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Japanese socks suck

Summer is just around the corner, but you do not have time to visit a beauty salon and put your feet in order? Then we present you a new Japanese wonder - socks for a pedicure, they are sometimes called Korean or Chinese, but initially Sosu pedicure socks were invented in Japan. It is extremely important to start by referring to the most popular Internet forums and read reviews on this innovation.

Here is what Marina Goncharova from St. Petersburg writes on her website: - These pedicure socks are incredibly easy to use. The maximum that is required is to simply put them on washed feet. After the first procedure, lightness appeared, fatigue and swelling disappeared.

Katya Pershutko from Moscow writes: - I sat in my socks for an hour and a half, then took them off, washed my feet and was very surprised. Feet looked like after visiting the spa - salon.

Yuri Podberezny is 56 years old Togliatti. Feet stopped sweating, the unpleasant smell disappeared, even after being in sneakers for a whole day behind the wheel of a car.

snare foot pedicure socks

Is it really justified to use Japanese socks for a pedicure, as the most advanced women's forums and our sophisticated readers write about it? This should be sorted out. Initially, these socks were developed for people suffering from problems with the surface of the skin of the feet. Such people on the planet 80 -90 percent of the total population. But then these Japanese miracles - socks smoothly migrated to the cosmetology of the feet and pedicure.

Indeed, the medical procedure with the use of Japanese socks Sosu - it saves a lot of money and time. That is, you put on Japanese know-how for one and a half - two hours, and then just rinse your feet with warm water and soapy water. It turns out the minimum cost of time and maximum benefit for care, as the composition of socks includes only natural and natural ingredients, such as

  1.  malic, lactic, citric acid.
  2. grapefruit oil, lemongrass, orange.
  3. extracts of camellia, chamomile, horsetail, clematis, sage, nasturtium, meadowsweet, soapworm, brown alga, burdock root. A total of more than 17 components.

How to use Japanese socks for a pedicure?

First you just need to take them out of the package and put them on your feet. Do not worry, this process is completely painless and even useful. Lasts, as we have said 1 - 2 hours. In this case, you can safely go about their business, no matter what, without being distracted. Gel balsam, which is a part of Japanese socks, will be worried about you.

How to use socks for a pedicure

Gel - filler contains, as we have already mentioned above, special acids that have one common property, namely, softening and moisturizing the keratinous part of the skin on the feet of the legs and nail plates. The main advantage of these acids is their rapid penetration into the skin and peeling effect. At the same time, skin cells are enriched with nutrients and reach a certain depth of exposure set by Japanese manufacturers.

effect after japanese pedicure socks

Accordingly, buying Japanese SOSU socks for a pedicure, you thereby give yourself all the best that nature could give you, and the whole process of home peeling will give you beauty and health.

Video: how to use pedicure socks. Recommendations from Elena Malysheva

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