Modern manicure

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Modern manicure includes 2 stages - hygienic processing of nail plates and skin of hands and decorative design of marigolds. Hygienic processing includes various procedures aimed at giving a well-groomed look to hands, among them polishing the plate, processing rollers, removing the cuticle. Decorative nail art gives the hands an aesthetic look. In addition to covering nails with colored varnishes, the master can use glitters, rhinestones, threads, paints and other decorations. The master can offer you to perform a manicure with shellacs, now it is especially important and this coating is quite practical.

Modern manicure is diverse, a variety of techniques and techniques, a variety of materials allow the professional to make masterpieces at the hands of the client. But modern beautiful manicure can be done independently.

DIY manicure with natural nails

natural marigolds

Naturalness is the latest trendy nail art trend. Neat, even if short nails look cute and stylish. It is difficult to use decorative elements on your nails, but the modern design of a manicure does not require it. “The simpler the better” - under this motto you need to create a manicure for yourself. The main nail secrets for natural nails further.

Neat clean nails

No matter how beautiful the cover, how graphic the picture would look, if you didn’t have the right manicure originally, your hands will look untidy. Therefore, first of all, make a neat cut or unedged manicure, file a free edge and give the plates the same shape and size. Pay attention to the skin of the hands. The trends in the nail industry are changing, but the girl should have clean, clean hands. Every beauty will be able to make classic nail art step by step with his own hands at home, the instructions for this procedure are probably known to everyone. After that, you can proceed to decorate the marigold.

Marigold after manicure

Length and shape

Practical short nails replaced the maximum length and “cat's claws”. This can not but rejoice the majority of women, since the short length is practical and convenient. Star beauties mostly prefer short stylish nails. The form should be as natural as possible: oval or rounded. The free edge should protrude by 2-3 mm maximum.

Fashionable staining

matt ombre design

For natural nails, french, moon french and monochromatic coatings with colored varnishes remain relevant. You can give preference to the elegant classics, covering the nails with shades of red: burgundy, cherry, ruby, crimson. You can use matte varnishes, covering them with all the platinum or combine a matte base and a glossy tip. If you have a thin brush, matte varnish and a colorless glossy finish, you can make a beautiful and current manicure using the following step-by-step scheme:

  1. Apply a matte lacquer to the entire plate, for example, dark blue. Wait until the coating is completely dry.
  2. Take a thin brush and dunk it in a colorless top.
  3. Draw a simple pattern on a matte surface with gloss, for example, horizontal lines or a zebra print.
  4. Wait until the clearcoat is dry. Nail design is ready.

moon nail art

The actual manicure can be performed with neutral, pastel tones of varnishes. To make it more interesting, draw thin lines in a chaotic manner with a contrasting shade of varnish.

In the hands of the master - extended nails

Not all girls can boast beautiful, long and elastic nails. The extension has long become a female beauty assistant. Modern manicure is more focused on building gel. Acrylic has faded into the background and is practically not used by craftsmen. In recent years, girls prefer natural marigolds, but, nevertheless, fans of artificial nails remains a lot. If you want to grow your nails, use a few tips that will help you to have a current manicure with extensions.

Choose a form

extended nails

This year is relevant oval shape and average length. If you like a square shape, ask the master to round the corners a little. Almond shape, as a kind of oval, is also appropriate. But it is strongly recommended not to make a pointed shape or a beveled edge. Today it looks ridiculous and even old-fashioned.

Patterns and drawings

two-color jacket

Simple patterns replace complex patterns and floral designs. In the design, give preference to smooth lines, you can divide the nail into parts, covering each of them with a different color of lacquer. The wizard who keeps track of new nail art does not offer you flowers and butterflies on his nails, various funny and funny pictures, such as smiles, images of cartoon characters and animals, also moved to the far plan. From this figure blows antiquity.

Choosing the current decor

Less shine, modern design manicure does not tolerate pretentiousness and vulgarity. Stones and rhinestones may be present in manicure, but in the smallest quantity, but it is better to refuse them altogether. Gradually, colored powders, threads, and foils are no longer relevant. Dry flowers, modeling, stickers have finally lost their popularity, such decor already looks outdated.

stylish nail art

What color to choose?

Modern trends in manicure allow the use of different shades in manicure from neutral beige to emerald and coral. The main thing is to skillfully combine them. Gradient transitions and acid shades of varnishes remain relevant. The forgotten principle of selecting nails for lipstick returns to fashion.

degrade design in build

Modern types of manicure is not only a covering and beautiful drawing. If you want to give your hands health and comprehensive care, you can also use salon procedures for nails sealing, paraffin therapy, and spa manicure.

Video: creating a stylish modern manicure

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