Nail care during pregnancy. what can

pregnancy and nail care

All the girls, even in an interesting position, strive to look perfect. Many of them have a question, is it possible to increase the nails during pregnancy? There are many theories and conjectures about whether nail extension during pregnancy is harmful. Some experts argue that pregnant girls are better to prefer gel nails, rather than acrylic nails. Others say that odorous acrylic is better than unscented Chinese gel. Find out which of these opinions is correct.

Nail extension during pregnancy

What is better during pregnancy: acrylic or gel?

Note that these two materials contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. They can cause severe allergies, nausea, dizziness, and can even lead to fainting.

gels and acrylic powders

Another component that is part of both acrylic and gel is methacrylate. Methacrylate is of two subspecies: one of them is methyl methacrylate, the other is ethyl methacrylate. The first substance has a very negative effect on the condition of the fetus; this was proven by studies carried out on animals, where fetal malformations were identified. Of course, in this material there are no such doses that will harm the pregnancy.

In America, as well as in Europe, methyl methacrylate is not used, and in China and Korea it is often used.

Ethyl methacrylate is less toxic, therefore, using materials with this substance and observing precautions, nail extension during pregnancy will be absolutely harmless.

Some future mothers claim that acrylic is more harmful than the gel; acrylic has a peculiar odor and unpleasant fumes. Indeed, the acrylic mass has the property to evaporate. The same can be said about the gel, the only difference is that it has no smell. Not having an unpleasant darling, he still negatively affects the body.

We conclude that it is better to stop your choice on the foul-smelling acrylic produced in Europe or America, in contrast to the Chinese gel, which has no smell.

When pregnant need to refrain from nails?

extended nails

Nail extension during pregnancy is best avoided in the first trimester, because at this time one of the most important presses takes place is the formation of organs and systems of the future crumbs.

In addition, at this time there is a colossal restructuring in the female body, it becomes weakened. Early toxicosis, dizziness, weakness, and there is also the unpleasant smell of building materials can bring a pregnant woman to faint.

When can pregnant women grow nails?

After waiting for the middle of the second trimester, you can go to a beauty salon to build nails. Once in the cabin, make sure that the master's work area is well ventilated. Pay attention to the quality of the exhaust at the workplace specialist. After that, ask him about the quality of the material and find out from him about whether it is possible for pregnant women to build up their nails? After waiting for a positive response, you can relax.

When the procedure is finished, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and make a rinse with mineral water. This will remove all dust from the airways.

Manicure during pregnancy

manicure tools

Future moms carefully monitor the condition of their appearance. Many of them are sent to make a beautiful manicure, and only not many people think whether a manicure is harmful during pregnancy? Harmful is the procedure, of course, can not be called, but you need to be careful. Having sat down to the master behind a desktop, be convinced of purity and sterility of tools. Also, during the classic cut manicure there is a chance to get a cut. And as you know, many pregnant girls suffer from poor blood clotting.

Nail polish during pregnancy

Pregnant girls meet different taboos. The ban reached nail polish. Find out whether you can paint your nails pregnant?

paint your nails during pregnancy

Nail polish can not be called a useful substance, since it contains toluene, camphor and formaldehyde. All these substances enter our body through the respiratory tract, and if their concentration is high, it will adversely affect health. A pregnant woman going to a manicure cannot face such a high concentration of this harmful chemistry. Therefore, to prohibit pregnant women to use varnish, there is no reason.

Shellac during pregnancy

shellac during pregnancy

Shellac nail coating can be called the most harmless procedure. Since the main component of this gel polish is a natural resin, you will not have allergies and will not cause any harm to your fetus. This gel-lac is not unpleasant, then shellac during pregnancy, even in the early stages, will not cause nausea or dizziness. Since this tool is easy to use, you can carry out the shellac nail covering procedure at home.

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Now you have no doubts about whether it is possible to build up, paint your nails, do a manicure, cover with shellac during pregnancy. Having decided on this or that procedure, weigh the pros and cons and answer the question, do you need it or not? Be attentive to your health and the health of your unborn child.

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