Manicure for the new 2017 year

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Trendy manicure for the new 2017 year combines natural beauty and bold ideas. Modern women of fashion are preparing in advance for the possible whims of fashion for nailart. Changes are sometimes unpredictable, and can give an unexpected surprise. What kind of nail design to choose, so as not to be the stern of the trend in the new year?

in the year of the Fire Rooster

Manicure for the New Year's party

You should start your fascinating journey to the country of fashionable nail art by choosing the most successful marigold design for the New Year's party. After all, it is known how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Therefore, to enter the year of the Rooster must be fully armed.

trendy nail art

New Year's color nail design

The owner of 2017 according to the eastern calendar is the Fire Rooster, so for the holiday you should choose the following color schemes:

  • red-orange;
  • purple-maroon;
  • black and gold;
  • yellow-orange;
  • silvery maroon.

bright nail art

Remember that next year in the trend color identity color of varnish and lipstick. And do not choose animalistic prints, despite their popularity. The rooster does not like such combinations.

Fashionable nail art for New Year's Eve

In order to be the focus of the New Year's celebration, special attention should be paid to the design with various fashionable patterns:

  • Image of the symbol of the year. Drawing a rooster on the nails is quite difficult. Variants of drawing elements of the cock will be able to correct the situation. In addition, you can use special stickers or contact a professional master. It is easier to apply bright feathers with any contrasting varnish.
  • Santa Claus. Ideas for nail design for the holiday are amazing. This may be Santa Claus, snowmen, deer, a mountain of gifts and so on.


  • Stylized jacket. Classic French nail design can be decorated with a portrait of Santa on one finger with a special dots device. Dots- is a pointed stick with a ball at the tip. Even a beginner can execute 2017 New Year's manicure. To do this, you can decorate your nails with a picture of a simple Christmas tree and snowflakes.

beautiful french

  • Glitter and rhinestones. Fire Rooster loves all the shocking and bright. Therefore, you can safely choose for yourself the most brilliant options. Rhinestones or sparkles on the nails will not look vulgar, because the New Year is a celebration of miracles and magic.

holiday attributes

The simplest and most successful manicure for the new year 2017, decorated with serpentine and confetti. To do this, the lacquer coating should be applied only points of different colors and sizes, or twisted serpentine springs.

simple manicure

As you can see, the variations of fashionable nail art for the New Year party are quite diverse. From a huge variety of ideas, each fashionista will be able to choose the most acceptable types for himself.

Trend colors in manicure for the whole 2017

Having celebrated New Year's Eve, you will enter the New Year with dignity. In the nail art trend will be the following textures and colors:

fashion trend

  • All shades of white. From pearl to dull muted tone. White does not go out of fashion for several seasons. In addition, he will give tenderness to his fingers and bring back memories of a warm summer.
  • Red. The whole palette of this bold color, in combination with the same lipstick, boldly declares the determination and ambitions of his mistress.
  • Gray. From metallic to ash. Allowed any bright blotches to revitalize the image.
  • All shades of blue. In combination with the shadows of the same style, you will gain a reputation as a fashionable person.
  • Violet. This is one of the most soothing tones. It’s hard to imagine a retro style without this rich hue.
  • The black. Suitable as a standalone color, and as a basis for applying bright prints, sequins and rhinestones. Allows you to create a bright gothic image and saturate the other coloring on the nails.

popular colors

Manicure ideas for the whole 2017

Any woman wants to shine not only on holidays, but also in everyday life. Well-groomed female pens have long been the subject of admiration for attentive men. What variations of manicure to choose in the new year?

  • Ombre style. Gradient design does not go out of fashion for that season. Ombre is a smooth transition from one color to an arc. In this case, lacquers can be 2-3. For the fair sex, preferring delicate tones, suitable transitions of their pale pink and pale blue, and young beauties should choose a combination of yellow-red shades.


  • Glass manicure. Nail design in 2017 can be selected based on personal preferences. Brave young ladies have long chosen the nail art in the form of broken glass. A similar effect is created using a special holographic foil, which is cut into arbitrary pieces and glued to the nail. Such a mosaic can be created both on the whole surface and on a certain part of the plate.


  • Negative space. This type of nail design will go more on short nails. The principle of application is simple. The essence of this type lies in the fact that the plate marigold is covered not in full, but partially. The remaining uncoated parts look favorably against the backdrop of bright edging. Transparent you can make the picture itself: a heart, a rhombus, a triangle and various stripes. This kind of nail design is suitable for any event and will look harmonious with any outfit.

Negative space

  • Geometric option. The most fashionable manicure in 2017 involves the division of the nail bed into segments in the form of geometric shapes. At the same time, diamonds and rectangles can be of any size and be adjusted one upon another. The color of the coating may be the most incredible. It is possible to create geometric masterpieces with the help of a bright thin ribbon that separates the segments and remains as a fashionable element of decor. This is possible only with one proviso that the drawing is applied clearly and evenly.

geometric print

  • Stamping You probably noticed that at home applying a manicure takes a lot of time, and the result is not always happy. To solve this problem, there is a technique of stamping. It uses gel polish, which is applied to the finished drawing. It is sold as a canvas in a special set. Drawing can be both colorless, and color. As a result, you get the perfect ornate pattern without irregularities and stains.


  • Lunar option. Photos of the moon manicure have long collected fans all over the world. Neat and unusual, this type of nail art is not for nothing that occupies the first strips of ratings of successful varnish coating options. The principle of execution is that the moon is emphasized with a curved hole. Sometimes women of fashion transform the natural line of the moon, making it triangular or pointed. The coloring for this design option should be chosen on their own will and mood. It is better to choose matte or monochromatic tones, and leave mother-of-pearl for another occasion.


  • Fashionable French manicure. Color in the style of "jacket" has long won millions of female hearts. In 2017, it will be appropriate to complement the classic version of the application with a variety of drawings, modeling, rhinestones and beads. In the new year, it will be possible to combine a jacket with a moon view or with a glass color option.


  • Feng Shui. Remains in vogue and all long-known nail art Feng Shui. In this embodiment, it is customary to single out a nameless finger with a varnish of another color or texture. In this case, it stands out against the general background and draws attention to the owner of the marigold.

Feng Shui

Step by step execution of New Year's manicure with feathers

We offer you a step by step instructions for applying nail art on marigolds at home. For a manicure you will need:

  • milky nail polish;
  • peach shade lacquer;
  • colorless varnish;
  • stickers in the form of feathers;
  • tweezers;
  • sparkles;
  • lacquer fixer.


Pen design is performed according to the following scheme:


  1. Clean the surface of the marigold with a special cleanser.
  2. Apply a basic milky lacquer to the surface on unmarked and medium-sized marigolds. On all others, peach tone.
  3. Cut the stickers in the shape of feathers along the contour and with a pair of tweezers, lower them into water for 20 seconds.
  4. Apply clear lacquer to the dairy marigolds and glue the feathers soaked in water.
  5. Using a thin tassel, decorate the feathers with sparkles to taste.
  6. The remaining fingers can be decorated with small decorative stones.
  7. Cover the finished nail art fixer. Fashion manicure for the new 2017 is ready.

nails with feathers

In the transient rhythm of modern life, fashion dictates its own rules of appearance. The essential attributes of female beauty include hair, makeup, clothing, and certainly a manicure. In the new year, every lady has the power to choose for herself a suitable nail decor to stay in the trend of the season. The variety of colors and textures will help any woman to become irresistible and well-groomed, regardless of age, nail length and preferences in color.

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