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The beauty of female legs should not be overshadowed by any manifestation of neglect. Ladies first of all try to pay attention to the feet, because it is there that the skin dries out most and is covered with a grid of cracks. Unpleasant problems will help solve the liquid blade for a pedicure. What is this tool, and how best to use it, learn from this material.

What is a liquid blade preparation?

Unedged manicure is becoming increasingly popular because of its painlessness and safety. As a result, the method develops: on its basis new techniques and tools appear. Liquid blade for manicure and pedicure is one of the novelties of the series of cosmetic products for skin care. New-fashioned tool is designed to perform the European or acidic type of pedicure.

Due to the fact that there are fruit acids in the product, the exfoliation process occurs under their influence. This means that it is not necessary to use piercing objects during the procedure. The result of the use of drugs of this type persists for 2-3 weeks after. Their use is possible on a permanent basis, since they do not cause any addiction.

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Indications for use of a liquid blade

Pedicure tool "liquid blade"- multifunctional. It solves a variety of problems that are associated with nails and leg covers. The method is shown in such situations:

  • if there were corns and calluses on the feet, the heels were cracked, and the epidermis became dry and sluggish;
  • with the appearance of fungal diseases and ingrown nails;
  • in case of problem skin due to high blood sugar levels;
  • with a lack of free time and extra money, since the price of the package is lower than one trip to the salon, and its volume is designed for a variety of procedures.

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The use of the acid method of care will allow your feet to always remain well-groomed and beautiful. If you have any difficulties in the process, we recommend to watch the training video, which is located below, which describes in detail the instructions for performing a fashionable pedicure.

Advantages and disadvantages of an acid pedicure

According to the instructions and reviews, no cutting objects are needed. This procedure ensures sterility and protects against injury. Fluids for a pedicure have several advantages:

  • fruit acids do not cause any harm to delicate young skin, acting only on the upper, keratinized particles;
  • use is possible at any state of health;
  • you save money, since no additional tools are required;
  • the procedure is painless, without discomfort;
  • use is possible both at home and in a beauty salon;
  • one bottle stored for about a year;
  • the result is guaranteed: after the application, the legs will be immaculate;
  • ease of use.

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Important! This unique tool has no flaws. Carrying out such a manipulation is very useful for updating covers. In terms of efficiency, it is equated to edged care technology, and even surpasses it in many ways.

The best options for drugs

On the market of cosmetic products can be found blade options from different manufacturers. Leaders are such means:

  • Domix green- is a professional cosmetics made in Russia, developed directly for the care of hands and feet. In addition to the main components, it contains natural oils and other care products. The entire product line is hypoallergenic. Domix blades have gained popularity due to the ability to quickly and painlessly remove the most neglected natoptysh. The cost of a 200 ml bottle is about 500 rubles. This volume is usually enough for 40-60 times of use.

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  • Expert Pharma by Faberlic. Ease of use + high quality. Faberlik care product effectively removes keratinized skin without damaging young integuments. Remember! Customer reviews say that with its help it is better to carry out systematic care, as in advanced cases its effectiveness decreases. The price of the question is 200 rubles.


Special pedicure socks

Some cosmetic companies recommend using special socks. They are made of polyethylene, in appearance resemble bags, inside of which a softening acid composition is placed. The use of socks is simple:

  1. put on socks on previously washed feet;
  2. leave them on their feet for 10-15 minutes,
  3. after a couple of hours, take off your socks and wash your feet.

The skin will continue to recede for another couple of weeks, until the entire coarsened layer is gone. The method is not suitable for those who are configured for instant results.

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Special SOSU Japanese socks won popularity.

Instructions for use of the liquid blade at home

Many ladies prefer to care for their own feet. If you also consider yourself to be one of them, then you should study the care instructions.

Important! Before starting the procedure, be sure to inspect the covers on the feet. If wounds or scratches are found, set aside a pedicure.

If there is no unhealed damage, prepare everything you need:

  • towel;
  • bath with warm water;
  • cellophane;
  • cotton pads;
  • protective gloves for hands.


Now we will analyze how to use a liquid blade at home:

  1. Immerse your limbs in warm (closer to hot) water.
  2. Wipe them off with a towel.
  3. Wear gloves and apply a disinfectant to the entire surface.
  4. Squeeze a little acid cream onto the surface of a cotton pad, and then cover them with problem areas on the legs.
  5. Wrap your legs in cellophane. The composition should be kept on foot for about 10 minutes, or exactly as much time as indicated in the instructions.
  6. Remove the film, massage the foot, not removing gloves from hands. As a result of your movements, old skin gradually rolls down. To remove residual epithelium, you can use pumice, performing light movements in a circle.
  7. Disinfect the legs.
  8. Apply to their surface a nourishing cream.


Precautionary measures

When carrying out manipulation with a liquid blade at home, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Avoid contact of open skin with hands. Use rubber or latex gloves for care.
  • You can not perederzhivat cream on his feet. If the natoptysh did not leave, then over time you need to repeat the procedure, but in no case can you extend the first one.
  • You can not mix several different means. Each must be used separately.

Important! Do not touch your eyes when working with makeup. This can lead to blindness.

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Liquid Blade Reviews

The real customer feedback on the use of the product is mostly positive.

  • Maria is 35 years old. For the first time I tried the procedure in the cabin. The master explained where you can buy the composition and how to carry out the procedure. Now I use on an ongoing basis. The tool perfectly exfoliates old skin, and the effect will be noticeable after the first application.
  • Olga is 28 years old. For my pocket, the cost is high, but the effect fully justifies it. The first time I bought a bottle 6 months ago, but the drug is not over yet. I use only once, and then the whole two weeks skin, like a baby. At first, it burned a little, but now I do not feel any discomfort.
  • Irina is 41 years old. I ordered a drug from faberlic (order code 2113) for the sample. Not a bit sorry, since only 15 minutes and the legs are well-groomed and beautiful, and before that I spent a lot of time and money on salons.

Any young lady can easily apply this composition at home. Safety of use and excellent results have made the drug an actual novelty of the beauty industry.

Video: Applying a liquid blade to a pedicure

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