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Let's talk about current problems, such as how to choose a fashionable manicure for the new year 2015 and how to properly manicure for a New Year's party at home? You have to think through every detail, especially on New Year's Eve! After all, an attractive appearance for any woman is the key to her success. That is why the fair sex on this day need to self-care for themselves, to provide everything from hairstyle to nails. Of course, at first you will find this all an insanely complicated option, but the closer to the new year, the more clearly you will understand that there is nothing better than a home beauty salon. The most important thing is to distribute all the procedures for preparing for the new year for 5 days. For example: five days before the holiday you make a face mask, four days before the new year, anti-cellulite massage, third day, facial treatment, second day before the holiday, foot baths and pedicure, and finally, the last day before the holiday, we are doing New Year's manicure. We will talk about the stylish New Year's manicure in our today's article.

Make your own manicure 2015 with your own hands, in general, it is not too difficult, even if you have never had to do this and you have always trusted a nail care professional before. But it is not the gods who burn the pots, and you must surely cope with this simple task!

Like any other thing, manicure for celebrating the new year 2015 requires a certain skill, a little effort and patience, and you also need clear instructions for a beautiful manicure, if you have one. After some time, you yourself will begin to act as a professional and not only in the new year, but also in everyday life. In addition, no one except you knows what suits you and more like it. You will be able with your own hands to show imagination and experiment, to invent new ideas. In general, it’s worth a try, and in this article we’ll tell you how to gradually, make yourself a beautiful manicure for the new year 2015, reveal secrets and share useful recommendations.

snowflakes on nails

Manicure for the new 2015, what tools and tools will be needed

Surely, once again coming to a manicure specialist, you had to pay attention to all sorts of tools and fixtures that are on his desktop. All sorts of nail files, scissors, shovels, sticks, tweezers and all this in different shapes, modifications and sizes. But most of all there are varnishes of various shades and colors, sparkles, rhinestones and other decorative elements. But here we must understand that the specialist in the design of nails takes about 15 people a day to the people, and for this reason his desktop and office are swamped with a huge number of devices, since the master must be ready for any abnormal situation.

nail art with santa claus
You will need to pick only those tools that you can step by step make a manicure for the celebration of the new year 2015 and no more. A huge amount of nail polish is also not required unless you are going to paint new pictures on your nails. As a rule, all the necessary tools to perform a good manicure are placed in a manicure set, which is sold in any professional store. So, you will need:

  1. Manicure scissors for trimming the cuticle and nails.
  2. Nippers - tweezers for cutting off excess burrs and skin.
  3. Nail file for shaping the nails.
  4. Nail file for polishing nail plates.
  5. Nail polish remover.
  6. Bath for hot water.
  7. Towel.
  8. Means for nutrition and strengthen nails.
  9. Lacquer base and lacquer fixer and a few more varnishes of different shades for nails.
  10. Means for the accelerated drying.

new year nail design

You may also need hand creams, scrubs for treating the keratinous part of the skin, napkins and cotton pads, printing stencils, decorative elements (glitter, rhinestones, beads), a wooden spatula, a brush and a pattern of the future drawing. Do not be scared. In such an impressive list, we have included almost everything you can use, but rather, you will need only half of the items listed above. We would like to draw your attention that everything is very individual here. Someone, for example, a manicure for the new 2015 is unthinkable without beads and rhinestones, but someone for himself considers this absolutely unacceptable.

Manicure for the new year 2015- creation instructions

Manicure for the new year 2015

  • Cleaning the nail plates. Before you start a New Year's manicure, you must first clean your nails from the elements of decor and remnants of the previous varnish, if any. To do this, you take a cotton swab and nail polish remover, preferably that does not contain acetone, harmful to the health of nails.
  • Shaping and polishing nails. After cleaning the nails, it is necessary to give a neat and beautiful shape. For this you need a file. They are wide or narrow, metal or glass - choose the one that you like best. As for the shape of the nail, here is a matter of taste. It is oval, round or square. The same can be said about the length. Someone wants to have short nails for the new year, because of their accuracy and practicality, and someone prefers to have long nails that can decorate and liberate it in moral terms.
  • So, you managed to achieve by your own efforts the desired shape and length of the nail plates. Carefully polish all this with a nail file.

blue and blue glitter design

  • Remove cuticles. We begin with the application of a special oil on the cuticle to soften it. We are waiting for the oil to be absorbed completely, then lower the hands in the bath with warm water. After some time, while the hands are in the water, you can peel off the skin with an ordinary scrub, and then proceed directly to removing the cuticle with a wooden stick, pushing it to the very bases of the nail plates. In principle, this manipulation is quite enough.
  • Deburring It is possible with the help of special nipper nippers and only after a very careful steaming. After the burrs are removed, it is necessary to disinfect the skin of the fingers with a solution of alcohol.
  • The final stage. Lubricate your hands with a nourishing or moisturizing cream and let it fully absorb, then proceed to the decoration of the nails and cover them with varnish.
  • Coating and decoration of nails. New Year's manicure 2015 suggests a huge number of options. Choose the one that you like the most, below we presented some fashionable ideas of New Year's nail art.

brown varnish with sparkles

Manicure for the new year 2015 - application steps

  1. It is necessary firstly to degrease the nails from the remnants of hand cream. To do this, wipe your hands with a cotton swab, with a degreased liquid applied to them.
  2. We put under manicure a basic basis. This technique you can protect the nail plate from yellowing. Give the base to dry completely.
  3. Choose a bottle of varnish, which you decide to paint your nails. The most fashionable shades of the year are the Goats or Sheep: green, blue, blue, brown and similar shades. Put the brush in the bottle and begin to wield it from the base of the nail. First apply a wide centerline, and then paint over the edges. For obtaining saturated and more intensive color, after the first layer, after a while we put the second layer.
  4. We apply a lacquer fixer that can significantly extend your manicure life and can protect it from scratches and chips.
  5. Prisushka varnish special spray-drying. Thanks to this varnish you will save precious time because it dries your nails in a matter of minutes.

green nail polish

Here is such a simple instruction on a stylish monochrome New Year's manicure in the year of the Goat and Sheep.

Ideas of New Year's manicure 2015

If you want to make a manicure for the new year 2015 with a more complex pattern or in French style, then you will need special stencils that will help you to make the New Year's manicure neat and smooth. The original option will be to decorate your nails with a picture of a cute lamb or goat, look for nail stickers all in the same professional store, and if you have good drawing skills, then arm yourself with brushes, paints, glitters or colored varnishes and rich imagination.

scheme to create a picture with a sheep

To draw a sheep fashionably in the form of a fluffy cute cloud with a tiny muzzle, a tail and paws. The ideas of the New Year's manicure do not end with the image of the New Year's symbol, you can paint on your nails another winter symbolism of this wonderful holiday, for example: tree, balls, candy, mittens, snowmen, wreaths, Santa Claus, snowflakes, deer, lanterns, fir branches and etc. Just remember that your manicure for the new 2015 should fit your image!

Video: creating a beautiful manicure for the new 2015 Goats and Sheep

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