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New techniques of nail art never cease to amaze. Talented masters of nail service are able to make a unique design using traditional nail materials. So, the gel, which is used to simulate an artificial plate, can create liquid stones on the nails that look like sapphires, emeralds or rubies. We will acquaint you with this technique closer, tell you how to make liquid stones on the nails yourself, show beautiful photos and fascinating videos.

About Nail Technology Liquid Stones

Manicure "liquid stones" was coined by Russian nail master Ekaterina Miroshnichenko in 2013. Ekaterina Miroshnichenko is the main technologist of E.MI. She also invented technology "gold casting", serving as a wonderful addition to imitation of natural minerals on the nails. A simple technique for the execution of liquid stones for nails was quickly appreciated by both masters and clients. Today such design is performed by nail masters all over the world.

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What is this technology? As we have already noted, in the process of creating a pebble an ordinary gel is used. Neither rhinestones, nor even natural minerals go into business. The result is very realistic, but easy to use, which is impossible when using real stones for the design. Manicure "liquid stones" can be performed only on gel nails, acrylic is not suitable for this technology. To create a semblance of a precious mineral, the master makes a substrate of shiny foil on the nail, and spreads a colored gel in the form of a drop on top. After the material is polymerized, a luxurious decoration appears on the nail. To make the pebble look even more pompous, an edging is made around it using the casting technique.

Advantages of liquid stones

Casting and liquid stones in symbiosis give a spectacular result that will appeal to even the most sophisticated fashionistas and girls who try on a lot of their designs. Technique Catherine Miroshnichenko has several advantages:

  • Liquid stones for nails allow you to become the owner of a unique and unique design, as the stone itself can be formed by a master in any color and any size. You can perform a design that blends harmoniously with any outfit.
  • Liquid stone manicure is performed using safe materials.
  • And casting and liquid stones are simple techniques that even beginners can master. If you wish, you can learn to perform such a design with your own hands at home, and the materials for nail art will require a minimum.
  • This manicure will be durable, imitation of precious stones will please the eye until the next correction.

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We will tell you how to design nails with liquid stones and what is required for this.

We carry out manicure with liquid stones

In order for your pens to decorate the design of nails with liquid stones, you need to acquire the following materials and tools:

  • Transparent gel for building.
  • Gold or silver manicure foil to create a stone cut.
  • Black and white gel paint, thin brush for their application.
  • Brilliant gel paint in silver and gold or holographic transfer foil.
  • Pigments for coloring the gel in the desired color.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Degreaser for removing sticky layer of materials.

beautiful nail art with artificial stone

All these materials can be bought in specialized stores for nail art or ordered online. Their cost is affordable, for example, the price of a foil is about 40 rubles, a bottle of gel-paint will cost approximately 450 rubles and can be used to create a variety of designs. You can purchase materials from E.MI, designed specifically for manicure using this technology, or you can use gel paint and other materials from other manufacturers.

Step-by-step diagram of the creation of liquid stones

Before creating liquid stones on the nails, it is necessary to build artificial plates gel. We would like to note once again that this technique cannot be used on natural marigolds. The build-up can be colored gels, but most often laid out french. On the classic background of French manicure, precious stones look the most advantageous. Then the step-by-step instruction for creating the similarity of precious stones on nails looks like this:

  1. Make a cut in the technique of casting. Of course, you can do without cutting and maybe it will not be necessary for your design, but the author of the technique intended this way. The border is drawn in black gel paint. You can use a black gel, but the paint will not spread and it will be easier for her to paint. The cut can be of any shape: square, oval, circle.
  2. Then, if you used E.MI Black Tulip Gel Paint, the paint needs to be baked in the lamp for one and a half minutes.
  3. Take a piece of translated gold foil and print it on top of the cut. In order for the golden coating to imprint evenly, you need to make 3-4 pro-waving movements.
  4. If you are making a substrate of holographic foil, first apply white gel-paint to the place of the future pebble. Alternatively, this area can be covered with glitter gel paint. We cure the material in the lamp.
  5. Now we form the stone itself. To do this, you need a sculptural gel, which is given the desired shade by adding a pigment for the gel or ordinary stained glass paints. The pigment can be stirred evenly, and you can leave light streaks, it will give the stone a depth and additional volume.
  6. We collect a drop of the colored gel with a brush and place it inside the cut. We cure in the lamp for about 5 minutes.
  7. Remove the dispersion layer from the nail with a degreaser.
  8. The final step is to cover the nails with top gel without a sticky layer.

scheme of creating a design with stones

You can complement the design with Swarovski crystals or lay out their faceting. With care you need to use sparkles, golden threads and glitters, because even one pebble will look self-sufficient. In such a nail art it is important not to overload the nails with glitter and not to shift the focus from the pebble to other shining elements. Do you like a manicure with liquid stones? Leave your opinion in the comments under the article.

Video: How to make a manicure with liquid stones

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