How to choose a nail polish remover


Bright, juicy shades of lacquer adorn the nails of many girls. Some of them conduct experiments with color almost every day, apply varnish and erase, and again apply. But not many people think about the correctness of the choice of liquid for removing the favorite varnish! Does it contain acetone or not, does it spoil the nails ?! What is a nail polish remover ?! This is a must understand!

What is a nail polish remover ?!

bottle of liquid
It is a liquid that instantly dissolves nail polish. It usually contains acetone, butyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, glycol, ethyl acetate, ethyl, and perfume oils. Already from the list of means it can be understood that there is little useful in it, although beautiful liquid packaging suggests otherwise. Now such funds are not only in the form of a liquid, it can be in the form of a cream or gel.

This fluid is full of flaws. And there is no way to eliminate them, and in order not to write on beautiful bottles, acetone is a harmful tool that does not bring nails and your body to anything useful.

But what about the advertised without acetone?

Le Poli bottle with berries
This is just a publicity stunt that helps increase sales, at the expense of trustful customers! In these acetone-free bottles there is another, equally harmful solvent MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), unlike acetone, it has a less pungent odor.

Over time, this solution began to appear more benign counterparts, in their composition there are ethyl acetate and amyl acetate, as well as vitamin supplements and nourishing oils. But still, do not forget the origins, as part of any means contain harmful chemicals!

In what form produce a varnish remover?

bottle with sponge
You can purchase it as a bottle with a sponge soaked in the compound. Opening the bottle, put your finger inside, and rotate it slightly to remove the varnish.

The composition of the solvent in this package is less toxic. However, the effect of the liquid applies not only to the nail, but also to the skin, and this is not good. Also this means has one more minus - it quickly perishable sponge.

Solvents are also produced in the form of a cream. This is an excellent tool for travel, it will become your travel companion. The cream has less harmful components in its composition, unlike other means. Also in its composition are extracts of flowers and herbs.

Formula Profi Cream in a bottle
The classic release form does not lose its popularity with many girls. Famous since the days of the USSR bubble with liquid. First of all, it has a low cost and is easy to use. Choosing this particular form of release, pay attention to the percentage of solvent. The lower it is, the better for the nail plate.

On the shelves of cosmetics stores you can find gel for removing nail polish. The positive quality of this form of release is that it will not spill on you, spoiling the clothes. Its main components are silicone or petrolatum, so it is less harmful.

How to wipe off nail polish?

cotton pad cleaning
Before you start washing the varnish, wash your hands in a soapy solution with a pinch of salt. Such a solution will strengthen your nails, and remove some of the dead cells and quickly regenerate all the microcracks, which will protect your nails from harmful components of nail polish remover.

If you use a liquid, then apply it on a cotton pad and wash the varnish towards the tip of the nail. So you quickly remove it and protect the cuticle from the harmful effects of varnish. Cream and gel you immediately squeeze on the nail.

Video on nail polish remover

Popular nail polish remover

severin gel
Gel Severina-soft texture of the gel, allows you to quickly and gently remove the coating from the nail plate. Also in its composition contains vitamin B5, it provides protection with the nail and accelerates its growth. This gel is suitable even for weakened nails.

Green Domix fluid - it does not contain acetone. Perfectly removes even the most resistant varnishes. Also in its composition has moisturizing ingredients that protect the nail and cuticle. It has a pleasant aroma.

liquid domix
Liquid with a sponge of Severina-does not contain acetone in the structure. Quickly and carefully removes lacquer. It also contains a vitamin complex that protects and strengthens the nail plate. Does not have a sharp smell.

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