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In 2010, thanks to the company Formula Profi, a new nail-technology of building up appeared - for liquid tips. After the release of the novelty, almost 5 years have passed, but many craftsmen and customers do not know that there is nail extension for liquid tips, which has many advantages. If you are one of them, we are in a hurry to tell you about this yet new innovation.

What are liquid nail tips?

Before you figure out what liquid nail tips are, it is worth noting that a little earlier, the same company developed a similar technology — the top forms, which you probably heard about. The similarity of technology in the lining used for modeling - they are also made of durable plastic and resemble tips in appearance. The master forms the future substrate, putting the gel in a plastic blank, and then fixes it on the nail. The material in the process of polymerization in the UV lamp freezes and the cover is removed. Next, the process of creating an artificial plate goes according to the classical scheme. Why was the novelty so named? It's simple, because in the work of the master uses the gel, and it is a liquid material. Nail extension with liquid tips has a lot of advantages, about them further.

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Advantages and disadvantages of liquid tips

Undoubtedly, the new technology can not be a substitute for the classics. And if you are a master, accustomed to working on the lower forms, you will hardly be able to appreciate this novelty. But for beginners and for masters who prefer to work with substrates, nails on liquid tips will be a worthy alternative. It has the following advantages:

  • It is simpler to substitute a plastic overlay on a natural nail, than a usual substrate.
  • If you buy liquid nail tips for nail extension, you can save on purchasing disposable substrates and glue for them, since these blanks are reusable. Their minimum lifespan is 2 years.
  • The technology allows to achieve a neat and natural result, especially when creating an arched french thanks to the marks for the smile line.
  • Building nails with liquid tips makes it possible to reduce the wizard’s work time: you don’t need to glue the backing sheet, file it, adjust the size.
  • When creating an artificial plate, no glue is used, the substrate is made of gel and fixed on the nail with the help of the same material.
  • The method is suitable for working with problematic nails (trapezoid and spring-shaped). In addition, it allows you to work with plates without a free edge, when it is impossible to substitute the lower form.
  • The method allows nail masters to perform complex 3D designs, lay out the aquarium design so that not a single decorative element goes into sawdust.

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But the method is not without flaws:

  • On the wide nail plate pick up the pad can be problematic. Difficulties often arise when modeling the nails on the thumbs. Professionals advise using this technique on 8 thin fingers and resorting to the classical method when laying out the material on the thumbs. Even such a combination of techniques will do the job faster.
  • It is difficult to build the correct architecture of the nails with the lining - they turn out to be “pecking”.
  • Without a turning lamp, not all masters get a good shape, as a result, the gel flows onto the side rollers, detachments occur.
  • Such forms as pipe, age or stylet will be impossible to make using technology.

aquarium design process

Differences of liquid tips and upper forms

We have already said about the similarity of technologies, let's note their differences, and they are significant:

  • Liquid nail tips for nails imply the use of gel, while the upper forms involve working with acrylic, although it is possible to use both of these materials in both technologies, but this is not the case with all nail masters.
  • The blank according to the new method is superimposed on 2/3 of the marigold, while the upper form completely covers the entire plate.
  • When removing the top form, the finished glossy surface of the artificial plate is obtained, which does not require additional processing, whereas the formed substrate must also be covered with gel.

How to use liquid tips?

Instructions on the use of plastic linings are very simple and reviews confirm that even beginners can really master this technique. So, step by step diagram of the modeling of nails with their help looks like this:

  1. Traditional preparation of marigolds: their surface is cleaned, polished, the cuticle is processed, a degreaser and primer are applied to the plates.
  2. Then you need to choose pads that fit each finger.
  3. The gel is laid out in the blank, the future substrate is formed.
  4. After that, the plastic blank is applied to the nail and the hand is sent under the lamp for 10 seconds.
  5. After the time the material freezes, the pad is removed. On the nail remains a substrate made of gel.
  6. Then the professional needs to form a stress zone and dry the result in the lamp for 3 minutes. The adhesive layer is removed with a special liquid.
  7. With the help of a saw, the shape of the free edge is modeled.
  8. The final step is the application of top gel without a sticky layer, which is dried under a UV lamp for 2 minutes.

blank pattern

It will be easier for the master to work with the forms in the presence of a double-sided UV lamp, then he will be able to maintain the pad and the result will be more accurate.

Where to buy liquid tips?

If you want to learn a new method, it will not be difficult to buy liquid nail tips for nail extension. On the website of the company Formula Profi you can purchase a set of liquid tips, which includes 50 plastic linings. Its cost is about 1600 rubles. And you can buy a full set of materials, which includes everything you need for the wizard: a set of liquid tips, gel and primer. The price of such a set of 4000 rubles. In addition to the manufacturer’s website, this product is sold in many online stores, but the price will be higher, a pack of 50 forms on average will cost you 2500 rubles, and a full set for work will start at 6000 rubles.

materials from the company Formula Profi

The new technique allows the nail master to do the job faster, while spending less materials. It is versatile and easy to learn. What do you think about this? We are waiting for your comments and feedback at the end of the article.

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