the secret of how to do a manicure with foil on your own.

How to make a manicure with foil yourself

In fact, manicure with the help of foil is quite simple in execution and does not require any special skills or abilities. All that is needed is to follow the instructions given step by step.

Varieties of nail foil

set for a beautiful design

First of all, to make a manicure foil, you need to get the right tools. First of all, it will be a brilliant tape itself. You will have to go to a specialized store for it, because food for nail design is not suitable. Nail foil is divided according to the principle of application and structure and can be detachable or transferable. Tear-off comes in the form of stickers or sold in rolls. This species is quite dense. More thin, translated foil, more often in rolls. Compared with the first type, it is cheaper and easier to use, especially for beginners.

How to start a manicure with foil

So, to make a manicure using foil itself, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • thin foil, transferable;
  • varnish, which will be the basis. It is selected to match the selected shiny ribbon;
  • glue;
  • cotton buds.

stylish nail art

Manicure with the help of a foil, like any other unusual nail art, is performed in stages, starting with the simplest steps. In other words, before decorating the nails with a metallic luster, they need to be trimmed, cut, polished and removed the cuticle. To perform these steps correctly, you should read the instructions for the implementation of the usual European manicure. Separately, it should be noted that the varnish to be used as a base coat should be applied in a single layer. In addition, it should be combined in color with a shiny sticker that will cover the nail plate.

Applying adhesive layer

step-by-step instruction

  1. After the base paint is well dried, nails can be applied with glue, which must be purchased in advance in the store of goods for the nail industry. Regular glue, such as PVA, not only does not fit, but can reduce all your efforts to create such a nail design to nothing. After the glue has been applied, you need to let it dry and become completely transparent. This process will take no more than five minutes.
  2. A shiny ribbon is laid on the dried glue, matte side to the nail plate. Further, its mirror side should be properly smoothed with a wooden or cotton swab. It often happens that it is very difficult to determine which side of the shiny ribbon is the front side and which side is inside. In this case, our advice is useful - slightly scratch the edge of the tape. If the scratches are visible well, then this surface is intended to be laid down on the nail.
  3. After the nail foil is fully adhered, you need to tear off the protective layer with a sharp movement. Now your nails shine with a real metallic luster. Then you should perform similar actions on all other nails.

Protective coating

The result obtained at the previous stage, in spite of all its external showiness, will not last even one day, unless special measures are taken. It is about applying a protective layer. There is a small difficulty, because the usual clear varnish is completely unsuitable. First, under a layer of varnish, a shiny ribbon will lose its shine. Secondly, she can wrinkle strongly enough. Such results can be avoided only if applied clear lacquer after 4-5 hours after performing a manicure with foil.

step by step design creation scheme

Another way to fix a manicure with foil is to apply a gel coating. This method is most convenient to use when visiting a beauty salon.

Nail design using foil

Once the technology has been mastered to perfection, you can begin to implement various interesting ideas of manicure with foil. And here your courage and fantasy are the only limiter. To stimulate their work, we will give several options for using a shiny ribbon in nail art.

golden jacket

The simplest version of an unusual manicure with foil is a jacket, in which either the tip or the main part of the nail is covered with a shiny ribbon, and the rest of the area is painted with absolutely any color lacquer to your taste. This is followed by the option of applying foil patterns on the selected varnish base. Butterflies, imitation of animal skins, peas, asterisks - you can think of anything you want.

Video: creating a stylish manicure with a slanting jacket with foil

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