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girl with bright sveg nails

If you consider yourself a bright and extravagant person, then swag manicure is created for you. The swag nails have become a novelty of 2014, but not many beauties know exactly what this sveg style means. This direction embodies the audacity, looseness, outrageous and ability to combine original and colorful colors and all sorts of ornaments. Let's take a closer look at this kind of nail art, like a swag manicure. The first. what should be noted is that the nails are decorated in the most vivid and unimaginable colors, another distinctive feature of the swag design is the presence of rich patterns and an abundance of all sorts of accessories.

The tools needed to create swag nails

Now we will acquaint you with a complete list of tools and materials needed to create such a manicure at home. The desired set is not very different from the set used, for any other type of manicure.

  • Manicure nippers. They will be needed to remove protruding burrs and unnecessary edges of the cuticle.
  • Nail file for natural nails. With this tool you can correct the irregularities of the nail bed and give it the correct shape.
  • Transparent base coat under varnish. You will need it in order to ensure the smoothness and evenness of the future design.
  • Set of multicolored varnishes. The number of shades used is unlimited.
  • Paint brushes for drawing. With their help, you will be able to design with interesting drawings.
  • You can take rhinestones, sequins, sequins, beads, bows, femo design, minx film with bright flashy ornament and other decorations. They will help you to create original nail art.
  • Transparent lacquer fixer. It will help secure your Sveg manicure.
  • Spray drying for varnish. It will become an indispensable tool when creating a complex design where many varnishes are used and drawings are present.
  • Nail polish remover. It will be needed in order to remove excess lacquer from the surface of the skin or correct inaccuracies of nail art.
  • Cotton swabs and wheels. With their help, you remove the flaws.


Such a simple set of tools will help you create a beautiful design at home. You can add to your list of accessories for nail art, if you have your own design ideas.

Design Ideas for Sveg Manicure

Swag manicure gives you a good field for the development of your imagination. You can carry out all the most unusual ideas, do not hesitate to look strange and stupid. Let's take a look at the most popular options for decorating your nails with sveg.

Cartoon characters

If you have loved Walt Disney cartoons since childhood, and are also fans of modern cartoons such as Spongebob, Hellow Kitty and others, you can draw all these bright characters on your nails. Heroes of such funny games as Angry Birds, Packman, Mario and others are not less popular, you can also decorate your sveg manicure with them.

manicure swag with angry birds

Space print

Also to yourself you can create a light manicure in the style of swag, using multi-colored shiny sand, small sequins and pebbles. With these accessories, you can create a semblance of a starry sky or galaxy.

space design

Romantic design

Romantic young ladies who love doll motifs can create an unusual swag manicure for themselves using delicate lacquer, bows, rhinestones, ribbons, sparkles, hearts, as well as stickers depicting cakes, chocolates and other pretty girlie gadgets.

romantic design with cakes

Animal print

Manicure sveg can not circumvent such a direction as Animale print. To create such a nail art, you can safely use the Minx film with an animal design, for example: a leopard skin, an unusual coloring. If you have good artistic skills, then you will be able to draw the faces or silhouettes of different animals, such as bears, cats, ducks, dogs, etc.

animal print

Logo Design

Modern women of fashion who love famous brands can decorate their nails with names of well-known brands - Chanel, Gucci, Prado, as well as sketched brands of their favorite cars - BMW, Mercedes, etc.

neyl art with inscriptions

Neon design

Swag manicure not so long ago attracted the use of neon lacquer to itself, thereby gaining popularity among beauties who love going to nightclubs and noisy night parties. You can create solid color sweg using one shade of neon varnish. Having got a little done, you will be able to make up your own nails, which look like an ombre neon manicure.

glowing neon varnish

We gave you just a few options on how to create a Sveg manicure. Arm yourself with your imagination, materials and start creating, because there can not be enough ideas for such bright nail art.

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