Manicure moon jacket

original design on the nails

Fashionable trends of modern manicure, oddly enough, more and more to the classics. But not so familiar to us, and executed in a new way. So, the classic French manicure has undergone a lot of metamorphosis, so that modern women could gladly demonstrate their well-groomed nails with a trendy design - a moon manicure, and in this case a moonlight jacket. So let's take a step by step how to make a moon jacket with your own hands.

Design and shape

The idea of ​​a moon jacket or a Hollywood manicure dates back to the last century, when a lacquer coating was applied to the middle of the nail, leaving unpainted part of the nail plate at the base, and the tip of the nail.

Moon manicure

Modern technologies allow combining several styles of performance, using different materials, forms, design and decorative elements. The moon coat manicure is characterized by a combined nail design, when two smiles are depicted on the nail plate: at the base and at the tips of the nail. The most winning combination of colors are contrasting shades. Lunar french gel polish allows you to achieve bright, saturated colors that do not lose their original appearance for a long time. A spectacular solution for contrasting design can be a few moons of contrasting colors, traced at the base of the nail.

double smile line in design

Do not forget that before choosing a moon jacket manicure, consider the outfit with which you will wear it. After all, a bright enough range can not always be in harmony with everyday clothing.

Lunar french shellac has another nuance. Such a design looks most advantageous on classic, elongated oval-shaped nails. Therefore, giving shape to the nail plate, try to make it rounded, repeating the contours of the moon.

original design

Technique perform moon jacket

Lunar jacket draws increased attention to the hands, so it is very important to correctly and correctly perform a classic manicure. Consider a detailed scheme of preparing hands for a moon manicure at home.

  1. We steam out the knobs in the bath with softening cosmetics, essential oils and sea salt.
  2. Carefully treat the cuticle area with nail scissors. Apply an emollient.
  3. Crop and file the nails, giving them a rounded shape.
  4. Smooth the surface of the nail plates with a nail file.
  5. Apply moisturizer for hands.
  6. Degrease marigold with nail polish remover and apply a base coat.
  7. Lunar french shellac involves the procedure of drying after each new layer of coating, otherwise the instructions for performing nail art will not differ from the standard one.
  8. Paint the nails with a touch of varnish selected to create a smile. Give the coating to dry. Step by step working through each nail.
  9. We have a stencil for the French manicure so that it covers the base of the nail bed, creating the notorious smile. Paint the nail the main color of manicure. Give the coating to dry.
  10. We apply the stencil to the tip of the nail, leaving it open (as with a standard French manicure), paint it with contrasting varnish. Give the coating to dry. Gradually repeat these steps until the final design of the nails.
  11. Apply fixative. Give the coating to dry.

As you can see, the technique of performing lunar French manicure is quite simple and will not cause difficulties in the independent execution.

creating fashion design

Fashion trends in the moon jacket

Clear instructions on the design of the nail plate, as such, no. The main condition is the harmony of the image and the contrasting combination of colors. Modern trends allow you to show imagination in the design of nails with decorative elements. Particularly popular moon coat gel varnish, decorated with sparkles, beads, rhinestones, glitter. Such elements will allow to give some solemnity to everyday design.

two models with bright nail art

Many stencils, which are commercially available, will help to give the moon French manicure a certain zest, creating an irregular shape of the hole and the tip of the nail: a triangle, a wavy cut.

a girl like a geisha

For those who do not have long nails, this design can visually shorten the nail plate. To avoid such an unnecessary effect, we advise you to draw smiles as thin as possible and give preference to light shades when choosing a primary color for a nail design.

rhinestones at the nail hole

When applying the French moon manicure yourself, do not overlook the following color combinations:

  • silver / golden and deep red;
  • black and white;
  • dark blue / black and gold / silver;
  • white and red;
  • purple and yellow.

Particularly advantageous is the combination of matte base with metal, shiny decorative elements.

Video: Moon polka dot manicure

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