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The right choice of materials, tools and equipment for nails - the key to high-quality manicure. Each neil-designer is faced with the problem of arranging his or her workplace and choosing the right materials, which together will be able to provide him with the presence of regular customers. Clients are also interested in getting an original, neat and, most importantly, high-quality result when choosing a manicure master. All this can be achieved only with the availability of high-quality instruments, devices and materials from the master.

The choice of materials for building

The most careful is to choose materials for nail extension, because they will directly contact with the natural nail plate, and therefore should be different safe composition. It is best to choose nail art kits from trusted manufacturers who tightly take their place in the neil design market. When purchasing a set, you should study the reviews of other consumers about it, identifying its features, focusing on the specifics of their work.

When building nail acrylic, you need to take into account the composition of the used acrylic powder and liquidation.

  • Powder should be moderately crumbly, and in its composition should not be additional harmful impurities.
  • It is also important that the acrylic powder in combination with the liquid liquid does not corrode the nail bed and smoothly lay down on it.
  • In order to increase the acrylic nails do not let the moisture and were strong enough, you need to choose only certified materials for building.

Acrylic for extension procedure

Gel nail extension also requires careful selection of materials.

  • A kit for this procedure must necessarily contain starting and colored gels, materials for nail design, as well as a finish gel.
  • The main criterion when choosing a gel is its strength, since the nails grown by the gel are quite fragile and cannot be corrected for injuries. Therefore, all layers of the gel must be combined with each other in texture, firmly superimposed and evenly distributed.
  • The consistency of the gel should be uniform, without any lumps and powder fragments. Especially carefully you need to choose a starting gel, since it is applied with the first layer on the natural nail, must fit tightly to it and create a solid foundation.
  • It is best to purchase materials for nail extension from official distributors, focusing on the brand name, which should not be unknown.
  • Reflecting on which gel for nail extension is better, you should focus on the technology that is used by the master when building. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the specific wishes of customers. For example, to mask the defects and bends of a natural nail plate, a gel of a more dense consistency and a low level of transparency would be better suited. For lengthening the nails and then performing on them aquarium design, it is recommended to use a liquid, shiny and more transparent gel, because it is easier to add colored impurities.

procedure toolkit

In any complete set for nail, in addition to gels or acrylic powder, necessarily include forms for nail. It is recommended to use them in cases where the client’s natural nail is at least several millimeters long, then with the help of forms it will be possible to increase almost any length. Otherwise, the kit should contain nail tips for nail extension, which is a ready-made artificial nail plate of a given length and shape. When using tips, you need additional material for nails - a special glue, with which the artificial nail is attached to the natural.

Tips for choosing extensions

In order to make rational use of materials for nails, it is necessary to have sufficient experience, knowledge, as well as equipment for nails. Sets of devices for building and design are completed depending on the chosen modeling technology.

Most adaptations are required for gel modeling. In addition to the gel itself and materials for design, tools are needed for nail extension, among which an important place is occupied by manicure devices and a UV lamp for nail extension. An ultraviolet lamp is necessary for drying the gel and uniformly setting it. When choosing a UV lamp you need to pay attention to a number of characteristics.

clear gel

  • First, the nail lamp can include a different number of light bulbs, which can be of a certain power. Most often in the UV lamp is 2 or 4 built-in light bulbs, their power may be different. Manufacturers, as a rule, indicate the total power on the markings of the lamps, for example, 18 W. This means that the UV lamp contains two bulbs inside the case, each of which has a power of 9 watts. The intensity of the radiation of the lamp itself, which affects the rate of drying of the gel, depends on how many bulbs are built and what their power is.
  • Secondly, UV lamps for nails differ from each other in body design. Each lamp consists of a housing in which a hole is made to place the hand. It is better to choose those lamps that are quite roomy inside, because the length of the internal space should accommodate all the fingers, taking into account the forms for nail extension attached to them. Also, for better drying of the gel, it is important to consider the location of the light bulbs inside the case. They should be distributed around the perimeter of the lamp, ensuring uniformity and uniform speed of drying of all nails hands.
  • Thirdly, all UV lamps for nail extensions are equipped with additional functions. For convenience, the master is better to choose a lamp, equipped with a timer. It will allow, while drying some nails, to engage in modeling others, without thinking that some kind of nail may remain undressed. Also, the UV lamp can be equipped with a special fan designed for drying varnish. This handy addition is useful in the design of extended nails, painting with varnishes and acrylic paints.

violet uv lamp

In addition to the lamps intended for freezing the gel, the necessary equipment for working with the technology of gel extension is a tabletop vacuum cleaner for nails. It collects dust and small fragments, which are formed in the process of filing nails when performing correction. Appliances such as an ultraviolet lamp and a desktop vacuum cleaner are indispensable for every professional manicure master.

A variety of materials for design

Materials for nails are an important basis for high-quality manicure, but it is still far from all for building that can provide complete, decorated, stylish nails. Mandatory components, which include all nail kits, are materials and tools for decorating and drawing. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question about which materials are better to choose for nail design. Each client has individual requests and wishes, so the master must have a set of jewelry and materials to perform various types of design.

Acrylic paints, gel polishes, colored rhinestones, bouillons, mica, glitter, and other devices are used to model nails that have been extended using any technology. Acrylic paints are the most common materials for nail design. They are completed in sets that contain from 10 to 20 tubes, each of them contains paint for painting on nails of a certain color. Colored acrylic paints are conveniently applied with a brush and do not require long-term drying, unlike colored gels, which require an ultraviolet lamp to dry. Sets of acrylic paints can be purchased at a fairly low price, while they are stored for a long time.

camouflage gel

Any set for nail extension, as well as for their design, contains elements for aquarium design. Each master himself determines which materials to use for aquarium design. For example, for a more delicate manicure it is better to use glitter, and for extravagant mica or bouillons.

femo design sticks

The modern market of equipment for neil design differs in an abundance of various devices. Manufacturers offer a variety of material for nail and their design, as well as tools for modeling and correction of accrued marigold. In order to be a successful manicurist, you must independently determine and compile the nail extension kit, which will be the most complete and qualitative in its composition. From what materials and tools are used by the stylist, his professional level directly depends.

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