Holographic nail polish

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Holography is a word with Greek roots. Today holography is called a three-dimensional image based on the interaction (overlaying each other) of light waves. Applying this definition to nail polish, correct it. Holographic nail polish is a lacquer when, when mixing two colors and applying them to the nails, we get the third option, unique, colorful and effective. Moreover, coatings with this effect are able to modify colors depending on how much light is in the room. This does not mean that the color changes drastically, but changes in one spectrum are quite noticeable. For example, blue - green - turquoise, or crimson - pinkish - pale pinkish. Having made a holographic manicure, your nails will look perfect, of course, if they are correctly processed.

Manicure for all

A woman's hands can tell not so much about age, but about how a woman loves herself. It does not matter how long your nails are, because if you play a musical instrument, then long nails are definitely unacceptable. But do not give up the same manicure! It is necessary to pay more attention to the choice of the varnish itself.

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Varnish with holographic effect

Our world has recently been surrounded by 3D effects: movies, cards, laser shows, paintings for needlework. Do not stay aside and decorative cosmetics for nails. A few seasons is popular holographic nail polish. Its sparkling effect will not leave indifferent fashionistas, since its iridescent and sparkling texture looks truly magical. If you do a manicure at home, do not rush to apply a color coating. After all, the color applied to the untreated nails, only emphasize the flaws. The preparation procedure takes a minimum of time; every lady can cope with it.

We do a manicure yourself

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  1. Handle home manicure tools. Even if only you use a chopstick to remove the cuticle, dust, microparticles collect on it, which can penetrate under the skin through cracks and lead to inflammation;
  2. Put in one place a lacquer with a holographic effect, a base for it, a means for fixing and for softening the cuticle, hand cream;
  3. Using a non-acetone remover, use off the nail covering;
  4. Type in a container of warm water, add aroma oils, a drop of lemon and lower your hands for 10 minutes;
  5. Dry your hands well and begin processing with a nail file. To do this, you can use a traditional metal file or abrasive, but the most benign option is glass nail files. They are stored in a case, washed, cleaned and it is always clean and close at hand. We cut nails from the edge to the center, giving them a shape that is customary for you.
  6. Remove cuticle. To do this, apply a tool to soften it, and then easily move it away from the nail plate with a special wooden stick.
  7. Do not be lazy to apply the base under varnish. It aligns the surface of the nail and the main cover will fall perfectly. To cover with a holographic effect is the necessary part.
  8. Apply holographic varnish on the nail plate, starting from the little finger. Such a movement will protect you from grazing painted nails. After drying the first layer, repeat the coloring. If necessary, you can apply a fixative and wait for the complete drying of the layers. Only then use the hand cream.

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After complete drying of the coating, you can safely boast of spectacular nails. If there is still no holographic lacquer in your collection, you must buy at least one bottle. But believe me, then you will not be able to stop in order not to please yourself with other shades and will remain his fans for a long time. If you apply a drawing on such a varnish, then the effect will generally be chic. Also, to make a holographic manicure, you can use a holographic gel polish. What is gel polish and what are its properties, you should know. You can buy it at any nail art store and the price for it is perfectly acceptable.

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The peculiarity of the holographic nail cover is that it looks new on the left and on the right hand, because the color and texture of the nails on the handles are different, therefore, the effect of refraction of different colors will be new every time. Holographic varnish, if it is a well-known brand, is easy to apply, does not stretch when applied, dries quickly, has perfect gloss, is resistant to water and keeps without chips for five days. It is washed off with the usual means for nails and does not damage the nails at all. Admire and admire!

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