Manicure with ribbons

olive nail art

Ribbon manicure is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make pens beautiful and stylish. Very few materials and efforts and on your nails a unique design, concise and trendy. We have prepared for you 4 ideas on how to use nail tapes with step-by-step execution schemes. Perhaps our photo selection will inspire you to repeat one of the schemes yourself or come up with your own nail design. In our article you will find a little trick, allowing you to make the perfect manicure.

What you need to create a nail art with tape

To perform nail design with ribbons, you will need:

  • Tapes for nails. They are of different quality and have a variety of shades, can be matte, glossy and holographic, but they all have an adhesive layer on the back side. The cost of the tape from 30 rubles, you can buy it in any store with goods for nail design.
  • Coverage. The simplest design of nails with ribbons can be performed with only 1 shade of lacquer; for more complex options, choose 2-3 shades of coating.
  • Top base and finish. These coatings will extend "a life" your nail design and make it more neat.
  • We recommend that you use a little trick: for your design to always be perfect, you need a liquid tape for a manicure. It resembles the usual nail polish, applied with a similar brush, but not on the nail, but on the skin around it. After that, the selected design is carried out, for example, a manicure with stripes. When the nail art is completed, the liquid tape is removed from the skin with a film, and with it the errors of your work are removed. The price of this coverage is about 500 rubles.

liquid tape and its application

In addition, you will need tweezers to remove tapes from the marigolds, an orange stick to securely fix and correct them, and nail scissors to cut pieces of the desired length. Armed with these materials and tools and preparing the marigold, making a classic or unedged manicure, you can begin to nail design.

nail art with blue color

How to create a manicure with ribbons

Nails with tape can be a harmonious complement to any image, the main thing is to choose the right design and shades of coatings and the tape itself. Each manicure with ribbons can be unique, it all depends on your imagination and preferences - you can use ribbons of one color or several shades in your design, or you can use it as a stencil for perfect lines.

black and white nail art

For example, using black and orange lacquer and ribbon, you can perform a thematic design for the Victory Day - 10 minutes and you have St. George ribbon on your nails.

St. George ribbon in nail art

Having at hand such a versatile material for manicure, the ideas will not end long, and you will always look your best. Let's look at the best ideas and their phased implementation instructions.

shiny and matte nail design

Option 1: Geometry on the nails

Such a manicure with ribbons for design is performed using white lacquer, nail tape and 3-4 coatings of any color. Choose any varnishes to your taste, as long as they combine with each other and harmonize with your wardrobe. Step by step diagram looks like this:

  1. Cover the nail plate with white lacquer in 2 layers and wait until it is completely dry.
  2. Take adhesive tapes, cut them into small pieces and glue as shown in the photo below. The nail should be divided into rectangles of different sizes.
  3. After that, the resulting rectangles must be painted over with colored varnishes. Take 3-4 shades of coatings to adjacent areas were different colors.
  4. Without waiting until the varnish dries completely, carefully remove the stencils.
  5. After complete drying, coat the nails with a layer of glossy finish.

step by step scheme of nail art with a stencil

Today, the geometric patterns on the nails look fashionable, and made with the help of such a device for a manicure design will attract only admiring glances.

Option 2: Mooncoat

The moon jacket does not lose its popularity. Using sticky stencils, you quickly execute a beautiful nail design that is appropriate for both everyday wear and for an evening look. Step-by-step instructions for you:

  1. Cover your nails with a base coat and wait for it to dry.
  2. Place the strips on the nails as shown in the diagram. The part of the nail near the cuticle (hole) should remain covered only with colorless varnish.
  3. Apply a selected shade of varnish on the surface of the nail below the stencil.
  4. Apply a second coat.
  5. Using tweezers, remove the adhesive strips from the nails and wait for the coating to dry.
  6. On top, apply a layer of top.

burgundy moon luncheon

In this design, it is important to choose a beautiful and self-sufficient shade of coating. You can take the burgundi color trendy this season as in the photo above, or you can give preference to any of your favorite colors.

Option 3: Neon stripes

Neon nail art will appreciate the bright and active girls, whose wardrobe contains rich colors. You can choose any color combinations, we suggest you repeat the gray-yellow nail design. Each girl will be able to repeat this pattern with their own hands:

  1. Cover the nails with a base top.
  2. Take a neon yellow lacquer and apply it in 2 layers on the plates.
  3. Wait until the varnish is completely dry.
  4. Place the stencils on all the nails as in the photo or on some fingers in random order.
  5. Cover your nails with a layer of gray lacquer. After the first layer has dried, repeat the coating again.
  6. Until the varnish is completely dry, remove the stencils with tweezers.
  7. After drying, cover your nails with a layer of fixative.

neon stripes

You can make such a manicure even more interesting if the topcoat is matte and the strips remain glossy.

Option 4: Striped frappe

Lovers of pure shades will appreciate the combination of coffee, soft beige and dark brown colors. To repeat this design, you will need the usual stationery tape, all the other materials are the same as in previous workshops. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Cover the marigold with a layer of soft beige or milky varnish.
  2. We are waiting for drying.
  3. Place the pieces of scotch tape on the nails so that they close the halves of the plates from the tip.
  4. Cover the upper part of the plate with a coffee tint.
  5. We are waiting until it is completely dry.
  6. Repeat step 3 and 4, but apply a dark brown lacquer to the well.
  7. Now cut the pieces of gold ribbon of the desired size and place them on the border of colors. Orange stick can correct strips so that they are fixed securely.
  8. Cover the marigold with a finish layer. Nails with tape ready!

coffee nail art

Of course, according to this scheme, you can perform a manicure with any other color combinations, but the shades of coffee with milk that are trendy this season deserve your attention. We hope our lessons will help you to decorate your pens and make a neat nail art.

Video: Beautiful nail art with adhesive tape

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