Manicure with sparkles

Sparkling Nail Art

Manicure with sparkles does not lose its popularity among the fair sex neither over time, nor with the change of fashion trends. The whole secret lies in its universal beauty, which is suitable for both daily use and to give shine and radiance to the festive image. Consider further the basic ways how to make a manicure with sparkles.

Glitter nail design is a fundamental trend of nail art in recent years. Options on how to give your nails an inimitable glow of a lot: from the banal - to get a nail polish with sparkles for nails; up to more creative - nail extension with sparkles.

Glitter in modern nail art

Manufacturers of lacquers do not make it easier for us to choose - the shops of the shops literally burst with various brilliant coatings. To make a choice, you need to know some definitions.

  • "Glitter" - spangles with a diameter greater than 1 mm. Create a unique effect of confetti or colorful fireworks on the nails - a great option for celebrations.
  • "Give" or "dust" - small shine, which fall in a rather dense layer, allowing you to create different patterns.

colorful design

The color scheme, size, density of the coating are very diverse, so that each girl will be able to choose exactly the option that will help her to shape her nails with sparkles brightly.

Modern fashion trends offer as a complete covering of nails varnish with glitters, and highlighting them only the tip of the nail. There are various options for applying: at the base of the marigold with a smooth transition to the main color, the gradual dispersion of glitters from their maximum concentration to the minimum. The brilliant neyl art perfectly combines with decorative elements: beads, rhinestones, sequins. A combination of several design solutions in the design of manicure is welcomed. It’s not necessary to make all fingers the same. Think of your own design for each, show your imagination and talent.

large sequins in design

French manicure with sparkles

So let's start with the classics. French nails with sparkles - the actual solution at all times, for any event. Modern interpretations of the French manicure are great, the classic version with the white edge of the marigold has long undergone a lot of modifications. Modern women of fashion successfully apply the effect of "degradation" or the more common option - a manicure with sparkles on the tips of the nails. And to create such a design is not at all difficult and you can do it yourself without any special problems.

purple french

In order to create a French manicure with sparkles at home, you first need to buy a gloss with sparkles. Preference is given to a dense consistency of varnish, which would create a uniform coating of the tip of the nail for a couple of layers. Further, the scheme of applying varnish does not differ from the standard one: cover the entire nail with a lacquer-base, and apply a shiny varnish on the tip of the nail. The final layer, which will add shine and shine to the manicure, will be the fixer. That's all! This simple technique will allow you to take a fresh look at the French manicure, made with your own hands.

A new trend - extended nails with sparkles

Nail extension with sparkles is a great option for those who prefer modern nails to modern nails. Brilliant marigolds can be obtained in several ways:

extended nails

  1. Gel nails with sparkles are created directly at the very building. That is, the master gel base mixes with shiny particles selected by you, and this mixture produces build-up. This method allows you to create a unique design of nails with sparkles. The drawings applied over a brilliant layer create the effect of volumetric graphics and it looks very impressive.
  2. French manicure with sparkles on the extended nails. The nail itself is built up in a standard way, it is dried. And the next layer (tip) is increased by gel with the addition of glitters or modeling foil. Thus, step by step working through each finger, we get an accrued manicure with sparkles on the tips of the nails.

We create do-it-yourself glitter drawings

Show your imagination and create your own, inimitable shiny nails - perhaps, every girl faced such a task. Let's consider several options for how to apply glitter on the nails.

As we have said, the easiest option is to use a shiny varnish that is already ready. But it is too simple for a creative nature! We offer a more creative option that will allow you to “paint the nails” not easy, and create a unique pattern with sparkles on the nails.

For this we need:

  • dry, crumbly spangles (you can have several colors, textures, sizes);
  • match, pin, brush (for whom the more convenient to work);
  • glue;
  • lacquer base in a suitable color;
  • lacquer fixer.

Instructions and technique

pattern of diamond sequins

  1. To begin with we do a standard manicure. Believe me, no shine will not save neglected nails.
  2. Step by step we coat the nails with a base coat. This can be either a transparent base or a varnish of any color that suits your outfit, mood, accessories. Give it a good dry.
  3. We come up with a design of nail polish design. It can be any geometric shapes, patterns, lines. Limitations are only your imagination and artistic skill.
  4. In accordance with the developed design, glue is applied to the nail plate along the main lines of the pattern. We advise you not to proceed to the next one until the final study of each nail, in order to prevent the glue from drying out.
  5. Sprinkle marigold crumbly shine. Give a little dry.
  6. Blow off the excess and enjoy the result.
  7. It remains only to cover the nail with lacquer-fixer, which will not allow the shedding of the pattern.
  8. Step through each nail until the final design of the entire manicure.

I hope our tips will help you to come up with and create your manicure with sparkles, which will become your business card and will delight with an extraordinary performance and bright accents!

Video: nail design with gold sequins

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