Lac el corazon - decorative manicure and healing coating

nails painted el arazone

El Corazon has been known since the beginning of the 90s, when it first introduced its decorative cosmetics to the world. Its first products became popular and liked to buyers. To date, the company offers a huge selection of decorative cosmetics, including coatings for nails. The priority of the company is quality, environmental friendliness and lack of harm to health. That gel varnish el corazon is designed not only to create a decorative coating, but also for the treatment and restoration of the nail plate.

What is el corazon gel polish?

El Korzon nail polish is a generally ordinary nail covering with a very wide color palette. However, there are product lines that combine not only a decorative, but also a healing function. According to the manufacturer, this product helps to strengthen and restore the nail plate, no matter how badly it is damaged. Apply El Corazon nail polish at home is simple, it does not require special devices for drying. For girls who cannot refuse a bright effective manicure for the sake of recovery procedures, El Corazon is a godsend, especially since its price is low.

popular tools from the line for nail design

The choice of nail coverings of this series is simply huge. It includes several rulers to create a variety of designs. Here are some el corazon varnishes:

  • a line of glossy mirror coatings from translucent nude tones to bright and saturated, with shimmers, sparkles and without them;
  • opaque monophonic without impregnations;
  • There is a line of jelly bio gels el corazon different colors. They are therapeutic, they can also be composed of shimmers, tinsel, various inclusions;
  • nail polishes El Korazon with the effect of a matte "sand", with a rough texture;
  • coatings with a holographic effect;
  • series for craquelure ("cracked" coating);
  • special lacquer for stemping el corazon, or rather, a whole series of different shades (by the way, the company offers plates and dies for this type of design);
  • Magnetic and Thermolaki - the latest innovations.

shades of nail means

In general, any, even the most fastidious young lady will find suitable El Corazon nail polish for herself.

Properties of varnishes El Corazon

Not without reason, these products for nails are so loved by women and most of them collect only positive reviews. Besides the fact that their cost is not too high, it is combined with decent quality. Here are the properties of these nail tools can be identified:

  • Lucky el corazon differ in the density of the coating and they are worn on the nails for a long time, without having to peel off or wear, even without a topcoat. When applying a fixing top, the life of the manicure is still increased. On average, it is worn for about a week, which is a lot for a self-made manicure.
  • The brush is selected by the manufacturer individually, depending on what properties a particular varnish or bio gel varnish el corazon has. It depends on the consistency, texture, thickness of the coatings of a certain line.
  • This nail-cosmetics lays down quite evenly, although the first coating sometimes gives stripes, but after repeated application it remains completely even and does not form bubbles, which often happens when applying a coating, especially thick, to itself.
  • The instruction states that El Corazon nail polish dries on nails in 90 seconds and does not require additional devices for drying or special coatings. But in fact, it dries longer than one and a half minutes. Customer reviews say that when it is applied in stages in several layers, you have to wait long enough.
  • There is no need for a preliminary basecoat when using bio gel, since bio gel varnish el corazon already has a healing and regenerating effect.
  • The consistency of the means varies from liquid to jelly-like and viscous.
  • These coatings are removed from the nails in the usual way, the only thing that is difficult to remove is El Corazon with a sandy texture or interspersed with sparkles.
  • Lac for stemping el corazon has a viscous elastic consistency that allows you to print well, not drying out very quickly on the plates and stamps.

ale corazon variety

Lacks of varnishes El Corazon

Highlight the obvious disadvantages of nail cosmetics El Corazon difficult. Someone says that el corazon gel polish quickly wears out on the tips, someone says that they are too thick or, on the contrary, liquid, someone thinks that they are difficult to remove from the nail. But in general, these are single statements that relate to one or another product line. Nobody notes any global deficiency in all products. Unless you can see that these tools are not very common in the shops of mass market, we have to look for them.

Bio-gels El Corazon

How much is El Korazon and where to buy it?

You can buy this cosmetics for manicure of any series on the official website of El Corazon, as well as on many other distribution sites. In stores you will meet them infrequently. On sites the cost varies from 160 rubles to 500, depending on the pricing policy of the site and the selected product. On average, the price of a regular varnish is about 200 rubles, a bio-gel is more expensive - about 400 rubles.

bio gel and chrome coating

With well-groomed nails, bright fashionable manicure, you will always look stylish and attractive. Those women of fashion who have already tried the varnishes of the El Corazon firm were satisfied with their quality, and the low price makes them even more attractive. In any case, to make some opinion about the product, you need to try it for yourself.

Video: Overview of the El Corazon brand lacquers

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