Hot manicure - in the fight for the beauty of hands

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What is most important in female beauty? This question, of course, is controversial and in any woman you can find something that makes her especially attractive and unique. However, how much a woman watches herself and how she treats herself and others is first of all shown by her hands. Because of the charming and gentle hands lost peace of mind is not one man. It is worth noting that few of the stronger sex can imagine how much labor must be applied to make them so fascinating. One of these treatments was a hot manicure at home or in specialized institutions.

Hot hand manicure - in the salon and at home

Hand care with pleasure

To date, beauty salons offer a huge variety of treatments for the care of hands and nails. One of the most popular of them is hot manicure. This type of classic manicure combines nail care and a hand skin spa treatment. Special bath for hot manicure, filled with oil or lotion, enriches the cells with vitamins, softens the cuticle and strengthens the nails.

Hot manicure is a real salvation for those women whose skin of the hands is too dry. Under the action of detergents, this skin becomes very fragile and dehydrated, and therefore quickly grows old and loses an attractive appearance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do some nourishing creams and masks in such conditions.

Why do you need a hot manicure

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So what is a hot manicure? This is a technology that appeared in ancient times. Previously, women performed this procedure independently, soaking their hands in herbal infusions and decoctions. Nowadays, hot manicure is first of all a professional manicure, which allows to heal the wounded cuticle and improve the condition of the skin and nails. This manicure technique combines perfectly with both edged and European skin care and is suitable not only for women, but also for men, as well as children.

Equipment for hot manicure

Before you do a hot manicure, you should familiarize yourself with its features. In particular, its main difference from others is the use of special equipment. The device that uses this professional manicure heats the lotion and maintains its temperature at a certain level. The temperature in the apparatus reaches a level of 40-50 degrees. This mode stimulates cell regeneration, improves blood circulation, opens the pores of the skin. Heated lotion or oil penetrates steamed skin especially easily and quickly, nourishing it with all the beneficial substances that make up it.

What is manicure lotion

The lotion that is used for hot manicure is a special composition containing a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Among its components should specify the oil of lemon balm, peach, mink fat, fruit acids, vitamins A, D, E, as well as ginseng extract. Such a composition works especially effectively on nails subjected to artificial buildup, as it allows you to quickly restore damaged areas.

Procedure and effect of hot manicure

Hot manicure allows you to quickly and effectively restore damaged areas of the cuticle, moisturize dry skin, strengthen brittle nails. The skin of the hands takes on a well-groomed appearance, it becomes smooth and soft. Women aged celebrate the rejuvenating effects of hot manicure. After several procedures, the burrs disappear, the growth rate of the nails increases, the problem of exfoliating nails is solved, the plates become stronger and thicker.

nail treatment

  1. The procedure begins with the removal of remnants of the last varnish and file the edges of the nail plate to the desired shape.
  2. The bath with lotion is placed in the apparatus and the lotion is brought to the required temperature.
  3. First of all, the tips of the fingers are placed in the heated lotion - for about 10 minutes.
  4. Then the fingers are alternately removed from the solution and rubbed the remains of the lotion into the cuticle.
  5. Lubricated cuticle is removed with chopsticks or cut.
  6. Then the nail plates are polished and varnished.

Hot manicure exposure

Often, the effect of hot manicure is compared with paraffin therapy, since both of these procedures perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin. However, unlike paraffin, hot manicure has no contraindications. It can be done even in cases where the skin has significant damage.


Carrying out the procedure at home

Contrary to popular belief, hot manicure is not just a salon procedure. You can do this hand care operation yourself and at home if you have the opportunity to use a water bath. Lotion or nourishing oil is warmed in it. In addition, it has now become possible to purchase a portable bath in specialized stores, which is powered by electricity.

oil bath

With a systematic approach, homemade hot manicure with cream baths will significantly improve the appearance of the hands, make the wrinkles less noticeable, and the joints and ligaments - more mobile and elastic. Such procedures will be especially useful for women who are constantly working with their hands.

bath with floral infusion

As a variety, instead of creams and lotions, you can use folk recipes - use decoctions, infusions and herbal teas. A remarkable effect on the skin of the hands has sesame, coconut and olive oils. Contraindications to homemade hot manicure can only be called an allergy to any component of the composition used for the bath.

Video: hot non-cropped manicure procedure

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