Manicure winter 2014-2015

golden glitter design

It would seem that it is impossible to come up with anything new and interesting in manicure, because the fashion industry has shown absolutely everything. But this opinion is mistaken - both fashion trends and the products themselves are developing. There are varnishes with a variety of shades and effects, with long-lasting durability and hidden chimmers, winter manicure 2014-2015 is proof of this. Fashion trends make us strive to ensure that the nails always remain beautiful and well-groomed, while they can easily be made independently at home. Season 2014-2015 pleases with its restraint and naturalness, as well as brightness and diversity.

The most fashionable and popular variations of winter nail art 2014-2015

Nyud Manicure

Nude Nail Art

In the winter season 2014-1015 one of the main trends will be nails with a natural natural shade. Therefore, designers and celebrities prefer precisely the nail design in the style of Nyud. This choice is very simple to understand, because it gives the hands of fashionistas a neat and well-groomed look. A nude manicure is easily suited for any occasion, be it an ordinary working day at the office or a holiday party, and you can also do it yourself. Nud style does not require a large palette, just pick up any favorite tone. So that such nail art does not seem boring and monotonous, you can step by step add unobtrusive pictures or subtle gold accents on the nails.

Burgundy manicure

burgundy shade lacquer

Fashionable manicure in the winter of 2014-1015 will not do without a bright palette. This season one of the very fashionable colors was a deep and rich burgundy, which has a huge number of shades: tomato red, dark red, burgundy, bordering on black, burgundy. Red manicure almost always remains in fashion, but this season it is recommended to give preference to its dark tones.

Grayscale in Manicure

gray matte design

Gray color and its many shades also became relevant in the autumn-winter season of 2014-2015. With it, you can easily make an interesting and fashionable manicure for the winter. The choice of the palette is huge - from the color of wet asphalt to the color of concrete. On the nails, you can also make a gradient of gray varnishes, adding glitter to one nail. With this effect, nail design will become more unusual and interesting.

Moon manicure

moon nud french

The autumn-winter 2014-2015 season gave preference to the already familiar, but very interesting lunar manicure, which then disappears from fashion, then regains popularity. Winter manicure 2014-2015 in the form of a lunar variation is again relevant in the coming season. In the classic version, it is a red nail with a white base, resembling a half moon. However, fashion is not limited to the classic performance in the autumn-winter season. For example, the nail can be painted in a fashionable color nude, and the “moon” can be made with black lacquer. Another actual version of lunar nail design is geometric, the instruction for creating a “moon” in which it implies not a semicircle, but a triangle.

French manicure

bright french

French manicure for winter is still in fashion, albeit with some variations. Fashionable women who prefer this type of nail design can experiment with colors and design in the coming season, combining geometry with the most daring and unexpected shades.

Gold and sparkles - the trend of the season

golden glitter design

To create a luxurious and attractive manicure in winter, you can now safely use gold lacquer, glitter or rhinestones, as well as other "metallic" shades. At the same time, both the coating of the entire surface of the nail and the partial application of gold accents are in vogue. Particularly relevant in this season will be the nails of steel color. The scheme of their coverage echoes the gray manicure in fashion, but differs from it in the presence of steel luster.

Black - fashionable color for the most daring

black nail art

Fashionable winter 2014-2015 manicure is boldness and extravagance, because the stylists in the new fashion season offer to give preference not only to burgundy and gray, but also black color on the nails. What can you do not just black, but black with glitter or shimmer, if the matte shade seems not bright enough to complete the selected image.

Glitter and beauty with glitter

bluish-gray glitter nail art

Do you want to make everyday nail art unforgettable, festive? Add glitter to it. Fashion glitter varnishes released many famous brands. You can choose among the options with large or small, round and square, and even colored particles, added to the color or clear varnish. It can be applied in stages, for example, by choosing a pure color as the base and covering it on top with a colorless varnish with glitter.

Collection of varnishes in the season 2014-2015

Among the tools for manicure this winter should pay attention to such.

  • For example, Yves Saint Laurent offers a new collection called Leather Fetish, which focuses on varnishes with a “leather” texture. The brand Estee Lauder has released a collection of matt varnishes that have an original structure.
  • Dior preferred the classic lacquers, such as beige-gray, soft pink, corporate red and classic black.
  • Lucky from Chanel - this is a unique and unique shades with the exact combination of pigments.
  • Givenchy brand offers a collection in a metallic style, allowing women to create a star bright manicure.
  • Fashion houses Giorgio Armani and Lancome have released a series of varnishes, reminiscent of the color of precious and semi-precious stones.
  • But Zoya and Essie this season focused on pastel and delicate tones, which can fit even the most strict dress code. Of course, all of them can be applied by hand or entrusted to professional masters of the nail industry.

lacquers from Chanel

The coming season is a time of experiments, choose, combine and do not be afraid to be unique and bold.

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