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shiny film on the nails

The Hollywood minx manicure first appeared on the domestic market recently and immediately gained popularity with most public stars of cinema and artistic bohemia. And it is not surprising, because minx manicure is the newest technology of sticking to the nail plates a special Minx sticker, which is glued only with the help of an ultraviolet lamp for nails. If you describe the recognized innovation in short, then we can say with confidence that this is a very bright and eye-catching manicure, of high quality, ranked as a luxury.

Salon manicure minx

For the first time, a minic manicure is best done in the salon, since, in the absence of experience, you may encounter certain difficulties in how to properly apply a minx film for nails. What can you offer and what actions will the salon master perform with your nails step by step?

  1. will carry out procedure of usual cut or European manicure.
  2. heats the sticker under the lamp and sticks it to your nails.
  3. get rid of excess stickers, by filing.

film heating

filing jagged edges
Such a cover of the minx, of course, is not available to everyone, especially considering that the price varies from 1000 to 2500 per procedure. Naturally, not every time, but in especially solemn cases, you can afford minksy for nails, since they have virtually no flaws, but note their merits should be noted.

Pros Minx Coverage

  1. A rich palette of shades (about 350 species).
  2. Robust thermal and mechanical protection.
  3. Keeps, keeping shine on hands more than two weeks, and on legs three weeks.
  4. The film is absolutely odorless and can not cause allergies.
  5. Easily removed without any chemical agents.
  6. Always remains in fashion, unlike any type of the existing variety of manicure design.

shiny design with film

Creating a minx cover at home

But, it is also necessary to say that today the Minx Manicure has become more accessible for home use. To do this, first of all, you need to be patient and time, because unlike the salon procedure, where the technique of performing this procedure takes no more than half an hour, then at home it will take a whole hour, or more. Remember: you can make a minx manicure yourself only on the condition that you consult a specialist of a manicurist who has undergone special training in a vocational school and has received a state certificate. First of all, for a start, you need to purchase manicure tools and accessories that will be fully equipped and carry detailed instructions for their use.

girl with golden nails

Tools and materials for creating minic manicure

  1. Manicure scissors
  2. Glass file
  3. Orange stick.
  4. Minx film.
  5. Specialist. lamp
  6. Degreasing agent.

It is important to note: the Minox nail shrink film is a patented hard coating manufactured using a special technology. Its cost varies from 350 to 500 rubles. But believe me, the price is not the main thing. First of all, with the help of such a film, which can be bought in the nearest specialty store, you will get a highly artistic, high-quality Hollywood manicure minx.

Step-by-step instruction for self-mastering minx design

Consider step by step how to create a minx manicure at home, carefully reviewing all the details of the design.

girl with silver nails

  1. polish the nail plate after removing and degreasing the old varnish;
  2. cut off the sticker with sharp scissors with a small margin. Do not worry, you do not have to experience inconvenience when you pick up the stickers to the size of their nails. Minx film consists of strips and contains more than 25 forms of nails;
  3. carefully, using an orange stick, remove the sticker from the film and heat it under an infrared lamp. If you do not have such a lamp for nails, then you can buy it or order it in the online store;
  4. we put the warmed sticker on the nail, and then with smooth motions we straighten it and press it to the nail plate. Thus, gradually sticking all the stickers with the flat side of a wooden stick, we give time (3-4 minutes) to the hands to be under the lamp. During this time, Minx tightly grab with a fingernail;
  5. Cut off the extra pieces of the film with nail scissors along the growth line of the nail tips. With the help of a glass nail file, we will correct all the notches and irregularities. Those areas where your nail minx film has gone beyond the side rollers are removed with cuticle scissors;
  6. upon termination all nails are covered with a colorless, translucent varnish.

step-by-step instructions for sticking minxes

Now we can say with confidence that your minx manicure is ready.

Tips on caring for minx design

A few nail care tips after the minx procedure:

  1. After the manicure is created, try not to contact for some time with hot water.
  2. If the strips begin to peel off, they can be glued back with a hair dryer. It is enough to soften the exfoliated edge of the photo-adhesive by the heated air, and then press it tightly to the plate.

How to remove minx film

Suppose you decide to remove a manicure. It will not take any effort. Just pour hot water into the bath and drop the tips of your fingers there. Minixes for nails will move away from the nail plates.

steel nails

Video: creating manicure Minx

We hope that our instructions on how to do a mini manicure with your own hands was understandable to you. Quickly buy stylish minx stickers and, armed with our recommendations, where the technique of how to make a minx cover yourself is painted step by step, decorate your delicate hands.

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