Manicure fashion in 2014

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Beautiful well-groomed fingers of hands, a very sexy attribute in the image of a modern woman. If earlier the woman’s marigolds decorated the calm tones of lacquer, now you can see a riot of colors in the hands of the girls. All women of fashion closely follow all the trends of the season, bring them to life, absolutely not afraid of experiments. You ask what to expect from a manicure in 2014 !? 2014 also continues to delight the variety of colors, prints, texture combinations. You will be able to amaze others without feeling shy about your fantasies.

The most popular shades of lacquer in winter 2014

strawberry nails

Here you can safely use the whole range of colors. Pink, blue, lilac, orange, yellow, blue, neon shades, golden, silver and many others. All these colors will complement your Look in the new 2014.

Fight for naturalness - Nude manicure

nude nails

At the peak of popularity still remains the style of Nude. This manicure is not lost among the abundance of colors, but rather gains the sympathy of many girls. This manicure becomes a magic wand for fashionable lazy. And it will also help you to create a gentle and romantic image.

You can use all shades of beige and solid for such a manicure. A transparent lacquer in combination with a milky or pale pink will also help you to create a Nude style.

Call of nature - Animal style manicure

Manicure allows you to feel yourself "savage". You can create an original print of animal skin. The effect of snake skin, skin of a leopard, a zebra or a tiger, you can safely implement all this.

All shades of red

The classic of the genre is red nail polish. This color is still in trend. But in 2014, classic red takes on a slightly different tone. Wine, berry, bloody, cherry, fuchsias. And if you add to your image a lipstick to match the varnish, then you will become simply irresistible.

Dark tones

Black, eggplant, bitter chocolate, plum - colors are not inferior to fashion. They can be done with a hint of gloss or matte, which is important for the next year.

Ombre manicure

This technique has touched all directions. Ombre's manicure has become fashionable with smooth shades of shades. You can make it using bright juicy shades as well as calm bedding. Such a manicure is also available at home, thanks to the thermolaks, which you can find in the departments of professional cosmetics.

trendy nail art

Badges, pictures, letters, lace, crystals, spikes, beads in manicure - fashion trend 2014

If you like unusual combinations and are distinguished by creativity, then this manicure is perfect for you. You can decorate your nails with unusual icons, symbolic signs, create an interesting composition of rhinestones, beads. It is possible to create a very audacious image using spikes. Flight of fantasy with such material is not limited. Immerse yourself in childhood by placing on the nails a drawing of a character. Or vice versa to give romance to your image by attaching lace.

painted nails

Peas on nails in winter manicure 2014

In this manicure you can experiment with the color, size and shape of the peas. With the help of this ornament you will achieve a very relevant image.

Striped flight - winter trend in manicure 2014

yellow stripes

Strip does not go out of fashion. It can be placed as you like, horizontally, vertically, diagonally. Be thick, thin, different color or monotonous. All this will look relevant and fashionable.

Glitter metal - manicure 2014

metallic luster
Metallic colors of nail art are gaining popularity. Be it steel, copper, bronze, gold, platinum or silver. All these shades give charm and luxury. And it is also advantageous to set off the decorations on your hands.

Denim on the nails - fashionable color manicure 2014

Blue jeans win a lot of sympathy. The original solution for girls who prefer the style of casual.

denim nails

Lunar manicure and classic French trend of winter 2014

French won the women back in 1976. French owes his appearance to Jeff Pink. If earlier the service jacket was a classic and was performed in strict calm tones, now everything has changed. The manicure has become symmetrical, and the colors are unsuited. But soon this innovation was not enough, the lunar manicure replaced the jacket. Where cantik found at the cuticle, and not at the edge of the nail. For such a manicure, only oval or almond-shaped nails are suitable. In 2014, colors for the top of the moon manicure are better to choose dark colors, blue, plum, black, chocolate, and make the area of ​​the cuticle light. Fashionable colors for kata are silvery, gold, bronze, metallic.

moon french

Caviar-fashionable eggs in manicure 2014

nails with caviar

More recently, such a manicure was performed only in black color, since the essence of it came from the name "black caviar", now the color range of pebbles for this manicure pleases with its diversity. One nuance of this manicure is if you want to make a manicure gentle and light, then make caviar covering on one finger.

colorful caviar

Velvet matte nail cover- a trend in manicure 2014

This type of manicure will create an elegant and elegant look. The only thing is that in order for the matt varnish to be a decoration for your hands, you need to take care of the smooth and even surface of the nails. He will also be more attractive to owners of short nails. Matte manicure shades can be used completely different, ranging from red to gray.

nail icons

Fashion nail shape in 2014

Natural forms will prevail in 2014, pushing back a fashionable square not so long ago. These nails are recognized as the standard of femininity.

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