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Many young ladies want their pens to be decorated with exquisite artistic manicure, but not all the girls have the talent of the artist and cannot paint a nail art masterpiece on their nails. It is for these ladies that the nail design slider was created. This kind of nail art design is the decoration of marigold with the help of special stickers, which already depict flowers, drawings, animal prints, inscriptions, symbols and other interesting artistic elements. This material contains information on how to make a slider nail design yourself at home.

Word "slider" translated from English as creeping or sliding. It turns out that the stickers used for the design are shifted from their base and stick to the nail plate.

Varieties of nail design slider

  • Nail design with sliders on a transparent basis. Stickers for design are placed on a transparent substrate. These elements are best used on white or bright varnish, so beautiful, and on a bright color basis this design will be lost and will be invisible. Such slider stickers can make whole compositions on the nails. The palette of their colors is very diverse, which allows you to make a manicure with stickers for any season and event.
  • Nail design with sliders on the entire surface of the marigold. When using this design slider, the nails are covered with a base layer and a sticker is attached to it, and the nail is covered with transparent varnish over it. The sticker in this case completely closes the nail.
  • Stickers with a dense pattern. Here you can experiment with colors of lacquer, as a dense pattern will not be lost on any background. The use of additional decoration in the form of rhinestones, sequins, beads, etc. also not out.

sticker flowers

Step-by-step technique for creating nails with sliders

As a base for a slider design with stickers on the nails, you can use absolutely any kind of coating - ordinary varnish, gel, shellac and even acrylic. In the case of varnish, gel and shellac, the instruction for creating nail art with stickers is the same, only acrylic has a slightly different scheme of action.

well-groomed fingers

Applying a slider on acrylic nails

  1. Form of acrylic nail bed of any shape and length.
  2. Attach the sticker you want on top. Be careful, not dried acrylic mass can dissolve your sticker, so it’s best not to move it.
  3. Wait until the acrylic is completely dry and walk around the nail with an acrylic ball very carefully so as not to damage the design.

Instructions for applying slider stickers on varnish

Making your own hands a slider design for nails on the lacquer base is very simple. Follow our instructions step by step.

  1. Do yourself a trimmed or unedged manicure to get your fingers in perfect order.
  2. Depending on what type of stickers you have chosen, choose the necessary shade of varnish.
  3. Paint the nail with the desired shade of varnish.
  4. After that, take a sticker, prepare a glued ornament and use tweezers or an orange stick to apply it on the area of ​​the nail bed. This can be done as a dried varnish, and fresh.
  5. Using a cotton swab, iron the sticker so that there is no air or unevenness under it.
  6. Cover the manicure with a clear lacquer fixer.

elegant nail art

Apply slider sticker on gel nails

In the case of gel manicure, the scheme of action is as follows:

  1. Self-hold sawdust marigold, and then degrease it.
  2. Apply any shade of gel you like and send the coating to dry for 2 minutes in a UV lamp. The adhesive layer is not erased, it is on it that your sticker is applied.
  3. On top of everything is fixed transparent finish gel and dried in the UV lamp.

The instruction of such nail art with shellac is absolutely similar to gel.

accrued leggings

Advantages of nail art with slider stickers

  • Stickers for this nail art are a very thin film and you can not be afraid of the fact that your decor will be cumbersome and fall off at the wrong time.
  • If you belong to lovers of bright artistic nail art, but you can’t afford to spend a lot of time in the cabin and pay a lot of money, then you will get a beautiful result by gluing the translated slider sticker to yourself.
  • Using these nail films is absolutely safe for the health of your marigolds and therefore they are suitable for very frequent use.
  • You can buy these devices at any professional cosmetics store. The price for them is very different and you can find what you can afford.
  • A well-made manicure with sliders will look as if the pictures are drawn with a brush and no one will guess that the sliders are glued on your nails.

Video: technology to perform a slider nail design

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