Matt nail polish

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Matte nail polish has been at the peak of popularity for a long time, as it always looks original and festive. It will look perfect, both in everyday style and in the evening image. Besides - non-standard color, the opaque varnish possesses a large number of positive properties.

  1. Firstly, in order to use matte nail polish on your own, you do not need to have professional skills. To do this, just read our information about how to choose and apply the tool. However, when applying it is important to be careful in order for the substance to be evenly applied to the surface of the nail bed.
  2. Secondly, opaque coatings consist of thick coloring matter, therefore they are perfectly distributed over the entire surface, without forming unwanted streaks and streaks.
  3. Thirdly, the unique advantage of using exactly the faded coating is drying in a short period of time, therefore such a tool for nails is ideal for those who do not have a certain amount of time.

Popular shades of matte varnish

Manufacturers offer fashionistas the widest range of different colors in the palette of this cosmetics. The most popular colors are black, gray, transparent, and violet. Such shades will suit different style solutions and are in harmony with countless colors. And if you add sparkles of various shades, the manicure will play with new colors. It is important to use such colors and when creating a French manicure, as they look in this case the most advantageous and effective.

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Of course, black is a fairly bright style decision, so a more restrained gray color of lacquer can be a worthy alternative to this color. As it is known, gray color differs in such quality as universality and is perfectly combined with every possible colors in clothes. This color looks perfect in combination with other shades of cosmetics for nails.

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Every woman of fashion should have in her arsenal of cosmetics - clear nail polish. Its inherent advantage is that it reliably hides all possible defects on the nails. This matte coating for nails can be applied on top of any other, giving it a haze, transparency and showiness. A transparent matte coating for nails requires an important rule to be considered when using it - this base is suitable for all colors of varnish with the exception of white.

Applying a matte coating at home

Instructions for applying this cosmetic is very simple. Consider the step by step technique of applying this tool at home:

  1. In order to put this cosmetic on the nails there is no need to resort to the use of clear varnish. Matt varnish is applied immediately to the degreased surface of the nail plate.
  2. Accurate movements apply a uniform layer of the cosmetics on the surface of the marigold. It will be enough one layer.
  3. Wait a few seconds and your manicure will be ready. It is not recommended to apply glossy varnishes and coatings on such a tool, as the dull effect will be spoiled.

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Thus, without resorting to the help of professionals, you can make a stylish nail design with your own hands, because the application scheme is quite simple. Matte nail polishes will look advantageous, both on short and long nails. Nail design, made using this tool looks stylish and bright. Apply a lacquer coating in various ways. For example, completely paint the entire surface of the nail, filling the free edge with a glossy varnish. Or, create a bright stylish nail design, making an unusual pattern.

Terms of use and storage

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As with all cosmetic substances, this tool has its own shelf life. If you notice that it begins to thicken, and its texture becomes excessively viscous, then, most likely, the useful life is coming to an end or the storage conditions of this tool are violated. In the extreme case, matte nail polishes can be diluted with a special tool, but this method is not suitable for permanent use, so the structure of the substance becomes transparent. Such cosmetics should be stored in a dark and cool place, tightly closing the lid of the bubble.

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