Medical pedicure

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Medical pedicure is a convenient, pleasant, affordable, effective and useful procedure, which can also be curative. With its help, comprehensive care is provided for the feet and toenails, including the removal of corns, corns and various keratinization. When choosing where to make a medical pedicure, one should give preference to specialized cabinets, professional beauty salons or medical institutions that provide cosmetic services.

What is a medical pedicure procedure?

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Therapeutic pedicure is a fairly new procedure. It involves a combination of traditional foot care with therapeutic or restorative manipulations. She is simple and effective, so she was able to very quickly win the love of clients who monitor their health and the health of their feet. Its main feature is the use of special softening chemicals, most often professional cosmetics, which replace traditional hot relaxing and softening baths. Instructions for the use of such agents describe their effect only on the dead skin layers, due to which it is possible to remove only the keratinized epidermis without affecting the “living” one. Of course, medical hardware pedicure copes with this task much easier and easier. In addition, with the help of such means, the skin is disinfected and protected from the ingress of various infections.

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Doing medical pedicure, masters usually use devices with disposable nozzles and cutters of various modifications, so this procedure is as safe, painless and atraumatic as possible. If there is no such equipment, then before each new session disinfection and processing of instruments is carried out using special protective and disinfecting agents. In addition, creams and other care products are used directly during the session, and, if necessary, also therapeutic ones.

Who is recommended for pedicure?

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Therapeutic pedicure is necessary for everyone who cares about their health and prefers to use unedged pedicure. In this case, all procedures are performed using special softening agents and a special apparatus, that is, it is almost impossible to get injured. In addition, the hardware method allows you to process the feet and nails step by step, with great care, without cutting off the dead skin and cuticle. With it, you can effectively deal with ingrown nails and fungi. Also, it is worth paying attention to, if there are calluses or natoptysh, increased sweating of the legs or warts, cracks formed on the feet and heels. Due to the mild effect, medical pedicure is popular among diabetics and pregnant women who have foot problems - a common occurrence.

It is also recommended to conduct medical pedicure for the elderly. Because of the often sedentary lifestyle and age-related changes, they often develop painful blisters, and this problem only gets worse with time. Having ordered a medical pedicure at home, in one or several sessions, depending on the complexity of the situation, you can get rid of it and forget the discomfort and discomfort forever. In addition, leaving the house is very convenient, because the elderly do not like trips to salons and often do not consider them necessary.

Medical pedicure and nail fungus sufferers

Medical pedicure with nail fungus is one of the most common medical procedures, which is most often included in the package of measures to combat the fungal disease of the nails and feet. To independently determine whether you need a medical pedicure, you should know its main features. So, it is worth doing a medical pedicure with a nail fungus, if the nail plate on one or all of the fingers has changed color, the nail has become deformed, the skin on the feet has become dry, itching and redness have appeared. If at home it was not possible to determine the presence of the fungus, but there are suspicions, you need to contact a dermatologist and pass the appropriate tests.

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When a fungus is found, it is not recommended to do a foot care procedure with your hands, so as not to increase the area of ​​infection. That is why it is worthwhile to carry out the procedure of medical pedicure, which will help to overcome the fungus at an early stage or prepare the legs for further treatment with the use of professional medical preparations. In this case, it is not recommended to choose a medical pedicure at home, as you may need special medications, which the master may not have on hand. The treatment regimen of a fungus will most likely include determining its type and selecting the most appropriate means, and doing it better in a professional clinic or salon.

Related procedures for medical pedicure

Since medical pedicure is a complex of caring, regenerating and therapeutic manipulations, it can include a variety of baths, wraps, paraffin therapy, procedures for rejuvenation and improvement of skin condition, massage and various other healing activities. Of course, the requisite set of procedures can be used with the participation of a therapist and a dermatologist, who will help determine the cause of problems with the feet, as well as select the most appropriate means.

Applicable means

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Most often during the medical pedicure used professional line of caring means. For example:

  • German products manufactured by SUDA, based on natural and hypoallergenic ingredients;
  • Akileine professional foot line products;
  • peclavus lines;
  • creams, sprays and suspensions brand GENWOL;
  • professional products of the Israeli manufacturer Calutte;
  • specialized tools for medical pedicure Lopalmed and others.

In addition, various cosmetic creams, deodorants, foot masks, therapeutic and aesthetic coating for nails are used, for example, varnishes, gel varnishes, biolaks, etc. - everything that can only make the feet and nails well-groomed, healthy and beautiful.

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