Lunar manicure at home - step by step master class

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Lunar manicure or french opposite - the last fashion of several seasons. The original performance of the seemingly classic nail art was clearly liked by the fashionistas of the whole world. He looks very effectively on the nails, which makes him a frequent visitor both on the red carpet and in everyday life. How to make a moon manicure at home - then, in our review.

As a rule, this technique is performed in two contrasting colors, combining white and red, black and gold, dark and light shades. The scheme of applying varnish involves staining the hole at the base of the nails with one color and the rest of the nail plate with another. So we get an elegantly delineated crescent at the base of the nail.

We do moon manicure at home - step by step scheme

Before you understand in detail how to do moon manicure yourself, it is worthwhile to dwell on the classic hand care. You should not neglect the standard procedure of manicure. Whatever a stunning design or nail design you would not choose, it will not give the desired effect without neat and tidy nails. Therefore, we start with the classic step by step instructions:

Photo design instructions

  1. Remove from the nail plate the remnants of the previous varnish.
  2. We steam out the hands in the bath with essential oils and sea salt. This will help give a soft and velvety skin, and you will give a wonderful mood.
  3. Treat the cuticle with an emollient. Shift it with a spatula to the base of the marigold, cut off excess manicure scissors.
  4. Shorten the marigolds, giving the desired shape with a glass nail file.
  5. We remove the irregularities of the nail plate with the help of a file for grinding. Step by step process each nail.
  6. Apply moisturizer for hands, do self-massage of palms.
  7. We cover the nails with a strengthening base.

Getting down to nail design

First you need to decide on the colors that you are going to use for the nail design, for example, it will be white and red. Performing a moon manicure at home, and not having sufficient skills to paint on the nails, it is advisable to purchase stickers for the moon manicure in advance.

  1. So, depending on what kind of varnish we will paint the hole of the nail bed - the one we put first. Give the basis of a good dry.
  2. Now it is time to use the prepared stencils. Stickers are not placed as in the classic French manicure, but at the base of the marigold, covering the area that will not be painted. At the same time, both standard stencil placement and the reverse are allowed.
  3. The open part of the nail plate is covered with a second, contrasting color. Remove the stencil should be carefully, so as not to smear the varnish and not violate a clear transition between shades.
  4. We give the coating to dry and, as a finishing touch, we cover it with a transparent fixative.

moon manicure in brown tones

One of the variants of the design of nail design provides for a lunar design to combine with the French. Then the area at the base of the nail and its tip are drawn in one direction. This design visually shortens the nail plate, so the lunar design on short nails is preferably not combined with other elements.

In general, the history of lunar nail design is rooted back in the 20s of the last century, when for the first time red and pink varnishes appeared on fashion stalls. Then the technique of execution was a little different from the modern one and meant varnishing only the middle of the nails, without coloring the hole at the base and the tip.

Over time, the pattern of varnish has undergone a lot of metamorphosis, so that modern women of fashion have accumulated a lot of interesting ideas in the arsenal. About this below.

yellow moon manicure

Fashion trends manicure

  • Lunar manicure 2014 offers bright combinations of colors, while the more contrasting shades, the more impressive and stylish it looks.
  • Classic is considered the performance in white and black. Hollywood moon manicure prefers a tandem of a gold or silver smile with dark shades of lacquers: blue, plum, black.

black and gray nail polish

  • As a rule, saturated, thick, deep colors are chosen for the basic tone. The combination of opaque and metal varnishes is welcomed.
  • To place accents on some nails, use decorative elements: drawings, rhinestones, beads, stickers. But here the main thing is not to overdo it, because the moon nail art itself attracts attention to itself.

polka dot design

  • On short nails, it is preferable to do in light colors, and the smile should be as small as possible, preferably, to repeat the cuticle shape.
  • There are not only smooth lines in the image of a smile. Increasingly, design solutions take a graphic form, the drawing of the hole is depicted of a triangular and rectangular shape.

triangular lines in design

  • Double lunar manicure - squeak this season. And it is combined not only with a jacket, but also offers a double, triple drawing of the nail hole, which creates an inimitable effect on the nails.
  • The design options are interesting when the nail hole is covered with colorless varnish, and along the line of the pattern is decorated with sequins or rhinestones that contrast with the main color of the varnish.

two shades of nail polish

As we can see, there are no specific taboos in the performance of the lunar nail art. Allowed any solution that will show you your imagination! The main thing is that the final result should be harmonious and correspond to your whole look.

Video: creating a moon manicure at home

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