Manicure with nail stencils

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Beautiful marigolds and well-groomed hands are an essential feature of the fair sex. Modern girls are less likely to cover their nails with a monochromatic lacquer, on the contrary, they try to make the manicure bright and diversify with its drawings. Many students do not have the opportunity to visit salons, so they prefer to do a manicure using stencils. This method appeared relatively recently, but has already become quite popular among young people.

Stencils for nails and their purpose

Not all girls draw well and can boast the ability to draw smooth lines with his left hand. Especially for them, manufacturers of lacquers invented stencils for manicure. In addition, these devices are easy to use and save time to create interesting patterns.

What are stencils for nail design?

Stencils on the nails are blanks that need to be pasted onto the surface of the nail plate and coated with varnish. Then the workpiece is removed, and the picture on the nails remains. Stencils for manicure always have one glue side, it allows the workpiece not to slide, and the design will be more even. When nail stencils only appeared on the market, they had no adhesive side, which created a lot of inconvenience in use. If a girl does not have the opportunity to buy a suitable drawing for herself, she can always make his stencil on her own from simple materials.

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How to make stencils for nails do it yourself

Girls with good imagination can come up with any form of drawing. For beginners who want to learn how to make a stencil for nails, the simplest technology is suitable - cutting out of scotch. Images obtained using this method will have only angles and straight lines. Summer manicure with a stencil should be distinguished by a variety of bright colors and unusual solutions.

romantic nail art

Several ways to use thin tape to create a pattern:

  1. Apply three longitudinal strips on nails with varnishes of different colors and let them dry. Then in any direction to stick special sticky strips for manicure or narrowly cut adhesive tape. Cover the nail on top with a monochromatic matt varnish. After complete drying of the coating strips must be removed.
  2. The nail is covered with a base varnish of any color. Previously from the scotch you need to cut stencils for nails with your own hands in the form of small triangles with sharp corners. When the varnish dries, it is possible to stick prepared triangles on it, creating at the same time half of the star on the free edge of the marigold, its rays should be directed towards its base. Stencils for nail design are removed after the varnish has dried. This manicure can be completed on this, but girls confident in their accuracy can continue it and stick triangles on the rays with an overlap with an already created pattern. Then the free edge of the nail must be varnished in a different color. The resulting pattern will consist of three layers.
  3. Stencils for nail design with your own hands can be cut with toothed scissors. The pattern obtained from wavy strips of scotch can go in any direction and not only be a single layer. Beginners better perform simple techniques, for example, cover the nail with dark varnish, wait until it dries and glue a wavy strip of tape so that it covers the top three quarters of the nail bed. After that, apply pearlescent coating or glitter varnish on its base. The resulting manicure will be in perfect harmony with the evening dress.

dark design

Imitation of an art list of nails. Nail Art Stamping Technology

Artistic painting on your own nails is not possible for every girl to do. For this you need to be able to draw well with both hands and have a rich imagination. Especially for girls who want to get painted on the nails at home, developed the technique of stamping nail art. It allows you to transfer your favorite pattern on the nails in seconds.

Nail Art Stamping Kit

To master the technology of creating a manicure, you need to buy a special set, the cost of which includes everything you need:

  1. Special scraper (skarper) to remove excess varnish from the surface of the stencil.
  2. Metal disk with volumetric drawings applied on it.
  3. Rubber stamp to transfer the image on the nail from the disk.
  4. Special lacquer for nail art stamping.

set for stemping

As a rule, in one set there are several disks with different patterns. They can also be bought separately. The price of individual discs, of course, is lower than that of the whole set, so a girl can experiment with new drawings every week. To learn how to use a stencil for nails can be found in the packaging kit.

The sequence of creating a manicure technology nail art stamping

Before proceeding with varnishing, you need to remove the old coating, select and prepare stencils, file and degrease the nail plate. Manicure with a stencil requires care, as the resulting image should be placed symmetrically on all nails.

silver black design

  1. Special varnish paint you need to fill the picture on the disk, then remove the excess with a scraper.
  2. Touch the rubber stamp to the form and collect the paint on the stamp.
  3. After this comes the most important part - the transfer of the image on the nail. Light, precise movement to touch the nail plate.
  4. It is advisable to apply a transparent lacquer on the drawing after drying, which allows the manicure to last longer.

happy stamping design

Disc stencils for nails may contain 4-7 or more different patterns. Images are equally well kept both on the nails themselves, and on varnishes-bases. For French manicure, now you don’t have to buy stickers every time; you just need to find the necessary stencils for nails on the disk. The advantage of nail art stamping is that the varnish is applied to the nail with a thin layer, so it dries quickly.

Thus, a manicure with a variety of stencils can turn from a boring to a very exciting experience.

Video: creating a stamping manicure at home

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