Monophonic manicure

red nail design

Well-groomed hands with neat nails and a perfect manicure is the card of every girl. A trip to the salon, where the master will offer professional nail care, various softening and moisturizing baths is a good idea, the only disadvantage of which is the high price of this pleasure. However, even if you are not a professional in the nail industry, any girl can independently make a monophonic manicure.

Eternal classic - a manicure with one color of lacquer is always at the peak of popularity, because it looks equally good on short and long nails. Due to the huge variety of colors and shades, the constant appearance of new products and a wide range of prices, you can safely choose nail polish, suitable for each party or mood.

purple marigolds

Almost every girl, without a doubt, has at least a small collection of varnishes in multi-colored bottles. Therefore, the easiest way to decorate the nails - to make a monotonous manicure itself. To perform such a nail design does not require any skills or special expensive tools, experience in accurate painting your own nails comes quickly, so at home you can do such a solid manicure at least every day. But also it should be carried out, adhering to the certain step-by-step instruction.

Step-by-step technique of performing monotonous nail art

For a start, you need to allocate 20-25 minutes and spend them on the care of hands, nails and cuticle. The inaccurate shape of the nails or the untidy cuticle can ruin the look of even the most exquisite manicure.

The correct form can easily visually lengthen the nails. It must be remembered that the popular rectangular shape of nails is ideal only for owners of thin and long fingers. If your fingers are not so, it is better to choose a rounded classic shape, the handles will look sleeker and your nails will be longer.

beautiful blue coating

  1. Align the length. You need to make sure that all nail plates are the same length. Deviation and different sizes of marigolds can disrupt the overall harmony of nail art.
  2. Remove the cuticle. We soften the cuticle in a warm bath with the addition of liquid soap or sea salt and gently remove it with nail clippers, or move the beveled tip of an orange stick.
  3. We put a vitamin basis under a varnish. The base is needed so that the lacquer lays more evenly and does not last longer. In addition, it protects the nail plate from various harmful effects of the coloring layer and nourishes the nail, as it contains a complex of vitamins and calcium.
  4. We cover the nails varnish. After complete drying of the base, you should proceed to cover the nails with a selected varnish. This should be done in stages, adhering to the following scheme: the first smooth smear is done in the center of the nail plate, and then two along the edges. It is better to cover the nails with two layers of varnish, this will help to get a more saturated and bright color.
  5. Apply fixative. After the varnish is completely dry, apply a transparent fixative on the nails. Manicure will last longer and get a glossy shine.

blue coating on the nails

If the usual mono-manicure seems too simple to you, you are in the right to decorate marigolds with rhinestones, applications, patterns and other decorative elements. You can select two nails and cover them with a different color of lacquer, making a bright accent on the unusual taste of its owner.

lilac nail art

No matter which version of nail art you choose: original matte or classic glossy, your hands will always look neat and well-groomed. With your own hands, you can perform a monotonous manicure that will instantly make you a well-groomed and stylish girl. It has long been known that a bright mono-manicure uplifting, a manicure with one shade of lacquer in bed tones adds to the image of romance and tenderness. Remember this and pamper yourself with the purchase of new bottles with varnish.

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