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classic french manicure

Nail design french today is considered the most popular and popular way to design nail plates. It also includes a nail extension method, but the meaning of this technology for the design of the French manicure remains the same. French is not a separate extension technology, it is made by applying a white coating, special acrylic paints and gels to the regrown tips of the nails. You can decorate the design of nails french with a pattern on artificial nails and on your own natural ones. And not necessarily for this go to the salon, this manipulation can be done independently at home. Here it all depends on the personal preferences of each young lady.

What are french nails?

French nail design is a short name for a French manicure. Although this kind of nail art makes almost every second woman, its popularity only grows from it. And this growth is not surprising, because you can highlight the main advantages of the French manicure:

  • Versatility. Such a manicure can be suitable for every day or for some kind of event;
  • Ease of execution. You can make a design of a nail french with your own hands at home;
  • Healthy and well-groomed appearance of your marigolds.

If you want to make your manicure glamorous interesting and intriguing, it is better to use a French nail design with a pattern.

white jacket with a black cat

Where did the jacket come from?

In 1976, the American company ORLY developed a nail design with a white jacket for Hollywood actresses. The essence of this development was to save time when changing the suit and not to change the manicure. Therefore, they began to use a manicure white jacket under a pink or beige base. It is worth noting that the versatility and convenience of such nail art was approved not only by actresses, but by all women. Thus, the white jacket has gained worldwide fame.

Design gel nails french

Now it is worthwhile to consider in more detail what the classic and other variations of nail design of 2014 French are.

  • Today, French manicure is considered the most popular type of design for extended and natural nails. You can create it on natural marigolds using ordinary varnish. The color may not be white, but black, red, pink, etc.
  • Since the French manicure is very simple in execution, you can make it yourself without the involvement of a specialist. To do this, you can use special stencils, which you can find in any cosmetics store for nail art. Such stencils are semicircular, straight, curly and triangular.

black and pink design

  • If the design of the extended nail french is done, then there is no longer a professional. In this case, a manicure can be performed using an acrylic coating or building on french tips. A safer way is to build on tips with a further gel coating. In this case, natural marigolds can breathe, which is a very important factor. In addition, after removing acrylic nails, natural ones will need special care in order to make it possible to restore the nail plate after suffering "stress."
  • Classic French manicure is a white tip and a pink or beige base of the nail plate.

Different types of french design

moon design

The popularity of French manicure makes it possible to create various styles and varieties of this type of nail art. The most famous are lunar, color, geometric and so on. Despite the fact that there is such a large number of modifications, all the types presented unite the fact that the tip of the nail bed is made in color (white, black, red, blue ..), and the rest of the nail plate is painted with natural varnish.

Instructions create nail design french

Design nails french 2014 is very easy to create yourself at home. There is nothing difficult in this, you just need to perform all the steps below step by step.

colorful line of smile on nails

Necessary tools and materials

  • base + coverage;
  • white lacquer;
  • covering natural pinkish or beige color;
  • drying;
  • orange tree stick;
  • rhinestones or other design elements.

Execution scheme

design with a piece of lace

  1. On the surface of the nail plate is necessary to apply a base coat. We are waiting for 5-10 minutes, it is completely dry;
  2. In the meantime, you need to decide with what help you are going to make a smile line. To do this, you can use stencils or draw by hand. The second option is the most convenient and fast, since traces may remain after the stencils are taken off.
  3. If you decide to make a French nail art using stencils, then step by step follow these steps: stick the stencil on the base nail, and paint the remaining tip with white varnish. Wait 2-3 minutes and carefully remove the stencil.
  4. If you decide to apply varnish by hand, then it should be done with a brush with slow strokes. The brush should be held parallel to the nail. Take her along the nail bed, not looking up.
  5. Now you need to wait until the varnish is completely dry and cover the entire nail with a layer of natural varnish. It can be both pink, beige, and transparent varnishes. Desirable number of layers is 2. But here everything depends on you. After applying the lacquer, using a stick dipped in a nail polish remover, remove all excess material.
  6. It remains to be done for a little, wait until the coating dries. For quick drying, you can use one proven method: put your fingers in ice water for 1-2 minutes. After that, you can do direct design. To do this, you can use rhinestones, photodesign or drawing.

silver rhinestone smile line

On this instruction for applying french design over. As you have noticed, nothing complicated about it. The main thing is to purchase all the necessary materials, do everything with pleasure, and then your pens will be well-groomed and beautiful.

Video: Creating a beautiful French design

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