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design with poppies

What can cheer up every representative of the beautiful half of humanity? Beautiful appearance. And if one doesn’t look at the mirror all the time, then one can admire well-groomed marigolds at any time, especially if they are decorated with original, intricate or just cute flowers. By the way, to create any yourself, you do not need to be a professional artist. You just need to remember a few tips on how to draw flowers on the nails and practice a little.

Ways to create colors on the nails

Flowers are a common image in nail art that is used almost more than others. Flowers or whole compositions can be drawn, pasted, laid out in the form of an application using real dried petals, etc. In addition, a ready-made stencil from the stamping kit can be used. The options are many.

lilac-blue nail art

Beautiful design of nails with flowers will certainly be offered in any salon, but if you wish, and with some skill, you can create flowers on your nails yourself. This can be done in three simple ways, each of which is available for home use and does not require sophisticated adaptations.

Flowers with a needle or toothpick

For this method of creating a flower manicure, in addition to varnish, you will need a needle or a toothpick. You may also need acetone or nail polish remover to adjust if necessary.

flower jacket

  1. To create a flower on the nails, you must first apply a layer of base varnish or varnish, which will be the background.
  2. When it dries, you need to put a drop of another varnish on top, take a needle or toothpick, and draw lines from the outer edge of the drop through its middle to the opposite edge step by step, as if drawing a snowflake. Each next line should be carried out with a clean needle or a toothpick, so it is worthwhile to stock up in advance with several devices. It is not recommended to make many lines, as the drop is small and the flower with a lot of petals will not work. Three is enough. As a result, we have on the nails will be a pretty shestilistilnik.
  3. When it dries, it remains only to draw a core - put a drop of lacquer of a suitable color in the center of the flower.

The easiest way to create a flower on the nails is dots

nail polish manicure

If you want to make a manicure with flowers with your own hands, you can use a simple device - dots. This method is one of the easiest. The device used for this, called the dots, is a metal stick with balls of different diameters at both ends. Often, for convenience, it is enclosed in a plastic or wooden case. The flower on the nails with the help of such a device is done in stages, easily and simply:

  1. we dip a ball of smaller diameter into a lacquer of the color that will be the middle of a flower, and put a beautiful, even drop on the nail;
  2. wait until dry;
  3. turn the dots over with the other end, dip the second ball in lacquer the colors of future petals and put 5-6 points around the core - these will be the petals. The flower is ready!

The third way is stamping.

Stamping is actually printing a stencil pattern on the nails. The method is simple and affordable, so it is easy to apply, even at home. Due to the large selection of a wide variety of stencils, a manicure with flowers can be changed at least every day. At the same time, the flowers on the nails, you can create a single color and color if you choose an interesting combination of varnishes.

stamping design

So, to make a floral manicure using the technique of stamping, you need to purchase the appropriate set. It includes a stencil disc, punch, scraper and special lacquer of increased thickness. By the way, stamping varnishes are sold separately, so you can pick up a whole palette so that the design of nails with flowers every time was different.

The technique of stamping can be safely compared with decals. The scheme for creating drawings with its help looks like this:

  1. a drawing is selected on the stencil disc (do not forget to remove the protective film from the disc!);
  2. the drawing is applied a thick layer of varnish;
  3. using a scraper, the lacquer is quickly scraped onto a napkin spreading under the disc (the scraper can be replaced with a plastic card so as not to scratch the disc), while it remains in the recesses of the pattern;
  4. the plier is taken, gently pressed down on the drawing, so that the remaining varnish is transferred onto its surface;
  5. thereafter, the strainer is transferred onto the nail with a stamp as a stamp.

black and white design

Previously, before applying the picture, it is recommended to cover the nails with base or background varnish. So the image will be better printed, and it will look more interesting. Thanks to this technique on the nails, you can create a surprisingly detailed floral manicure with small elements and details.

French manicure with flowers

white jacket with delicate flowers

French manicure can rightly be called a resilient classic. He fell in love with girls and women of all ages for the neat, stylish look of nails. The color range used in its creation has hardly changed, however, in the last season, not only white or pink colors, but also silver, gray and even gold were used for the tips of the nails. At the same time, matte or light beige varnish is often chosen as the basis.

Classic is great, but sometimes you want to diversify it. In this case, it is worth decorating the French manicure with flowers. The instructions for its creation are the same as the classic ones, but in the end, on top of the dried layers of lacquer, drawings are made in the form of flowers. They can be on all nails, and only on one of them. The size, shape and complexity depend only on your desire and qualifications of the master, if you decide to resort to his services. Consider the three rules that need to be considered to create a French floral manicure, and your nails will surprise others:

  • No more than three colors - if a manicure is saturated with flowers, it ceases to be beautiful;
  • The larger the drawings, the smaller they should be on the nails. Ideally, one large flower is located on one finger of the hand, while the rest remain just with a jacket. An interesting option is to break a large pattern into several parts and place them on the neighboring nails.
  • Small flowers can be drawn a lot and on all nails. They can create the same pattern on each leg, or they can be scattered in a pretty mess. Choose!

chamomile jacket

Nail design with flowers is a great opportunity to diversify your manicure and add a good mood. Use different colors and shades, do not be afraid to dream and experiment, indulge yourself, and your nails will surely please you with a beautiful appearance.

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