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Lac craquelure has become an innovation in the field of nail art and sympathy for this new product is filled with many girls. The concept of craquelure in French means crack. For a long time, the cracked covering adorned the paintings of many great artists, and now the craquelure on the nails flaunts every fifth fashionable woman. Cracking nail polish will be the topic of this article, we will introduce you to the application technique and variations of this interesting coating.

Types of Crackelure Coating

The cracking varnish became known in Russia already in 2011 and at that time this new design nail had only 8 shades. Now everything has changed and the palette has become much wider.

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There is a hard and soft types of craquelure and the difference between 2 of these coatings is that the soft texture has a lighter texture, while the hard one has pronounced cracks. In addition, cracking nail polish is capable of creating such types of designs as python, reptile, crocodile, cobweb, and fence crack.

  • Python. When creating such a design, the craquelure nail polish forms an imitation of python skin when dry.
  • Crocodile, reptile. Drying, craquelure effect coating turns your nail art into a crocodile skin.
  • Web. A manicure with a cracked coating forms on the nails an interesting pattern of small cracks that look like a spider web. Another name for such nail art is Spider Craquelure.
  • Fence Crack. One of the most interesting nail designs. After drying on the nails, large cracks are formed, outwardly similar to the old shabby fence.

Cracking Coating Technique

Many girls are interested in the question of how to apply a cracking varnish in order to get a beautiful manicure as a result. Now we will explain step by step how to create a manicure with cracking varnish with your own hands at home.

Necessary tools

To create the craquelure effect on the nails, you will need a simple set of materials.

brand Dance Legend

  • Nippers for cut manicure. To remove excess cuticle so that the craquelure on the nails looks perfect.
  • Nail file. With it, you will give your nails the same and correct shape.
  • Cotton pads and nail polish remover. With them, you will remove the old coating.
  • Varnish base. With it, you will prepare your nails for the application of cracking coating.
  • Covering any shade. It will set the tone for your future nail art.
  • Varnish with the cracking effect of the shade you need.
  • Transparent lacquer fixer. It will consolidate your design and extend its durability.
  • To speed up the drying process of nail cosmetics, you can use sprays with a drying effect. It will dry the coating in seconds.

Stages of creating a cracked manicure

  1. Using a cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover, remove the old nail finish.
  2. Using tongs and a nail file, correct the shape of the marigold and remove excess cuticle.
  3. Apply a thin layer of basecoat. It aligns the surface of the nail plate. Wait until it is completely dry.
  4. Take a varnish, a shade you like and cover the nail bed in one layer. Here you can use matte varnish, glossy, and club manicure lovers may prefer neon or fluorescent.
  5. After drying the previous layer, you can apply a craquelure paint with a harmonious shade.
  6. Craquelul varnish dries quickly enough, forming beautiful cracks. For your design to serve you as long as possible, fix the result with a layer of a transparent fixative.

purple-burgundy manicure

The nuances of using cracking varnish

If you want to ensure that your manicure with cracked varnish was similar to the work of a professional, you should know a few important points.

Color selection

Many girls are interested in how to correctly combine craquelure nail polish with a touch of basecoat. It is best to use colors from a contrasting gamma — white, black, etc. By the way, all possible shades are combined with black and white colors. Also interesting will look mutually complementary shades of the coating, for example, dark blue and soft blue or poisonous fuchsia and soft pink.

Nail length

There is one important nuance in the length of the nail box - a manicure with this design will not look beautiful on very short nails. Therefore, make sure that your nails have a greater length. Even more beautiful looks cracked coating on the accrued nails, as well as on top of the gel polish.

mint-black manicure

Application Methods

How you crack the cracked nail design and the appearance of the cracks will depend.

  • If you want your nails to look like a fence crack or you want to achieve the effect of a hard craquelure with large cracks, then apply a craquelure lacquer with a thin layer. Before you paint the nail, dry the brush and then begin to apply the coating.
  • The effect of a soft craquelure with thin cracks is easy to achieve. To do this, apply a lacquer with a cracking effect rather thick layer. Varnish craquelure can be applied not only from the top down, but also diagonally. You can combine different directions of brush strokes and eventually get a manicure with beautiful cracks.
  • Another option for applying the coating is to make up only the tip of the nail and eventually get a french craquelure.

Craquelure quality

  • In no case do not use a jar with a thick old varnish, where lumps have already formed, otherwise your coating will look ugly.
  • Before each use the craquelure must be stirred, but in no case be shaken.
  • The craquelure effect will not work if you apply a coating on clean nails, without a foundation.

black and turquoise design

The price for a jar of this tool for nail art varies from 100 to 1000 rubles. This difference in cost is due to the popularity of the manufacturer's brand. OPI, China, Glaze, Dance, Legend, XD, Crackle are the most popular manufacturers and they can not be cheap. There is also a difference of a fake from the original; it is a small bottle. This craquelure can not be contained in a large bottle.

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