Marmalade on the nails

Marmalade Marigold
Marmalade on the nails is perfect for lovely ladies who adore the glittering "snacks". Cute summer nail art with an unusual rough texture looks great and always attracts the eyes of others to their owner. Gummy nail design is done using a velvety sand with fine glitter. Today you will learn the principle of creating a fashionable manicure, get acquainted with interesting ideas of masters and learn to create interesting designs step by step yourself.

"Tasty ingredients" for nail art

In fact, the sugar for nail masters is called differently. There are a lot of names for this creative cover: marmalade, snowball, melange and even ice cream. In fact, the fingers, generously sprinkled with glittering sand, look like a sugar delicacy.

71-Marmalade on the nails

What is required for such "tastes"? First, bright colors. If you are a lover of marmalade, then you know how colorful this sweetness is. Orange, pink, red, yellow, pistachio, green - the unimaginable colors of the rainbow cause a wild appetite for one kind.

Bright nail art

For complete authenticity, choose the same range of “juicy” and “tasty” shades in nail art. A delicious effect is obtained using these ingredients:

  • Melange (marmalade) for nail art;
  • sparkles;
  • acrylic powder with a twinkle effect.

Variety of shades

All materials are used to create velvety art. Work with any sweet tooth.

Basic ideas for creating marmalade art

Fashionable manicure in 2017 involves a combination of incompatible: colors, textures, shapes. Your attention to the main trends of nail art.

  • Coverage of one finger. In this case, melange (or marmalade) is applied to not all fingers, but only as a bright accent for one or two fingers. In this case, you need to pick up related shades in order to achieve a contrast of texture.

Fashion manicure

  • In geometric nail art. When applying geometric shapes and lines. Highlight one of the figures with a sticky tape along the contour, put a colorless base on the figure and sprinkle with melange. It is possible to distinguish each figure in the composition with multi-colored melange.

Variety of textures

  • Gradient. Sprinkle the surface with different shades of sand from moon to tip. You can use either monophonic color, for example, white - blue - blue or bright contrasting colors.
  • On the plate with marmalade, you can select parts of the picture to achieve the difference of textures.


  • Apply melange on all fingers, and leave one glossy.
  • In the lunar version, you can apply marmalade on the painted areas, in this case, sugar nails look fashionable and spectacular.

Tasty effect

Sugar nail design can be supplemented with bright beads, rhinestones and color drawings.

Creation technology based on gel polish

Now you will learn how to create a masterpiece of nail art with your own hands on the basis of gel varnish. However, velvety sand also sticks to the usual varnish, but problems may arise with the durability of the coating. To work you need:

  • base under the gel;
  • gel polish for background;
  • white shade for the pattern;
  • drying lamp;
  • velvety sand of several shades with sparkles;
  • gel varnish top (matte or gloss);
  • thin brush.

Step by step "marmalade nails" at home are created like this:

  1. Without thorough preparation of the plate for coloring, no design will stick. Sometimes, from the unprepared plate, the coating is cleaved on the second or third day. In this case, you should not blame the manufacturer, the application technology is simply broken. The cut manicure will come to the rescue. Take care of the shape and length of the nails, make them as much as possible the same.
  2. Treat the cuticle, but do not steam it in water (the skin and the plate absorb a lot of liquid).
  3. Lightly bafite plate, removing shine, to ensure maximum grip with the base. Defat well, paying special attention to areas along the skin.
  4. Apply a thin layer of a colorless base (seal at the same time and cuts marigold). Dry under the lamp.
  5. Choose the background depending on the color of the dress and the tone of the future pattern. A black and white combination does not come out of fashion, but any contrasting colors will go with a bang, it all depends on taste. Apply the background and dry.
  6. Cover the blank with top, polymerize and remove the upper sticky layer.
  7. Apply a thin brush. Floral motifs are especially popular in the new season. Do not dry yet.
  8. Sprinkle the resulting image with colored sand. Do this directly above the jar, shaking excess material back into the container. You will have a wonderful ombra manicure with a color transition.

On gel varnish

Dry the result and shake off the remnants of the sparkles with a stiff brush.

Sugar option for ordinary varnish

It is very easy to achieve a spectacular result, as it is necessary to use the marmalade for nails according to the specific scheme described below.

Nail Art Masterpieces

  • To get started, carry out a standard procedure manicure. Correct the shape and length of the nail, steam and strip the cuticle.
  • Coat the plates with varnish that matches the color of the previously selected marmalade for nail design. If the grains are multicolored, then choose the basis for application.
  • Apply a second layer of lacquer and, without waiting until it dries, apply a melange in a light-knitting motion.


  • During the procedure, be careful not to touch the intermediate coating with your fingers first. After the whole plate is covered with powder, lightly press it into the coating.
  • The remains of powder brush off the fan brush, waiting for the coating to dry.

Marmalade nail art

Modern girls strictly watch the figure, refusing the main dangerous enemy of her sugar. Marmalade manicure will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of delicious food without a single calorie.

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