Manicure with rhinestones

beautiful manicure with rhinestones

Everyone knows that women are particularly thrilled at the sight of precious stones and metals. Glittery jewelery, as good as anything else, can emphasize the refinement and fragility of the neck, wrists, fingers, and the tenderness of the earlobes. That is why manicure with rhinestones, imitating the glow of natural crystals is very popular. Having become a real hit in 2013, this fashionable device does not think to give up its position. Shining manicure with rhinestones gives the image of elegance and chic. In addition, straziki on the nails can be a great alternative to jewelry, such as rings and bracelets.

What are rhinestones

multi-colored pebbles in the pits

Rhinestones for nails are plastic or glass stones that skillfully imitate precious crystals. This adornment is sold in bulk or in sets packed in jars, carousels (box with strass compartments in different colors) or bags. In some cases, a special glue is supplied. Depending on the quality and quantity of rhinestones, as well as on the manufacturer, the cost of one set can be from fifty to three hundred rubles. Rhinestones for nails come in various sizes and colors. For example: butterflies, hearts, diamonds, stars, flowers, squares, triangles, and, of course, crystals. Such a wide range allows you to realize any ideas manicure with rhinestones and create a truly unique design. By the way, all this can be done at home and with your own hands.

Manicure Tool

In order to independently make a manicure with rhinestones, it is necessary in advance to acquire the following inventory:

  • nail polishes of various colors;
  • rhinestones;
  • special glue;
  • fixer;
  • toothpicks.

Manicure Technique

  1. Give the nail plate the desired shape using nail scissors and a nail file.
  2. Treat the cuticle with scissors or an orange stick.
  3. Apply varnish of the chosen color on the nails.
  4. Set rhinestones on the nails. This step can be performed in two different ways, differing in how to glue the rhinestones on the nails. In one embodiment, glue is used, which is applied on a dried basis, in the other, an under-dried lacquer acts as glue. Both options are fairly reliable, so the choice is completely dependent on personal preference.
  5. Rhinestone nail design should be thought out in advance. Outline the pattern on the nails can be with the help of a thread that is slightly pressed into the not yet frozen base, and then removed.
  6. If straziki are attached to the nails in the second scheme, you should use a toothpick. It should be moistened with water, which makes it easy to cling crystals. Rhinestones are placed on the underdish varnish, slightly pressing them into the base. Toothpick can be replaced with tweezers for hair removal. If rhinestones are set on a dried base, then drops of glue are applied directly to the base. Decorations are attached to it with tweezers.
  7. Cover the nails with rhinestones fixer. This measure will make the manicure durable. However, it is not worth too much to get involved in applying protective coatings - each new layer makes the shining rhinestones less bright.

a variant of beautiful nail design

How to make a harmonious manicure with rhinestones

Nail design with rhinestones can be both beautiful and elegant, and ridiculous and vulgar. Creating a sketch of the future manicure, it is worth considering the rules listed below.

design with birds

  1. Ideal nail design with rhinestones should be built according to the rule that the less jewelry, the better. If you try to stick on your nails as much as possible decorative elements, it is easy to get a ridiculous manicure or too bulky drawings. If you really want to apply a large pattern, it is better to overtake one nail for it, and the rest to decide in the style of minimalism. This will leave your hands graceful and neat.
  2. Large rhinestones look harmoniously only on long nails. If the length of the plates is insufficient, the nails with rhinestones will not look feminine, but rough.
  3. It is very important to correctly select the color of the crystals, especially if the multicolor design is thought out. And if transparent straziki perfectly combined with any colors of lacquer, then with color should be extremely accurate. For confidence in success, you can use this rule: the color of the strass should be either close to the varnish, or very contrast.
  4. Manicure with rhinestones is best done on artificial nail plates, since traces of glue remain after this cosmetic procedure. Also a good solution can be a shellac manicure with rhinestones, made with a beauty salon from a good master. An ordinary manicure with stones on your own nails is best done as little as possible.
  5. It should also take into account for what purpose manicure is created. Artificial crystals - quite catchy element that will look out of place at work or business meetings. But this option nail design is very well suited for visiting parties or discos.

Nail design options

As already mentioned, crystals allow you to realize a huge number of pans on the design of nails. Their location, as well as the layout can be anything. For example, you can spread stripes, flowers, circles, lines, hearts, twigs and so on from rhinestones.

beige cover with moon design

A very popular option is a French manicure with rhinestones. They can create an elegant line separating the bright tip of the nail and its base. By the way, even in this simple design, you can create a great variety of solutions. If the tip of the marigold is painted with colored lacquer, and the base is tinted under a natural look, you can use rhinestones to match the color of the tip. In addition, the tip can be completely covered with glowing crystals of any color. French manicure with rhinestones can be solved in a different way, more concisely - to decorate one of the nails with a single crystal. This modest version looks very feminine and cute.

Video: creating a manicure with rhinestones at home

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