Nail extension upper forms

long claws

Nail extension with the top forms is an achievement in the industry of the nail service, this method greatly simplifies the process of modeling an artificial plate. The master does not need to work out the stress zone, but only to work on the free edge. This technology is much simpler than building up on lower forms or on tips. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of the method and its process.

What do the top forms look like?

Top forms for nail extension are special blanks, resembling tips with their appearance. They repeat the silhouette of a natural plate, and the inside of them is perfectly flat. On the inside, the master brushes the gels with both transparent and colored gels. Then it is applied to the prepared natural plate. Due to the special chemical composition of the workpiece, it is well separated from the gel or acrylic, providing a perfectly flat surface. With their help, manicure masters create flawless creations in the hands of women.

set of molds

Usually they are sold in sets. The kit includes 10 blanks of different sizes. This allows you to choose the right option for any hands. Due to the special material of manufacture, they are quite elastic. When lightly pressed to the natural plate, they are ideally combined. Top forms for nail are reusable material. If the master is fluent in skill, they can serve a long life, having spent at least 30 procedures.

The main advantages of this method

Manicurists consider this technology very simple in execution. The main advantages of this nail extension technique are:

  • you can use and gel and acrylic;
  • there is no need for long filing;
  • the procedure time is reduced by half compared to the traditional extension;
  • reduced consumption of materials;
  • The technology is suitable for short nails and small plates;
  • a variety of end models and designs;
  • the result is a thin, as close as possible to the natural marigold.

preparing molds to build

When using the gel, the nail can "breathe", which allows it to grow and recover. The nails of the upper forms have the correct shape and the same size.

Necessary materials

The following materials are used for the procedure:

  • gels: base, jacket, top coat without a sticky layer or acrylic;
  • top forms for building;
  • primer coupling;
  • cuticle oil;
  • glossy topcoat;
  • liquid to remove the sticky layer;
  • brushes, sawing, wooden stick, degreaser;

The use of high-quality materials is the key to successful growth and durable results. The choice of professional tools will provide a strong adhesion between the extended and natural surface, as well as insure against detachments of the artificial layer.

Building on top forms using gel

extension procedure

If you want to decorate your pens with a perfect manicure that will look natural and natural, and the result will be even more elegant and durable, you need nail extension with top forms with gel. Modern neyl-industry has in its arsenal a novelty - LED gels. These constructs make it possible to speed up the build-up process. Under a special LED lamp, they freeze for half a minute.

French on top forms gels

This french is done very simply and quickly. If you own the extension technology as a whole, you can do the nail extension with the top forms of the gel at home by yourself, using a step-by-step scheme:

  1. Treat your hands with a special disinfectant solution and push back the cuticle.
  2. Using a nail file to process the free edge.
  3. Saw the surface for better hitch, making it rough. Degrease the surface and apply a tool to improve the coupling.
  4. Pick up the size of the workpiece so that it is slightly larger than the natural plate.
  5. Fill the blank with white gel, creating a free edge, draw a smile line.
  6. The workpiece is placed under the lamp for 20 seconds.
  7. Using pink gel, the body of the nail is modeled.
  8. A special construction composition for coupling is superimposed on the workpiece.
  9. The form with the material is applied to the cuticle, the excess moves to the free edge.
  10. The finger is placed under the lamp for 20 seconds, crushing the form.
  11. Leave a finger under the lamp for 6 minutes to completely dry out the composition.
  12. By lightly pressing the tips, the workpiece is removed and a free edge is cut.

white jacket

Putting the material on the workpiece, you can at any time turn it over and evaluate the result.

Acrylic extensions

Nail extension with acrylic top forms according to the technology does not differ much from the previously described variant.

  1. In the workpiece is placed 2 or 3 balls of acrylic, depending on the size of the plate.
  2. Then the acrylic is distributed over the inner surface evenly.
  3. Press the blank with acrylic to the nail for 7 seconds, after which you can proceed to the formation of the inner surface.
  4. Acryl polymerises in 2-3 minutes, after which the free edge can be filed.

mold overlay

The advantage of using acrylic over the gel in a more rapid drying of the material, and accordingly the process as a whole. Acrylic can be laid out in a thinner layer, making the result as natural as possible. This material is much more economical in consumption and its price is lower. Another advantage of acrylic is its durability. But the gel has several advantages, including a variety of designs and the ability to use colored varieties. The choice between materials is made with regard to the design of the nail. Nail extension with acrylic top forms can be performed even by a beginner with his own hands, having familiarized himself with the step-by-step instruction.

Variety of design

Beautiful design

The design of nails with the top forms is various and gives complete freedom of imagination of the master. Nail extensions upper forms allows you to use the aquarium design, creating the effect of volume. After coating with an illusory gel, the drawing or decor is located as if under glass. You can use any materials and decorative elements, for example, colored threads, dried flowers, bouillons, holographic stickers, foil, gold leaf, liquid mica, fimo and rhinestones. All these materials can be purchased in specialized stores and make elegant nail designs with the upper forms to itself.

Video: acrylic extensions on the top forms

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