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The condition of the hands can be called a calling card of all girls and women. In order to properly take care of your hands you do not need to go to beauty salons. It is enough to know how to make rejuvenating masks for hands and nails independently at home. There are a lot of recipes collected here, all of them can be made with your own hands. Masks for hands and nails will be good helpers women on the path to beauty.

Nail Masks at Home

It is no secret that after a short rest at sea, the condition of the nails is improving. This can be explained by the fact that the minerals contained in sea water and salts penetrate into the nail bed and strengthen it. Therefore, homemade masks for nails should contain these substances. They will help the nails to become stronger and stop exfoliating.

Masks for nails with sea salt

  1. Pulp ripe tomatoes need to crush with a teaspoon of salt in a bowl, add a few drops of rosemary, olive and almond oils. Spread the mixture evenly on the nails and leave for 15 minutes. After a set period of time, rinse your hands in warm water and distribute nourishing cream on the hands and nail beds.
  2. A tablespoon of fine sea salt mixed with red pepper, lemon juice and myrrh oil. Pulpy mass rubbed into the nails for a few minutes. This procedure is preferably carried out 3 times a week. If a burning sensation appears, the pulp should be washed off immediately and further reduce the content of pepper in the mixture. Red pepper accelerates the growth of nails, so a mask for nail growth on its basis should be applied regularly at home.
  3. A little sea salt soaked in water should be taken on a piece of suede, velvet or other body-friendly fabric, and rubbed into the nail and its base. After such cleansing, apply melted beeswax mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil on the nails. The procedure takes place only 2 times a month, as it has a very strong effect.

blending ingredients

Sea salt is sold most often in the form of large crystals. Before applying it as a mask on the nails, it is desirable to place everything in a coffee grinder and grind. Small particles of salt will have a more gentle effect on your marigolds.

Nail masks with lemon

Most masks for nails with lemon are based on its mixture with various essential oils (patchouli, orange, jojoba) to mitigate the effect of the effects of sour juice. Tea tree oil added to the lemon will help accelerate the healing of microcracks in the nail beds and hands. Home masks should be applied to clean marigolds, pre-steamed in warm water.

bowl of lemon

  1. A tablespoon of lemon juice is mixed with 5 drops of lemon essential oil and a teaspoon of any unrefined vegetable oil. The mixture is applied to the nail plate and rubbed with light massage movements. The skin around the nails will also be happy with this nutrition.
  2. Mix a small spoonful of lemon juice with a small spoon of olive oil, add 3 drops of iodine to the mixture. The mixture is rubbed into the nail bed, but not washed off, but only promykivaetsya paper towel. Iodine will be absorbed into the nails a few hours after the procedure.
  3. A mask for nails can consist of only two elements: lemon and salt. Lemon is cut lengthwise into 2 equal parts, then they are sprinkled with salt. The tips of the fingers are immersed in them. After such a mask, nails and hands necessarily need a moisturizer.

Any lemon nail mask can be applied 2-3 times a week. If the cuticle after the procedure looks dry, then the content of lemon juice in the composition should be reduced.

Hand masks at home

Hand care should begin with an analysis of its condition. In the cold season, most women experience peeling and dryness; in summer, this skin condition can be caused by sunburn. Hand masks can have different effects depending on their composition.

Hand masks

three ingredients

  1. Honey mask is great help hands in the winter. Honey is mixed with milk and olive oil in equal quantities. To the mixture you can add a few spoons of ground oatmeal. Mix everything well, spread it on your skin, put on cotton gloves and leave it overnight. Sutra wash your hands in warm water.
  2. Lemon juice is mixed with egg yolk, honey and almond oil. The resulting mass is evenly applied to the hands and also left overnight.
  3. Cottage cheese perfectly moisturizes the skin of the hands. For the composition will require: 2 large spoons of cottage cheese, 1 big spoon of lemon juice, 1 big spoon of strong green tea and the same amount of olive oil. Before use, the mixture should stand for 30 minutes.

Anti-aging hand masks

  1. Kefir mask for hands can also be used as a cream after washing dishes. Kefir must be mixed with lemon juice in equal parts, put on hands and leave for half an hour, then rinse with water.
  2. Glycerin for hands is widely used in cosmetology, many creams have it in their composition. Anti-aging hand masks with glycerin contain various additives, for example, cornmeal. To create a jelly mask, you will need: 40 ml of boiled water at room temperature, 50 gr. cornmeal and 4 gr. glycerol. All ingredients are mixed and the mixture is applied to the hands. Removing it from hands may require sponge for washing.
  3. Anti-aging masks for hands with glycerin will be more effective if you clean the skin with a scrub of fine sea salt before using them. Then a mixture of glycerin and water is applied on clean skin in a 1: 3 ratio as a mask for hands. The mixture can drain, so it is better to wear gloves.

application of the composition on the hands

Any homemade mask for hands will nourish the skin and after the first application the result will become noticeable. There are also universal masks for hands and nails. They contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins E and A, as well as glycerin for hands.

Thus, masks for hands and nails, made at home, are an excellent alternative to trips to beauty salons. Feeding the hands in this case is carried out only with natural ingredients.

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