Magnetic nail polish

magnetic nail art

Magnetic nail polish is an opportunity to make a trend manicure at home. He appeared recently, but has already gained popularity among lovers to decorate their nails with unusual and bold coatings.

Details about the innovation

The phrase “varnish with a magnet” is puzzling to those who are still unfamiliar with it. In the mind, associations with iron or fridge magnets come up. In part, this is the case, because the effect of this coverage is based on the laws of physics.

Manufacturers of magnetic discovery (“discovery” owned by the British firm “Nails Inc”) came up with the addition of metallic microparticles, which, under the action of an outside (magnetic attraction), are arranged in a predetermined pattern.

brand Golden Rose

As a result, literally before our eyes, magnetic nail polish creates a voluminous, holographic coating on the nail with an unusual image. And this miracle is created in seconds.

How to apply the tool with your own hands

Some girls think that applying nail polish with a magnet is a very difficult thing. In fact, using this tool is not more difficult than usual. The main thing is to do everything as the instruction requires, and you are guaranteed an excellent result.

Magnetic coating scheme

To create a magnetic manicure with your own hands, you will need:

design execution scheme

  • magnetic nail polish with colors of your choice;
  • magnet;
  • nail polish remover (remover);
  • basis under a varnish;
  • cotton sponge;
  • finish coat.

Before the procedure, all these tools are located within the reach of your hand.

How to gradually make a magnetic manicure

  1. To degrease the nail plate. To do this, wet the cotton sponge in nail polish remover and rub the nail.
  2. Apply the base under the magnetic coating.
  3. Open the tool, get a brush and cover the first nail. Since a lacquer with a magnet can have a thick consistency, you must first make 1 thin layer, then (a little later) second.
  4. Bring the form with a magnet to one painted nail (this varnish is not applied immediately to all the nails, but in turn), hold for 15 seconds and you can proceed to the next nail.
  5. When the work is completed, cover with fixer. However, some do not advise to do this, so you should focus on the instructions to varnish. Finishing agent is applied only on completely dried coating, otherwise the 3D effect is not obtained.

golden brown design

The fourth item requires detail. First, the magnet should be brought when the varnish is still “alive” (not frozen). Secondly, it should not come into contact with the coating - keep the magnetic form at a distance of 5 mm from the nail, otherwise it will be smeared and then you will be able to forget about the creative manicure. Thirdly, if this happened, then remove the coating with a usual remover and repaint the nail, and remove the magnet from the lacquer by the same means. Fifthly, if you want to get a non-standard version of the pattern, “play” with the placement of the magnet: to get a different image, the magnet can be applied to the nail at a different angle.

How much does the coating hold and how to remove it?

Magnetic lacquer lasts as much as ordinary enamel - up to 5-7 days. It is removed as easily, independently, at home. To do this, each nail is treated with a cotton sponge soaked in a remuver.

Lacquer palette and design

Initially, when these cosmetic materials for the nail art just appeared, they had few flowers. These were mainly gray, purple, brown and gold tones. With the increasing popularity of magnetic manicure expanded palette. Today you can choose absolutely any color based on personal preferences.

brand Dance Legend

The main thing in these creative varnishes is their drawings, which are reproduced by the reaction of metal particles to attraction. Depending on the type of magnet, a star, zigzags and stripes can be reproduced on the surface of the marigold. And the latter will line up horizontally, vertically or diagonally, depending on how you place the magnet above the nail.

Cost and brand


Magnetic varnish has a very affordable price, which makes it affordable for any girl. On average, its price ranges from 100-250 rubles. At the same time, the quality of the cosmetic itself does not depend on the price; here, the main thing is to choose proven brands.

For example, the Avon brand is very popular. Their line of magnetic varnishes called “Magnet Magnet” from the 2013 catalog pleased all fans of the brand and exclusive manicures very much. It is made up of 6 different colors, and the cost of one bottle does not exceed 200 rubles. For those who want to get not only bright, but also an exclusive manicure, magnetic spatulas with 3 different patterns are offered. Having bought such a set once, you can experiment with different positions of the scapula, achieving any possible variations of the pattern.

interesting design

Advice from the Avon Masters. If you want to get nails with a holographic effect (voluminous, deep), then the magnet needs to be brought not immediately after the nail is covered with this cosmetic, but after 10-15 seconds. Then the metal particles simply do not have time to line up in a given position, and will be placed in a random order - this will create a three-dimensional effect.

Golden rose

Neil covers the world famous brand Golden Rose are also in demand. Girls celebrate several of their advantages: a variety of colors, affordable price, ease of use. Due to this, the magnetic manicure can be updated as often as you want.

dance legend top magnetic

Lucky Golden Rose fit well and dry quickly. After using the magnet on the nails, a spectacular, three-dimensional manicure appears. However, some clients note and disadvantages - this is a short term socks varnish. Somewhere on the 3rd day of the coating, starting from the tips of the nails, it reads off.

Need practice

silver design

Many girls complain that they can not achieve the effect that a magnetic manicure should have. This usually happens for the first time working with varnish. Some can not properly apply layers of varnish, others do not get how to keep the magnet at an optimal distance from the nail. As a result, disappointment comes and the thought comes that it is impossible to work with magnetic varnish. But in this case you need to "fill your hand", then for the 3rd time you will receive the coveted manicure. The main thing is to be patient and step by step follow the application instructions.

Video: creating a manicure with magnetic varnish

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