How to dry the varnish at home

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How to quickly dry nail polish? If you do a manicure in the salon, then there is no problem with this: the master will apply the most modern and effective means, and you will only have to go out with perfectly painted nails. But it so happens that manicure has to be done at home, but this does not mean that it should be sloppy or with signs of defects. In this case, usually, the coating "suffers" from the wrong application technique and poor drying. There is a mass of "home" and professional ways and means of how to quickly dry nail polish. All of them will be ineffective, if not initially applied correctly varnish.

How to make up your nails: step by step instructions

  1. Luck will last a long time and well. "to rush", if it is applied in stages, as is done in salons. Do it with your own hands under the power of any girl who dreams of a perfect and toe manicure. In addition, this coating dries much faster and lasts longer, especially if the top is applied for drying nails.
  2. First of all, the enamel should be fresh (not diluted) and liquid. If the consistency is thick, then your varnish is “doomed” to long drying and problems during application. The next moment of high-quality manicure with your own hands is the processing of the nail plate and the uniformity of the coating. Independently this is done in the following way. The nail is preliminarily cleaned from fat (degreased) with a cotton pad and nail polish remover. Then the first thin layer of varnish is applied, when it dries, the second follows, the same thin one. It is important that the layers are uniform and precisely thin: then the lacquer will dry quickly, it will catch well, and it will be worn much longer.


Professional and home remedies for drying

“Quickly” is a different concept for everyone. However, no varnish can be dried in 1 second, no matter what means. In any case, the process will take at least 3-5 minutes, but this is much less than natural drying. All known methods of drying can be divided into 2 groups: improvised and professional. The first category includes various methods using available means, and the second - special liquids and a nail lamp apparatus.

Home remedies: water dry - a proven way

How can water be dried? Luck, it turns out, even very possible. Although this method belongs to the category of home remedies, however, it is advised and practiced by professional manicurists. Applying the correct coating (diagram at the beginning of the article), nails should be dipped in a container with sufficiently cold water, almost ice. To do this, you can put ice cubes there. Keep your hands under water for about 3 minutes, then take out and let dry off water. The coating will be dry. Another option is to substitute fingers under running cold water. Some, however, say that the capacity acts more efficiently, and the water jet can damage the fragile lacquer, so you should keep your hand a little bit away from the pressure.

Frost to help

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How to quickly dry your nails yet? The lacquer dries faster if you put it in the freezer for 20 minutes before use. Or another option: put your hands with your painted nails for no more than a couple of minutes. Coverage after such procedures dries almost instantly.

Cold air

Another way to do this is with a blow dryer or fan. Fingers are substituted for the air flow, under its influence varnish and dries. But there is one "but": in the case of a hairdryer, use cold, not hot air. Otherwise, the lacquer will lose its luster, and in the near future it will completely peel off (the lacquer does not “love” anything hot). If you are hitchhiking or you had to urgently tint your nails right in the car, put your hands out the window and ask the driver to drive faster. The varnish will dry almost immediately, but care should be taken to prevent roadside dust from adhering to it.

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Vegetable oils

How to quickly dry the nails with oil? To do this, apply 1-2 drops of vegetable or olive oil on each nail. Hold for 2 minutes, rinse and allow the enamel to dry.

Exotic: sprays for dishes

Use sprays and sprays to clean the surfaces of appliances (computers, televisions) and prepare baking molds before use. To do this, send a spray on the nails at a distance of 15-20 cm (so as not to deform the enamel).

Professional tools

These include fixers, liquid dryers and special lamps. Considering the troublesome home methods, it is probably better to have a bottle of such a means to aesthetically and qualitatively dry the varnish. Liquid drying for nails is sold in any specialized or regular store with cosmetics and household chemicals, and smart enamel can be purchased at the pharmacy. They are applied over the painted nail as a topcoat and fixer. Depending on the manufacturer of the fluid can have both advantages and disadvantages. Some, for example, slightly varnish, others do not lie too smoothly. To avoid this, it is necessary to choose the products of proven companies. With the help of professional tools, you can not only complete the manicure more quickly, but also significantly extend the life of the coating for several days, after which the lacquer lasts 2 times longer than without them.

Hardware method: UV lamp for drying nails

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Professional means also include a lamp for drying nails. Many girls believe that in such a device you can quickly dry the varnish. However, professionals do not recommend this, as UV lamps are designed to work with special gels and varnish gels. After any drying, you should check whether the varnish is dry or not. Nails for this you need to gently attach to each other: if they stick, it means that the coating is still “alive”, if it is easily left behind - the coating has dried. When a manicure is done with the gel, the UV lamp for drying the nails will be the final stage.

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