Manicure fall 2014

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Manicure autumn 2014 gives modern women of fashion a variety of options for stylish nail design, which can be successfully repeated on your own at home. Fashion shows presented a fairly extensive palette of colors, design ideas in the design of nails, so that every girl can choose a fashionable autumn manicure in 2014. So, what should you pay attention to this fall, doing a manicure yourself?

Trendy and popular colors in Autumn Nail Art 2014


manicure autumn 2014 in green

Deep, dark, emerald green manicure shades have become the leading note at the shows Ralph Lauren, Trussardi, Dsquared2. The rich shade of green goes well with ocher, deep purple, emerald, deep blue outfits. Proper combination of several shades in nail art is welcomed. The scheme of drawing varies from monophonic execution to lunar or color French manicure.


gray nail polish

From deep smoky to melange color, gray dominated the podium shows of Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld. Gray proved its versatility: it was in perfect harmony with both the main color of the manicure and the bright accent with other shades. Especially good on well-groomed nails look metallic colors: shiny metallic silver and brushed aluminum. This neil design is especially good for office meetings. For evening exits, an excellent solution can be - decorating gray nails with bright patches of glitter or patterned patterns. Step by step, work each nail with the chosen decor and you will see for yourself how your everyday manicure will change.


burgundy nail polish

Already that season the color of burgundy is not inferior to its place on the fashionable Olympus. Rich red-purple color is a trend of fashion collections of Chanel, Donna Karan, Kenzo. And it is unlikely that you will be able to find two identical options for the design of nails. Fashionable shade is presented from wine to bright color sangria. The application technique also differed in variety: from the usual French manicure to the lunar, ombre and nail art.


varnish of ocher color in autumn manicure 2014

Deep yellow autumn manicure 2014 - what could be better for parting with the warm summer and meeting the golden autumn? Please note that autumn yellow is very different from the summer version. It should be away to remove the bright, bright, canary shades. Choose the classic yellow, tending to yellow-brown or yellow-green color. Do not be afraid to combine it with gold elements. In general, the manicure fall-winter 2014-2015, to metallic colors and textures. This applies to both nail design and the whole image.


cobalt color coatings

Deep blue color is ideal for those who want a stylish manicure for the autumn-winter 2014-2015, because famous designers do not get tired to create fashionable outfits in this luxurious color. Especially popular in the design of nails used blue shiny sand, which is in harmony with the main color of the dress. Glossy shades that adore dark blue are welcome.


manicure nude fall 2014

Fashionable manicure in pastel colors is also at the peak of its popularity. Perhaps one of the few that is appropriate in any situation. Well-groomed nails, covered with pastel-colored varnish, look really elegant and refined. This nail art allows you to experiment with decoration. For festive events, decorations made of beads or patterned drawings will be relevant. The combination of several shades of a pastel scale in one manicure is welcomed.

Black and white

black and white nail art

Contrast manicure autumn 2014 - trend fashion shows Gucci, Cerutti, Ferragamo. A popular solution was the use of several characteristic patterns for nail design. The created black and white extravaganza looked great on beautiful nails. But it is worth being careful in applying such a design of nails in black and white style, because for the integrity of the image you will need to be restrained in the choice of attire. Fashionable instruction considers the perfect combination: plain dresses of pastel tones, black, white, blue and gray.

Design and shape in the autumn nail art 2014

  • Trendy manicure fall 2014 to the neat, rather short nails of the classic rectangular or oval shape. To become an icon of style, you should avoid long accrued nails, stylets, an abundance of decorative elements.
  • Classic French manicure has long undergone a lot of metamorphosis and is actively used in the design of nails of various shades. Contrast color combinations are the most popular: white and black, dark blue with silver metallic, black with gold, purple with yellow. Choosing shades from the fashionable colors of the current season, combining options, gradually drawing the details of nail design, you can achieve a unique manicure, worthy of the cover of fashion gloss.
  • Particularly relevant is the moon manicure in dark or contrasting black and white.
  • With the decoration of nails decorative elements should be restrained. The abundance of sparkles, rhinestones, screaming drawings - is considered bad form. Choose one nail, where show all your artistic talents - this will be quite enough. Prefer monophonic manicure, with a few decorative inlays: smiles, patterns, ornaments.

pink and gray design

Do not forget about the classic hand care! No matter how skillful and skillful execution your manicure would possess, but untidy nails will spoil any design. Believe me, it is better to have tidy nails with a colorless varnish than nail art, made according to all the canons of modern trends, but on uncleaned hands.

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