Manicure with stickers

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In the life of beautiful persons, there comes a moment when all ideas for manicure are exhausted and girls start "break" head in search of interesting solutions for nail design. For such ladies who want to try something new, a stylish design with stickers on the nails will do. In this article, we will tell you how to make a fashionable manicure with stickers at home in all details.

Varieties of nail stickers

elements of nail art decor

  • Manicure stickers are transferable and glue-based. If we consider the stickers on the glue base, then this is nail art.  "device" Available in the form of envelopes with interesting colorful blanks for design. To use them in your manicure you just need to remove the sticker from the paper envelope, put it on your nail and the stylish design is ready! Transfer stickers for a manicure or decal, work a little differently. You hold the blanks for a few seconds in warm water, then the drawing moves away from the paper base and you attach it to your nails and fix the design with a layer of lacquer.
  • In addition to this separation, the stickers on the nails are divided into: covering the entire surface of the nail bed and stickers on the nails with transparent elements through which the nail plate appears through a little. Creating nail art with such design elements, you must first perform a regular manicure, and then proceed to gluing these decorative elements.
  • Such decorations for fashionable nail design include stickers in the form of lace, French, moon manicure, 3D stickers made of special glue, metal, acrylic, gel and chimo stickers, as well as 3D films with photo designs. You can buy all this beauty in any professional cosmetics store. The price of all these decor elements is different, some have a very low cost, while for others you have to pay a decent amount.

leopard print

We carry out manicure with stickers at home

Every lady who respects herself and looks after her appearance tries to follow her nails as well. First of all, nails should be well-groomed and clean. Surely, in the cabin they will do it faster and better than you do it yourself, but still you can achieve a good result without the help of specialists by carefully reading our step-by-step instruction. So, to create your own manicure with stickers at home you will need: perseverance, nail art tools and the decor itself.

required set

Before you start creating yourself a manicure with stickers, you need to decide whether you will glue up the entire surface of the nails with the decor or decorate some part of the nail bed. In the first case, you just need to fit the stickers to the shape of your nail plates. In the second case, carefully cut or separate the pattern from the base and glue it. On how to prepare your hands step by step for a manicure, we will intentionally omit: steaming, cuticle processing, you can talk about this in a separate article, for example, European manicure or manicure at home. And now our detailed scheme:

  1. Clean the surface of the marigold and apply the base varnish.
  2. Give time to dry completely.
  3. Gently tweezers apply the sticker on the nail and press as tightly as possible with a sponge, sponge or cotton swab.
  4. If you use the sticker that was placed on the entire nail, then you need to carefully level it to eliminate swelling and creases.
  5. We cover the finished design with lacquer-fixer, best of all colorless.

lace design

You can slightly complicate your manicure with stickers and add a zest to it, for this, use several varieties of the base color, instead of one, or add small feathers, rhinestones or sparkles to the decor.

Design Ideas for Manicure with Stickers

oblique jacket with pink roses

  • Most often on the shelves of specialized stores are stickers for manicure or nail sliders, with a floral theme or with romantic motifs. So nail art decor adorn their marigold young coquette.
  • Lovely inscriptions, bright hearts and much more - this is the choice of modern stylish youth.
  • Older girls prefer floral design on nails.
  • Persons who are not afraid of the views of outsiders and dream always to stand out from the gray mass can choose a decor with the image of an animal print: zebra, leopard, snake, tiger coloring. Naturally, there is a more cute and funny animal print, such as an image with insects: tiny spiders, ladybugs look on the nails very original and interesting.
  • However, respectable ladies can also use this nail tool for pointing marafet on their nails, of course, a design with spiders or hearts will not work for ladies, but stickers for a French manicure with a lace effect or with some other discreet print will look very good.
  • The bride, who is preparing for the wedding, it makes sense to look for stickers for the moon manicure, as there is a whole series of such stickers, harmoniously combined with any outfit for the wedding.
  • For a romantic moment, you can recommend stickers with glitter or small beads. You could already see bright and fashionable examples of such adhesive nail designs - this is a minx manicure or a nail art with a foil.

Video: step-by-step instruction on the implementation of manicure with stickers

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